Christmas Card 2009

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As I write this, the end of another year is almost upon us. Here at, Christmas time reminds us to slow down, chill out and and to especially think about family, friends, our clients, customers, partners, associates, subscribers and visitors.

Combining Christmas with Thanksgiving

Unlike our wise cousins in the wonderful United States of America, here in Scotland, unfortunately, we don't officially have a special day to consider all that we have and all that other people do for us.

However, rest assured: such thoughts are never far from your editor's mind. Even better, I've decided that combining our own special version of Thanksgiving with Christmas is indeed a good idea!

With that in mind, most importantly, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who haven chosen products, services and solutions provided by, SoftRight Services and Brian Austin during 2009. We're especially grateful for your business and patronage during a year that has been so difficult for so many.

Let's explore how we can make 2010 your best year ever!

Five Tips to Help You Prosper on the Web During 2010

Before I leave for our Christmas break, I want to share some key tips that I believe can serve you well during 2010:

  • Knowing where the start line is: on the first day that you publish your new website, understand that is the start of your "journey" to discover and connect with new customers, not the end. Appreciate that a prosperous website is never "finished".
  • Invest in learning how to communicate better on the web: once you have a world-class web site in place, commit to invest 20% of your marketing time and budget to learn how to write, create and publish your own web pages. When you choose a strong and robust web content management system, such as Joomla, combined with a little training and familiarization, you can be publishing foremost web pages regularly.
  • The right kind of website is like a Swiss Army knife: think of your website not as a web brochure but as an interactive, "full communications tool set" that you can use to constantly connect with your customers and clients.
  • Hurricane warning ahead: during 2010, there's going to be some "bad weather" on the web: I want you to simply trust me on that point. Amid those digital storms, new opportunities will arise. Those website providers that make proactive use of their unique, high quality websites that solve real problems and provide real products, services and solutions will almost certainly thrive in the landscape to come. I recommend that you take action to ensure that you are among this group.
  • Focus on what's doable, then do it step by step: explore 2 or 3 new ways that you can implement on a regular basis to better serve your clients, customers, subscribers and visitors, then focus most of your Internet marketing efforts on those 2 or 3 key communications channels. Look for ways to solve at least one key problem your clients have.

That's all for now. In the meantime, before I sign off on this Christmas Eve, rest up and ...

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