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Here at, we've been busy doing what we do best: helping clients and customers create and manage great websites. Today's free tip: carefully crafted websites designed to serve both people and search engines at the same time is the key to providing a powerful and effective web presentation for today's incredibly competitive Internet.

I'm not going to list them here because I don't want those client websites to get hit with extra spam. Yet every website we now like to create is carefully built using our detailed, proven, effective 100+ check points "VIM Strategy". Why?

Tips 173: The Details Matter

How a website is built can make a huge difference to its success and profitability. That's why with every client project, we actually have 3 customers:

  • Yes, first and foremost, we build for people. Yet we also create for ...
  • Search engines, and not forgetting ...
  • The mobile web. When designed, created, and implemented correctly, responsive web design seems to help everyone who interacts with such websites.

So the end product quality always comes first. Even when sometimes, the amount of time and effort we may input into a project, measured on a per hour basis, means that essentially, we lose, and the client gains.

Why: because your website is art as well as business, and art cares little for the balance sheet. Art is about making something beautiful, even if your art is made up of computer binary code: a bunch of ones and zeros — it's still art.

Tip 342: What Smart Individuals and Web Business Owners Do in Times of Economic Crisis

At the time of writing, while the world is experiencing an economic recession that will be remembered, some proactive business owners are taking charge and taking action.

These amazing people don't let economic slow-downs hold them back: they simply pause, think the problem through and find a way to make their desired changes happen. Dear reader: that surely is a mindset that we can all tap into.

While some bankers bankers are accused of bleeding the world dry, and some politicians may betray our trust, individuals and small business owners are just getting on with doing good business through learning, evolving, asking questions, and yes — taking calculated risks.

Here at, we don't believe bankers or politicians will provide a solution to our global economic woes: though of course, politicos can both help and hinder. In peacetime, growth and prosperity comes from those who have always created wealth and better times: business owners and their employees.

World Class Websites Developed With The Utmost Care for Both People and Search Engines

While we consider the remarkable mettle our clients and customers are made of, we are in awe! Yet our participation with dynamic business owners also means that available slots appear to be getting booked up faster than ever before. So while recession lingers, in our little corner of the world business increases.

A growing number of savvy website owners are also taking the same kind of smart choices that our latest "Five Stars" above have done. Will your website be next?

If you too would like a powerful, custom built, search engine optimized website built for today's Internet, that you can easily update and maintain yourself on completion — without needing to know advanced web design skills, then contact Brian Austin.

If you too are seeking uncommon results from your website investment, we recommend that you do not delay. Contact us today with details of your proposed project and simply put us to the test: ask how we can help you. In a timely manner, you'll receive a prompt reply and, of course, our full attention.

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