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Advertising Image courtesy of copyright holder Advertising


Advertising lets others know who we are and what we do. Marketing goes further: seeks to persuade us as to why we should do business. 

The initial main goal of advertising is to draw attention to what we want to advertise.

Of course businesses use a variety of advertising forms, but employees and individuals can benefit from advertising too, by creating personal brands: the brand of you. In essence, every employee is really a one-person business that has a single customer: their employer.

As modern living has changed and evolved, so to have advertising techniques. With technology changes combined with a more informed and suspicious populace, the old ways of advertising are - in many sectors - becoming less and less effective, especially when the web is involved. The web puts website visitors firmly in control. 

Today, online users often want a story - text, graphic, or video formats: you choose. Yet while the telling of an effective story can last seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months, its effect can last a lifetime: that's marketing!

Users also want credibility, and uniqueness, and advertisers that treat us as the unique individual person that we each are. So who can rise to the challenge?

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Communication Image courtesy of copyright holder Communication


History teaches us that, in essence, WW1 probably started as a direct result of misunderstandings in communication between different cultures during the five weeks before war was declared, rather than from a single terrorist act.

The follow-on effects of WW1 lead to a catalog of further suffering and mayhem, including: the Great Depression, the rise of Hitler, World War II, the Holocaust, the Cold War, and the dissolution of European empires.

So how powerful and important is the business of clear communications?

On a much smaller scale, how we each choose our words - whether written or spoken or through video - can have profound effect on us as individuals and as business entities. 

The words and phrases we use can help us thrive, prosper, and nourish our bank accounts. So we'll explore the often subtle arts of persuasion and communication.

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Domain Names Image courtesy of copyright holder Domain Names

Domain Names

An Internet domain name is a web property that gives us an online identity. We start with a domain name. To use a familiar analogy, a domain name is like the name of a house, whereas a website can be likened to the structure and content of the house.

We need a great domain name to create and grow an effective web presence. However, a domain name alone is not a website. While is a domain name, is a web address with content. When a domain name is pointed to some web hosting space, we can create a URL or web address, and a website.

Even today, within a slowly maturing web, great domain names are still available at sustainable prices. The right domain name is a great business investment. If we apply some imagination and patience, we can become proud owners of one or more remarkable domain names, and in time, turn those into user helpful and highly profitable website properties.

Right now, most good domain names are probably undervalued. As billions more people connect to the web, true values will emerge. So we'll explore more about domain names and how you can get the right domain names for you, sooner rather than lose out later.

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Inspirational Image courtesy of copyright holder Inspirational


To a greater or lesser extent, different people are inspired and motivated by different things. Most of us like to hear and read uplifting stories or quotations. 

Furthermore, we are all influenced partly, by others. What is more important is that everyone can choose who they look up to or admire.

While working at the cutting edge of web technologies, we might think that we are the most learned and enlightened generation ever to walk the face of the good Earth. However, I suggest that would be a mistake.

Some of the most relevant, helpful, and poignant advice for living a great life and thriving in business and on the web today, was written hundreds - even thousands - of years ago. Why: because while the world around us changes, human nature doesn't really change that much. The same drivers and motivations that existed when Rome ruled the so-called known world, still thrive today.

So we can benefit from both ancient and modern teachings and use motivational and inspirational wisdom as tools to help us enjoy the journey of making a great living online today. What's more, if we're so inclined, anyone is free to add their own "guidelines for living well" in this amazing 21st century, and why not?

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Joomla CMS Image courtesy of copyright holder Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS is built using Joomla. Since I started working with and using the remarkable Joomla web content management system (CMS) some years ago, many changes, updates, and upgrades have come about. The latest versions of Joomla are simply fantastic!

What is really, really good about a web content management system is that the web design can be separated from the content of the website. So web content made up of text, graphics / images, downloads, PDFs, photos, audio, and video files, and so on, can be isolated. 

The main benefit from our perspective as website owners and website providers is that we can change a web design or use a different Joomla web template, and still have all of our existing content show up as normal on the new web design. So a single web design template change essentially updates the look and feel of every web page in your website instantly.

Nevertheless, while Joomla is simply amazing, like all such powerful and flexible tool sets that can do a lot of different things, sometimes, additional plain English guidelines and explanations and video training can really help make some things clearer. So we'll explore how to make the most of using Joomla as a sophisticated website creation and management system. 

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Security Online Image courtesy of copyright holder Security Online

Security Online

Yes, they're out to get you! While we may have previously thought that spam was a just a nuisance and relatively harmless activity, today, we have seen how threats from email, web, and software are very real, and can wreck an online life in seconds.

Yet there are steps we can take to minimize our impact. So we'll explore how to better protect and defend all of our online assets. Often, developing simple good habits can have a defense punch that provides a much harder and stronger impact than it may at first appear.

In addition, having the right strategy in place can have a profound effect on your online wealth index. Take the time needed. Do the steps required - often just once - so that you can focus on the real reasons you're building a website property: perhaps to share, persuade, make money, teach, or just simply for the enjoyment of the website challenge.

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Tools Image courtesy of copyright holder Tools


Since the dawn of time, tools have helped us survive and thrive. From the discovery of fire, and the invention of the wheel, plus many more remarkable innovations, tools have made life less precarious and more comfortable. 

That's why today, having the right online tool box at our fingertips helps us survive and thrive online too. Using the best tool for a specific job can make light work of previously hard tasks. Sometimes, a series of web tasks would be impossible without the tools required.

As website owners, content creators and web providers, the most common software tools we'll use are those that help us create and manipulate text, graphics, audio, video, and interact with others. Yet, with the massive growth of tablet computers, new opportunities and astonishing cost savings are now also available for content creators.

We'll find out and explore what is worthy of our time and energies. 

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Web Business Image courtesy of copyright holder Web Business

Web Business

The challenge of creating a profitable web business is sweet. I sound like a broken record, playing the same sequence over and over again, but there really has never been a better time to create a profitable web business.

Here's why. The web is growing exponentially! The mobile web is growing even faster. Yet costs of hardware, software, and web services are falling. New opportunities, options, and alternatives are emerging all around us. With so much on offer at such low prices, often, the biggest goal is in choosing the best value from the jungle of seemingly great deals on offer.

Yet for authors, ebook writers, web content creators, website property developers, e-commerce web shop owners, and app creators, these can be the best times ever. But only if we become savvy and take some time to learn about and understand the new web landscape that now offers a fantastic way to connect with thousands or millions of people around the world using smart web tools and techniques.

We'll rediscover that no matter how good a product or service may be, business joy only happens when we can persuade enough people to buy. How we communicate in business determines each outcome. We'll delve in and explore what works, and what doesn't. 

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Website Publishing Image courtesy of copyright holder Website Publishing

Website Publishing

Whether you're a single person business, work for or own a small, medium, or large sized business or organisation, website publishing offers a simply superb way to connect and interact with others. Yet most everything that is published on the web should be considered as permanent.

Today, by using web content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal, you can publish and manage hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of web content pages.

Once set up, and with a little familiarity and ongoing repetition, a web publishing system like Joomla is a remarkable tool to allow the quick and easy writing and publishing of web pages, blog entries, Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and so on.

Yet while a single mouse click or tablet touch can broadcast your ideas, message, and offers to millions, such ease of use also means we must be especially mindful of what we are publishing before we publish. Make the wrong choices, and that same massive web publishing power can equally become a threat to our reputation and wealth.

We'll explore the benefits, drawbacks, hints, tips, and time-saving techniques and shortcuts of website publishing.

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Writing Image courtesy of copyright holder Writing


If we're fortunate, as children, we learned to read what others have written. As we grow older, hopefully, we keep reading but we also start to write down our own thoughts about a topic or the world.

Writing can also offer one way in which we can learn to think through and organize what we want to say or share with others.

For web businesses especially, effective, persuasive writing is a great skill to work on, improve, and master. For writing is like the glue that holds a website together, both for users and search engines. Without great quality writing, like a grain of sand in the desert, you have just another website.

Your style of writing can help give your website or blog or ebook an individual personality and help make your web presence or ebook stand out. Whether you're creating engaging web content articles and blog entries, embedding meaningful text into graphics, crafting a compelling YouTube video, or recording a speech, podcast or webinar, your writing can engage, or motivate, or bring your topic to life, or add credibility, or solve a problem, or help sell your product or service to a million people - overnight!

We'll explore and discover the joy or writing and why we can get such a buzz from the simple act of putting words on paper or screen. 

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