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If you're new to domain names, I suggest, imagine that a domain name is the equivalent of a piece of undeveloped land, except, your "raw" virtual property is on the web. Even better, today, so much more is possible! Exciting times! I suggest, the time to start is: now.

Getting the right domain name can make all the difference. If you have the wrong domain name for what you want to do, all your efforts could be in vain, or be made much harder than if you had the right domain name in place from the outset.

You can buy domain names and websites safely and securely using an escrow service such as

One Way To Create And Spread Value, Worth, Joy

So here's a free outline plan to consider:

  • Choose your domain names wisely. A great foundation works better. 
  • Develop them fast. Today waits for no-one. Speed is good. Measured speed is better. However, developing domain names and websites, you can still enjoy a relaxed pace of life "working" from your chosen location. On a beach. Up a mountain. From the Scottish Highlands. You can choose.
  • Sell you developed domain names and websites slowly. You can wait for a great price once you have demonstrated potential and income. 

While so few people seem to have the desire, vision, and persistence to build web businesses, we always like people to win in life and succeed in their projects! And please remember, life - your life - is your most important project. That's why, if you want to "see" clearly, first, close your eyes. Then listen to your heart: you've both been together for quite some time.

What Can You Do With Your Piece Of Life?

The entire human world is like a huge jigsaw puzzle - everyone alive today is an active piece in the picture we perceive. And that includes you. What can you do with your "piece" of life?

If you haven't already started taking control, maybe you can start today. If you don't take control of your world, someone else will do that for you. So you can ponder, plan, proceed, and succeed!

  • Yes, some risk is required for growth: cross a road and you do the same.
  • Some courage is required. Courage is a type of defiance against the norm, the default. The "taste" of courage is sweet. Courage and action is the antidote for everything to gradually decay if left without correct action. So I suggest, don't do entropy: take action, at least a little remedial beneficial action every day.
  • Expect some pain - that's what growth is. Yet the pain of change can pass away like melting dew in the morning sun, as we learn how to prevent the causes, and get comfortable with building fun lifestyles.
  • Your goal option should include the choice of whether to work less, not more. Work better, smarter, so you relish in working fewer hours, and enjoying more "life" hours, if that is how you see progress. Your choice.

All are part of life, yet ... investment in your own projects helps you control outcomes. Take steps to control your life yourself. If you don't, life is set up for someone else to tell you how you will spend your days and nights.

Some key questions:

  • Are you a "3-Percenter"?
  • Do you want to create a remarkable website?
  • Would you like to build wealth from zero, more easily than you expect?
  • Ready to engineer great solutions online?

If your answer is a yes to any of the questions above, rhen a suitable, attractive, engaging domain name is crucial! Your domain name is your nexus, your cornerstone, your source.

A good domain name is worth any price you are capable of paying. Julien Smith,

Almost always, websites that succeed have a "solid", relevant, meaningful domain name.

You'll want one that:

  • Is easy to remember. For which ...
  • Makes logical common sense in the mind of the listener or user.
  • For which search engines can use Artificial Intelligence to connect the dots, and quickly work out what your website is about, accurately, clearly, unambiguously.

Do Weak Domain Names Result In Weak websites?

Maybe. Much depends on what we mean by a weak domain name. Though having the wrong domain name can wreck your web promotion efforts quickly, with the finality of a tall felled oak tree crashing to the ground!

Domain names are important. Getting the right domain name for your project is crucial. While there are millions of domain names in existence that arguably have little or no value, lots of domain names have exaggerated, questionable worth too.

Nevertheless, I'm constantly amazed at how so few people seem to be able to spot value in domain names either. If that trend continues, you might want to celebrate, as you find domain name bargains priced well below their true value.

Here at, we keep our eyes open for great domain names. That's why, occasionally, we have some excellent, high quality domain names available for immediate purchase and which include some popular and valuable embedded keywords for website themes they could support.

Yet as times change, domain name "tastes" change too. What was popular yesterday, may be scorned today. While your ideal domain buyer is "out there", your biggest problem may be the cost of letting them know your domain name exists.

Want to Build Your Web Dream? Get Started With a Great Domain Name

Owning one or more good quality domain names and developing them into a great website is like having real estate or property on-line. Like any kind of property, domain name values can go up or down.

However, like most property, over time, the general trend in value is up. That's why although a domain name is not a tangible asset like a building, the right domain name can pay back many times over time.

A suitable domain name for your web project just makes perfect sense. You tie together, or focus your idea, into a few careful text characters.

Domain names can be among the easiest of business assets to measure. How: simply examine the performance of a website attached to a domain name, or track its web advertising returns.

What's more, if you combine your domain name with a fully functioning profitable web business, your investment can skyrocket!

Changing Times: The Death of Empire?

At the time of writing, even with the introduction of a variety of different domain name extensions, .com and .net registrations continue to prove to be the most popular choice for those serious about doing business. Nevertheless, country-specific domain names like .de, .it, etc., can sometimes be a better choice for niche areas.

However, all empires crumble eventually. Monopolies are born, and die. Most trends seem to have cycles. While a cycle has peaks, troughs, and everything in between, in 2014 and beyond, arguably we are on the cutting edge of a new cycle. The problem: there's nothing inherently wrong with .com, except that there are now so many alternative domain name extensions available.

For example, has just paid $4.6 million for the .buy domain name, and .tech has sold for $6.8 million. So we could have,,,, and so on. Can you spot the start of a new trend? Will the dominant influence of .com now start to wain?

Are Google, Apple, and Facebook also similarly buying up "new world" domain names? The answer almost certainly is indeed Yes. Since essentially, between them, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook have a massive influence on the direction of the web, we may see remarkable and sometimes unexpected changes during the next few years. 

Someone alive right now is probably going to connect the key dots in a different way and change how websites are created and promoted (and quite rightly make themselves remarkably wealthy as a result).

I suggest, never forget that changing trends, pressures, and demands can upset or overturn established and cherished ideas - sometimes overnight!

So domain names with other extensions like .name, .biz, .info, and so on, can still emerge triumphant - when connected to engaging, desirable, website content. The secret is: website development and promotion.

Today, if we want a democratic web, we can only play favorites for so long, before the cycle changes. When enough people want equality, increased pressures lead to fissures, cracks, breaks, and new vistas. Disruption can be your friend - and save you a lot of money.

Or, all of deeper analysis could simply be wrong, and .com, .net, and other established top level country domain names could dominate for the foreseeable future. I don't have the answer, but I think I know what works well.

Turning Something Raw Into A Useful And Valuable Entity

Key Tip: value is sometimes found in the domain name keywords

Perhaps contrary to what you might read elsewhere on the web, I want to explore some radical, changing trends:

  • With new technologies on the horizon, I believe that the most important part of a domain name is the name itself, not necessarily the domain name extension. Why: because that's where the website theme, topic, or description is summarized.
  • In the coming months and years ahead, domain name extensions may become less important, as new technologies make massive changes to how we interact with the web.
  • However, a domain name or keyword must make some kind of logical sense, if not immediately, then later, when users interact with the resulting website. Weird names can end up as brands. In this way, even short domain names made up of 2 to 5 apparently random characters, can still win out.
  • However, what happens when our "web links" are made through speech rather than text or typing? Then, a spoken recognisable word or phrase could create more wins than a 4-letter random nonsense. As instructions by speech dominate the web more and more, we wonder how such trends will play out. We may be surprised.  

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other key players, realize the new money making opportunities to be gained when all domain names are presented equally on the web!

Or, turning that idea on its head, but with a new twist, the new, more specific domain name extensions may provide an advantage over the old style .com domain names.

Time will tell how events play out.

Perhaps most important of all, when we have the right name for our web project, what we do with a domain name is what creates the real value and therefore, wealth, over time. The key is to start, and start as soon as possible, and then get busy building and promoting your website solution, whatever that may be.

While potentially incredibly valuable, a domain name alone can be like an empty vessel. A domain name with lots of hits, no desirable content, and no effective way to monetize that domain name, can be a wasted opportunity.

Yet when we fill that vessel with products and services and answers and solutions that people want - and protect that asset - over time, expect prosperity, sometimes massive prosperity!

And absolutely why not? What is better than a world overflowing with an ever growing numbers of more and more people getting richer, who, in turn pull up and help others in the process?

You don't need a million dollars to live a great lifestyle: sometimes, $50,000 - $100,000 / year or £50,000 - £100,000 / year, or less, can help you live the lifestyle you want, and give you the time to appreciate the good your work brings to you.

Sometimes, the requirements to earn a lot of money, can have the opposite effect that you might think, by sucking up most of your time, leaving too few days or hours to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors. The answer: know what you want before you fall into the trap.

If you set up your own website, you can also install robot tools that can accomplish many repeating or mundane tasks for you. Don't you just love the web today? So much potential. So many possibilities.

Our current list of domain names available for instant sale include ...

Perhaps an ideal domain name portal serving the over 45s market. Previously, did was indeed a third age portal. However, updating of the website was required and at that time, we simply didn't have a slot to further develop So perhaps already has a natural market.

At the time or writing, this now older, established and trusted domain name already generates significant traffic alone. Just imagine what you could do with a great website? And we could build a superb website for the lucky buyer as well if required.


A domain name that can be applied to a wide range of brandable business ideas. However, keeping with our popular "cutting edge" themes, here's one idea to consider:

  • Voice-activated password access is too weak in terms of security, and of course inherently insecure.
  • Today a growing number of smartphones can be unlocked using a fingerprint.
  • However, fingerprint quality can vary, so sometimes, fingerprint login can be unreliable.
  • Facial login too doesn't always work correctly for everyone.
  • That's why the next generation may use DNA sensing or sampling through breath detection.

Will the latest / next generation smart devices use the unmistakable sensing of human breath to create a unique ID to unlock smart devices?

If you think yes, what can you do with a domain name like

Discover more about what's possible with


Originally redirected to below. However, being a .com domain, and also an older, trusted domain name, offers the ideal 5-character candidate for any new or existing web enterprise.


Another web gem. We can't help but wonder how many useful unused 5-character domain names left.

Previously a successful domain name for a UK charity that helped bring about a change of age discrimination law in the UK, with website content, comments, and feedback from a previous British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and other MPs, MEPs, etc.

So in the past, has made many important web connections. An older and trusted domain name. Furthermore, an acronym like CAADE could cover quite a range of purposes. 

Buy - Discover More

Of course, a superb domain name that you can apply to ebooks, answers, education, exam hints and tips, and much more. A great flexible name that allows for multiple ways to use this domain name:


What applies to could equally apply to Or, can go its own way, have its own identity. So much is possible. 

You can use as additional branding power for EbookAnswers above, or use for a website in its own right dedicated to ebooks or a specific ebook niche.

Why not brainstorm? Then apply a little imagination and you can come up with potentially thousands of website themes.


A new compelling addition includes

Are you working on, or planning to work on a cryptocurrency or blockchain-based project?

Or if you're exploring different marketing methods to create your your next Initial Coin Offering (IC), why not think about using domain name, while still available?

Or, if you're developing a high value gold, sliver, or antique coin dealing website, steeped in history and valuable currencies and coins from the past, can provide a near perfect web shop window for your venture.

Buy domain name available for sale by owner.

What can you do with this remarkable domain name?

A suprising number of ideas come to mind. So many applications are possible.


For a savvy organization or individual who can understand and envisage the arguably massively under-served market of restaurant owners in the UK. is probably the premier domain name property to choose for any new serious web business serving UK-based or English speaking restaurant owners.

Consider for a moment:

  • Those all-important words: "restaurant", "owner", "UK".
  • Using - the singular version - you can personalize your web business toward each restaurant owner.
  • Create a UK or English speaking Restaurant web directory with a new twist or key difference.

Check out the superb work that have done in the USA - a multimillion dollar business! They deserve huge credit!

Are you a UK-based celebrity top chef?

What can you do with

Not many people have sufficient vision and imagination to spot the digital "nuggets of gold", but the lucky buyer or investor who chooses, along with an equally great website and business model, has fortune and favor on their side. But all efforts can be in vain if you don't have the right domain name.


Another domain name with a myriad of possibilities and potential.

  • is a cheerful, motivational, uplifting domain name that shows the way to success and achievement in so many different ways: sports, education, business, and more.
  • Or perhaps one that can apply to retail shopping environments, with a slogan / business model such as "Try our range, Until you buy and find the one for you".
  • Maybe today more than ever before, the desire to achieve, overcome, endure, and triumph in the face of difficulty or adversity, is something that strikes a chord with many people. You can explore the value of try-until-you-overcome themes and ideas.

At only 8 characters made up of 2 plain English words, perhaps with, you can imagine what's possible.


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