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Domain Names for Wealth Creators

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Are most normal sighted people blind - blinded by the white noise that is all around us? Is that perhaps why so few succeed? Here at, we're on a mission to change that. We like people to change, win, and succeed! If you want to "see" clearly, first, close your eyes. Do blind people truly have the keenest eyesight: I wonder?

What Can You Do With Your Piece Of Life?

If you want nothing, do nothing. But nothing, death, and decay don't belong here. Instead, think "Every Wolf's & Lion's howl".

The entire human world is like a huge jigsaw puzzle - everyone alive today is an active piece in the picture we perceive. And that includes you. What can you do with your "piece" of life? If you haven't already started taking control, maybe you can start today. 

If you don't take control of your world, someone else will do that for you. So you can ponder, plan, proceed, and succeed!

  • Yes, some risk is required for growth: cross a road and you do the same.
  • Some courage is required. Courage is a type of defiance: the taste is sweet.
  • Expect some pain - that's what growth is. Yet the pain of change can pass away like melting dew in the morning sun, as we learn how to prevent the causes, and get comfortable with building fun lifestyles.

All are part of life, yet ... investment in your own projects helps you control the outcome.

Are you a "3-Percenter"? Do you want to create a remarkable website, build wealth from zero, or engineer great solutions online? Then a suitable, attractive, engaging domain name is crucial!

A good domain name is worth any price you are capable of paying. Julien Smith,,

Almost always, websites that succeed have a "solid" domain name; one that is easy to remember and that make some kind of sense in the mind of the listener or user. Do weak domain names lead to weak websites?

Here at, we keep our eyes open for great domain names. That's why, occasionally, we have some excellent, high quality domain names available for immediate purchase and which include some popular and valuable embedded keywords for website themes they could support.

What's more, we can also create a: domain name website solution. How: we can build you a fantastic, amazing, resource-packed website, and attach your new website to one of the domain names below. Ask for details.

Want to Build Your Web Dream? Get Started With a Great Domain Name

Owning one or more good quality domain names is like having real estate or property on-line. Like any kind of property, domain name values can go up or down. However, like most property, over time, the general trend in value is up. That's why although a domain name is not a tangible asset like a building, the right domain name can pay back many times over time.

Domain names can be among the easiest of business assets to measure. How: simply examine the performance of a website attached to a domain name, or track its web advertising returns. What's more, if you combine your domain name with a fully functioning profitable web business, your investment can skyrocket!

Changing Times: The Death of Empire?

At the time of writing, even with the introduction of a variety of different domain name extensions, .com and .net registrations continue to prove to be the most popular choice for those serious about doing business. Nevertheless, country-specific domain names like .de, .it, etc., can sometimes be a better choice for niche areas.

However, all empires crumble eventually. Monopolies are born, and die. Most trends seem to have cycles. While a cycle has peaks, troughs, and everything in between, in 2014 and beyond, arguably we are on the cutting edge of a new cycle. The problem: there's nothing inherently wrong with .com, except that there are now so many alternative domain name extensions available.

For example, has just paid $4.6 million for the .buy domain name, and .tech has sold for $6.8 million. So we could have,,,, and so on. Can you spot the start of a new trend? Will the dominant influence of .com now start to wain?

Are Google, Apple, and Facebook also simarlarly buying up "new world" domain names? The answer almost certainly is indeed Yes. Since essentially, between them, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook have a massive influence on the direction of the web, we may see remarkable and sometimes unexpected changes during the next few years. 

Someone alive right now is probably going to connect the key dots in a different way and change how websites are created and promoted (and quite rightly make themselves remarkably wealthy as a result).

I suggest, never forget that changing trends, pressures, and demands can upset or overturn established and cherished ideas - sometimes overnight! So domain names with other extensions like .name, .biz, .info, and so on, can emerge triumphant - when connected to engaging, desirable, website content.

Today, if we want a democratic web, we can only play favorites for so long, before the cycle changes. When enough people want equality, increased pressures lead to fissures, cracks, breaks, and new vistas. Disruption can be your friend - and save you a lot of money.

Turning Something Raw Into Something Useful And Valuable

Key Tip: the value is found in the domain name keywords

Perhaps contrary to what you might read elsewhere on the web, I want to suggest a radical idea to you. With new technologies on the horizon, I believe that the most important part of a domain name is the name itself, not necessarily the domain name extension. Why: because that's where the website theme, topic, or description is summarized.

In the coming months and years ahead, domain name extensions may become almost irrelevant, as new technologies make massive changes to come. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other key players, realize the new money making opportunities to be gained when all domain names are presented equally on the web! Or, turning that idea on its head, but with a new twist, the new, more specific domain name extensions may provide an advantage over the old style .com domain names.

Perhaps most important of all, what we do with a domain name is what creates the real value and therefore, wealth.

While potentially valuable, a domain name alone is like an empty vessel. A domain name with lots of hits, no desirable content, and no effective way to monetize that domain name, can be a wasted opportunity.

Yet when we fill that vessel with products and services that people want - and protect that asset - over time, expect prosperity, sometimes massive prosperity!

And absolutely why not? What is better than a world overflowing with an ever growing numbers of more and more people getting richer, pulling up and helping others in the process?

You don't need a million dollars to live a great lifestyle: sometimes, $50,000 / year or £50,000 / year, or less, is enough to help you live the lifestyle you want, and give you the time to appreciate all that it brings.

Sometimes, the requirements to earn a lot of money, can have the opposite effect that you might think, by sucking up most of your time, leaving too few days or hours to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. The answer: know what you want before you fall into the trap.

If you set up your own website, you can also install robot tools that can accomplish many repeating or mundane tasks for you. With that in mind ... 

Our current list of domain names available for instant sale include ...

Perhaps an ideal domain name portal serving the over 45s market. Previously, did was indeed a third age portal. However, updating of the website was required and at that time, we simply didn't have a slot to further develop So perhaps already has a natural market.

At the time or writing, this now older, established and trusted domain name already generates significant traffic alone. Just imagine what you could do with a great website? And we could build a superb website for the lucky buyer as well if required.

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

Originally redirected to below. However, being a .com domain, and also an older, trusted domain name, offers the ideal 5-character candidate for any new web enterprise.

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

Previously a successful domain name for a UK charity that helped bring about a change of age discrimination law in the UK, with website content, comments, and feedback from a previous British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and other MPs, MEPs, etc. So in the past, has made many important web connections. An older and trusted domain name. Furthermore, an acronym like CAADE could cover quite a range of purposes. There are not many useful 5-character domain names left.

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

The web business may currently be the premier website serving consultants throughout the world. Yet time has a funny way of turning an idea or approach on its head. Today, perhaps .com domain names may offer the most valuable key to creating online real estate. But so much depends on all the other players and pieces involved - including website content.

Tomorrow however, or suddenly overnight, the influence and value of .com domain names could disappear or reduce. Why? At least two reasons:

  • Web-based technologies have a rich history in creating disruptive patterns. If there is a strong desire for change, cheaper, or better, web technology is active in those spaces, possibly now more than any other time.
  • Currently, the remaining highly desirable .com domain names can be hugely expensive to buy. That creates resistance, and resistance creates desire: a strong desire to break the stranglehold.

When a technological change occures, then other kinds of domain names can become desirable, and .com values will fall in price dramatically to more realistic values. Why: because other choices become available with some imagination and groundwork.

If you think this can't happen, think again. All that is needed are two things: (a) desire for the change (that's already here), and (b) a trigger device or event stream. Who knows what that will be, but statistically, sooner or later, dot com's dominance will wane.

So what can you do with Here's one idea: connect consultants with their name in a new way. Our name is also our reputation. Who we are, matters in business and the world today. So connect deeply each consultant, with their name, and their reputation, in a such a way that is not currently being done. That concept works best with a domain name called:

Or with under your control, you could steal thunder from Or could beat you to that goal. is short, easy to remember, easy to spell, and clear when you speak by phone or direct speech. We can even offer to build your website too if you wish. 

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

Business idea hint: today, even though ebooks are common, in truth, as a publishing and delivery solution, e-books are in their infancy. Will we have explosive growth as hundreds of millions more come online across the world?

Almost all savvy business investors are able to spot an opportunity and get in early.

With, you could create a profitable e-library or ebook store on almost any topic or range of themes.

With this domain, the sky really is the only limit. What's more, you can further leverage your investment in by also securing below at the same time.

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form. additional branding power for EbookAnswers above, or use for a website in its own right dedicated to ebooks or a specific ebook niche. Apply a little imagination and you can come up with potentially thousands of website themes.

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

Books as we have traditionally come to understand them are changing. Of course, ebooks are growing in popularity every day. Yet in so many ebooks, we still have static pages and images that don't move.

Consider how easy it is today to add subtly moving pictures into an ebook. And that dear reader or entrepreneur is one way that you can use domain name

One benefit of a .org domain name, is that your emphasis is on the topic. Furthermore, a suitable .org domain name suggests your enterprise is part of an organization venture. In this instance, .org has a more friendly, community oriented feel to such ideas.

From, you can sell ebooks from those savvy authors who seek to stand out by choosing to add more spice to their creative endeavors. You, or someone you appoint, can convert an author's still images into subtle animated art creations, that add to the story atmosphere, without taking the reader away from the flow of the drama happening in the moment.

I can visualize how this effect can work well in children's books, general fiction, thrillers, and so on, in which a drawing appears to move a little, not a lot. Perhaps books like Harry Potter can truly come to life in this way. Or maybe, you want to start this new trend yourself?

You may have other ideas, applications. Think about what's possible today. You can add sound, or full video. Such ebooks downloaded will almost certainly run fast, and as web speeds continue to increase, viewing online can also match those of downloaded applications.

Whatever you do, you need to plan, and plan early. For your idea, you need a mothership, a focus point, an origin: and that can be your great, easy to remember, easy to spell, domain name: Logical, obvious, warm, desirable, and with some work and application, valuable online real estate!

For people who mean business, the time to start is always now.

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

For a savvy organization or individual who can understand and envisage the arguably massively under-served market of restaurant owners in the UK. is probably the premier domain name property to choose for any new serious web business serving UK-based or English speaking restaurant owners.

Consider for a moment, the words: "restaurant", "owner", "UK". But using - the singular version - you can personalize your web business toward each restaurant owner. Create a UK or English speaking Restaurant web directory with a new twist or key difference.

Check out the superb work that have done in the USA - a multimillion dollar business! They deserve huge credit!

Not many people have sufficient vision and imagination to spot the digital "nuggets of gold", but the lucky buyer or investor who chooses, along with an equally great website and business model, has fortune and favor on their side. But all efforts can be in vain if you don't have the right domain name.

Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

Consider One More Thought

In the free world, all income for a country originally comes from businesses. Business owners pay a variety of taxes, sales taxes, and VAT on their purchases, as both individuals and on their businesses.

Many businesses grow to employ people, who also pay sales tax and VAT on their purchases.

While publicly at least, our politicians might have us believe otherwise, only businesses and their employees create all wealth from the outset (if we exclude illegal theft, warlords and dictators who steal from others).

Only when enough wealth is created, can governments support public sector projects, social support, health, education,  infrastructure improvements, and so on, without taking out expensive bank loans.

Yet, it's no coincidence that we have so much poverty today. One reason - perhaps - is that we have too few entrepreneurs, or enterprising people, with a "can do ...", dogged attitude, and who are prepared to risk a little. You don't need to risk a lot to make a great presence online today. 

If you're thinking of starting your own web business, there has never been a better time, providing you get the right web infrastructure and business plan in place. The tools and services available today, are astonishing when compared to only 10 years ago.

Rarely can an employer pay an employee their true worth. Yet a small number of usually highly successful employers do manage to over-pay their staff, to find and keep employees that help their organizations soar. 

Nevertheless, all your eggs in one basket can be risky, especially if times are good - that's the absolute best time to spread your investments. The next best time is when economies are struggling.

With today's more fractured world economy, setting up your own low cost web business can be a smart move to make. You can take a small risk, get to learn some new valuable skills, or perhaps suffer increased poverty and regret later.

So why not think seriously about building your own profitable web infrastructure today? I'm open to all serious and reasonable offers.

Any of the domain names listed on this page can be yours in hours, but don't wait too long: once they're gone, the opportunity is lost forever.

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Interested? Then make a serious offer using our web contact form.

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