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Three AI Licensing Domain Names Available For Sale

Now your can sell Artificial Intelligence licenses using 3 remarkable domain names:,, and

Why: soon, if not sooner :-), forward thinking companies, organizations, perhaps even governments will be seeking to license a growing number of Artificial Intelligence (AI) creations for others to use.

In time, will we have entire libraries of AI software available to license on demand? Can you envisage central clearing houses containing nothing but AI licenses?

A glance at tomorrow seems to become today more quickly than we often expect. The speed of change also seems to increase with each passing day. 

Today's future millionaires and billionaires, are right now, in the making. As AI providers seek to distribute and mass market their products and services, one of the most lucrative areas is licensing.

Three Remarkable A.I. Related Domain Names 

Smart providers can combine current and future possibilities with past performance indicators to create new licensing models fit for the 21st century and beyond.

If you're seeking domain names containing keywords relating to Artificial Intelligence / AI licenses (US English), we have 3 superb new domain names that could meet your needs:


All three of the above superb 9- and 10-letter meaningful and representative domain names use a mix of easy-to-speak, easy-to-spell, singular and plural common English words with American English spelling conventions: ai, license, licenses, licensed.

All excellent indicators!

Yet, A.I. Can Also Relate To Many Other Different Themes And Topics That Also Call For Lisensing

So, if artificial intelligence licenses are not for you, what other areas can these domain names be used for? 

The range goes far and wide! For example, below are some "start-off" ideas and applications to include. Consider:

  • Artificial Insemination licenses. How knows how the science of artificial insemination will develop in years to come? Within this rapidly changing field, we can foresee many rich applications in the areas of artificial insemination.
  • Allergy and immunology licenses. A search for this top reveals a range of applications. Also, the allergy and immunology sciences expand to cover a variety of applications. 
  • Automatic Insertion licenses. The phrase automatic insertion can be applied to so many things today, and as our world moves ever closer to automating many areas of life, you can perhaps appreciate how licensing could also be involved with automatic insertions of various kinds of data.
  • All Inclusive licenses. Sometimes, a simple description works best. With that thought in mind, what better than all inclusive licenses? Here, you can cover a vast range of applications. Take your pick.
  • Advanced Integrated licenses. Licensing can be simple or sophisticated, tailored to specific requirements. That's when advanced integrated licensing can meet your needs using a single domain name.
  • Automated Intelligence licenses. While artificial intelligence or AI may be the rapidly growing hotspot area today, never forget, we can also combine the themes of automation with intelligence in the perfect domain to promote Automated Intelligence licenses. Will robots to help people require automated intelligence licenses in the near future? We can but wonder - or join today's connection points, plot a path to what's more likely, then act fast, for tomorrow comes soon enough. 
  • Athletics Instructor licenses. Back to the human world, the health of people is taking on an ever more important role. As career demands change to meet the ever more sophisticated ways in which athletics is managed and monitored, we may find that athletics instructor licenses become more complex or tailored more specifically toward different branches of athletics. 
  • Army Instructor licenses. To stay safer, every country needs an army. Over time, the requirements of army instructors change. An army instructor license can demonstrate competence and achievement.
  • Angel Investor licenses. Angel investors can use a variety of different licenses to address different requirements. This field is more specialized, yet no less valuable, since the investment monies involved can be huge. 
  • Aggregation Index licenses. Aggregation index licensing can cover a huge area including especially finance, investing and software industries. Finance and investing are probably two of the most regulated industry sectors in existence today. Licensing is an important area to ensure key goals are met.  
  • And so on.

Thanks also to, consider the long list at: The "scope width" of options and possibilities is a remarkable surprise.

Nevertheless, before registration of these domain names, we carried out some basic due diligence checks, including initial trademark searches completed at the United States Patent & Trademark Office and the UK Government Trademark Search Office did not reveal any conflicts. However, as always, remember, you should always perform your own checks especially when building a business, product, or service.

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