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If you have a Joomla website, as you add more content pages, sometimes you may think that as you create more and more pages, finding a specific page for re-editing or improvement later can become harder. However, with a little extra know-how, you can find any content page you want in seconds.

If you're using the Joomla v1.5.x web Content Management System (CMS), here are 5 speed tips to help make working with a powerful Joomla website quicker and easier.

Caution tip: if you're still using Joomla v1.5.xx, I highly recommend that you update to using the latest Joomla version as soon as possible. Why: unless you have extraordinary protection methods in place, use of Joomla v1.5.xx may be unsafe today. You may even be breaking the GDPR legislation requirements by using old, insecure, out of date software for websites.

If you're using Joomla v2.5.xx, v3.5.xx, v3.8.xx, or a later Joomla version, you could probably still find that these same tips can work also, but you may need to adapt the approach outline below a little further.

Tip 21 — In Article Manager, Finding Your Specific Content Article, In Seconds

With your articles displayed in the Joomla Article Manager, look for a Filter box usually somewhere near the top of the page.  Then into the Filter box, type either the exact title of the content article you want, or enter one or two words from the title you're seeking. Next, click the Search button next to the Filter box.

Your Joomla Article Manager then displays all articles that meet your search choice and temporarily hides all other articles.

This tip is especially valuable if you have hundreds or even thousands of articles.

When finished, to display all articles again, simply click the Clear or Reset button usually situated next to the Search button referred to above, or simply delete the text you earlier entered into the Filter box.

If you use the wonderful K2 Content Creation Kit (CCK) Component from, K2 also has a Filter box that you can utilize in the same way.

I tend to use Tip 21 constantly to find items quickly: I have little patience for manuarly searching through hundreds or thousands of articles. Arguably, Tip 20 almost singlehandedly makes the following 4 tips unnecessary. Nevertheless, use whatever style works for you.

Tip 22 — Listing Links to All of Your Pages on the Current Page

When you first log in to your Joomla website Admin Control panel, the first screen you'll see is your Joomla Admin Control panel Home page containing your 10 main buttons. One of those buttons — Article Manager — gives you direct access to all of your website content pages. Tip 22 is more useful if your website contains under 500 content pages.

In Article Manager, with your web pages listed, Joomla may list your web page links on pages containing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100, or "all". To find a specific page more quickly, some users prefer to choose the "all" option. Here's how:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the current page in Article Manager.
  2. Then in the center of the column, choose the drop-down list for "Display #", and choose the "all" option.

Tip 23 — Rearranging Links to All of Your Web Pages in Alphabetical Order

If you choose your Article Manager button, under the Title column, you may see hundreds of links to your web pages. Here's how can you find a specific content page quickly.

  1. First, do Tip 22 above.
  2. Then, if you know the title of the web page you want to edit, simply click the Title column header once and Joomla rearranges all of your web page title links in reverse alphabetical order. Or if you prefer, click your Title column header once more, to have your Joomla website system rearrange your list in alphabetical order.
  3. You can then scroll down the list to find your desired page quickly.

Tip 24 — Combine Tip 22 and Tip 23

When you combine Tip 22 and Tip 23 above, you can find the page you want in record time.

Tip 25 — Accessing Your 10 Most Recently Added Web Pages in Under 3 Seconds  

If you want to re-edit a web page that you have been working on recently:

  1. When you first log in to your Joomla Admin Control panel, rather than go to Article Manager to find your web page, on the Joomla Admin Control Panel Home page, look to the right of the 10 main buttons.
  2. Click / choose the Recently Added Articles tab to have Joomla display a list of the 10 most recently added articles links.
  3. Simply choose the link you want to go straight to your desired web page.

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