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Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs, Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), fin-tech and much more: all terms that especially from 2017 onwards, relate to an ever growing list of developments that have started to introduce profound changes to our world. A trend just getting started.

The key to performance is elegance, not battalions of special cases.

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Riding on this new technological Cambrian growth wave for the 21st century, those individuals immersed in the scramble to tap into these new fields, may have plans to fork Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other compatible source, or create a new cryptocurrency exchange, or even create an entirely new cryptocurrency. 

However, perhaps more likely, a growing number of ambitious individuals plan to launch a tidal wave of new Initial Coin Offerings and Initial Exchange Offerings. With ICOs / IEOs especially in mind, In 2018 and beyond, the numbers of new Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) look set to explode in popularity and growth!

As with most new growth trends, there will be pull-backs, "hog-wash information", fake news, nonsense, etc. Yet the impetus for blockchain is sound, profound, and will almost certainly grow exponentially stronger after each temporary pull-back.

That's also why every successful Initial Coin Offering, or Initial Exchange Offering, or new blockchain, or cryptocurrency project needs an equally powerful, effective, and suitably matching domain name.

Key Characteristics Of A Great Cryptocurrency Domain Name Explored

The domain name you choose, in combination with other key drivers, can make or break your cypto project.

Choosing the wrong domain name can, when least expected, scupper crypto projects such as:

  • Publishing a new cryptocurrency news website.
  • Launching a new cryptocurrency or crypto exchange.
  • Creating an existing crypto project or exchange.
  • Releasing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) / Initial Token Offering (ITO).
  • Your new Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Yet, if from the outset, you choose your domain name with special care, you can avoid such irritations and focus on the growth and success of your project.

Ideas To Help Choose A Superb Domain Name For Your Initial Coin Offering

When we choose an ICO / IEO or cryptocurrency news-type website domain name, details and forethought of course matter. If we rush in, our project can fail. Only later, after much pain, may we truly realise fundamental mistakes made. Yet hindsight is always a wonderful luxury.

Nevertheless, after some further thought, we can realise that to find a superb domain name call for special, careful consideration. For example, consider the following suggestions:

  • First impressions count: does your ICO / IEO domain name instantly put over a positive, interesting, curious impression or mood?
  • Clear meaning: is your crypto news or ICO / IEO domain name meaningful? Arguably, the best ICO / IEO domain names make instant sense. A freaky, geeky word or two needs careful explanation and additional "customer education" marketing cost. Perhaps the longer your domain name takes to explain, the more likelihood that your ICO / IEO message gets lost in the confusion.
  • Two meaningful words for a domain name is ideal: there is a real value in using only two words in your ICO domain name. A single-word domain name can appear lacking, while three words is too long. Two words is the sweet spot. So the right two words can almost merge into a new single clearer phrase or unique sound that makes sense instantly. Moreover, in the cryptocurrency space, doesn't having your second word as "coin" make a lot of business sense? Users today expect the second word to be coin for an ICO / IEO especially. That means, if you follow expectations, you can build trust early on. Most important: no hyphens, no digits. Why: anything other than two words can obstruct your marketing and branding communications. ICO / IEO Message and speed of message will become crucial. Why risk making your task harder than is required?
  • Domain name extension: is your domain name extension a .com. Why: even today, .com still offers the most logical and popular domain name extension for serious cryptocurrency or ICO / IEO projects.
  • First qualifying keyword: does your ICO / IEO domain name start with a suitable keyword that is relevant, generic, memorable, apt? If your first qualifying keyword listed as a generic word in dictionaries used in your language? If yes to both answers, excellent: you've met the another smart domain name naming goal.
  • Second qualifying keyword: does your ICO / IEO domain name end with the all-important keyword "coin"? Why: if you're presenting an Initial Coin Offering or Initial Exchange Offering, your use of "coin" instantly confirms your project and website purpose.
  • Brand-able: make sure your domain name can be freely branded to your ICO / IEO project, and that your domain name choice doesn't infringe on another brand name. How: use only generic words in your domain name.
  • Memorable: is your ICO / IEO domain name easy to remember? meets this goal with ... simple effective elegance.
  • Spelling: is your ICO / IEO domain name easy to spell? Can your domain name be spelled without mistake by most users? The words "elegant" and "coin" are easy, and sound much like their written spelling.
  • Domain name length: is your ICO / IEO domain name length within that all-important "margin of suitability"? How: choose a domain name that is not so long as to be unwieldy, yet not too short as to be meaningless drivel, or too subtle to be ineffective. is one of our latest domain name acquisitions that meets all of the key conditions above. Wait too long and the price may skyrocket!

How The Words In Your Cryptocurrency Domain Name Can Help Make Your Project Glow With Curiosity

The word "elegant" originated from late 15th century French, from the Latin word "elegans", or "eligere" in French, meaning "choose, select". 

In English, dictionary definitions and words associated with the word "elegant" include:

  • Graceful, stylish in appearance or manner.
  • Pleasingly ingenious, yet simple. 

If, like me, you're a Bitcoin enthusiast, you might agree that Bitcoin itself is an elegant solution to a previously almost unsolvable problem.

Yet how many cryptocurrency-related domain names have a built-in fatal error caused by including the non-standard "special" words "bitcoin" or "ethereum".

Why: names like bitcoin and ethereum are already — or may well become in the not too distant future — trademarked by savvy individuals or powerful corporations who have completed that all-important, expensive legal research and reservations made, perhaps done some years ago.

So if you use a domain name containing the words bitcoin or ethereum, and manage to build a successful, profitable business, how "safe" do you think your resulting, hard-won business will be? Will you need endless, never ending licensing? Or more.

At best, would you be paying an annual incense fee for perpetuity? At worst, you might have to sell your business for a fraction of its true worth, and start again, with a more carefully chosen domain name.

Instead, with a domain name like, you can sidestep such issues, get savvy, stay smart from the outset. Is A Premium, Ready-To-Go Cryptocurrency Or Initial Coin Offering / Initial Exchange Offering Domain Name

Arguably, in the international Initial Coin Offering / Initial Exchange Offering space, .com or .io are probably the only two domain name extensions that really matter, with .com considered the premium version.

With, there is an almost zero chance that anyone anywhere can lay claim to trademark the common English words "elegant" and "coin".

So by making the smart move to choose a firm foundation like as your domain name, you can be more assured about the future.

We think any resulting business would be truly owned by their owners and no-one else. No perpetual licenses needed.

Moreover arguably, domain name suggests:

  • Something extra, "over and above".
  • A smarter offering.
  • A "different solution to all the rest".

If you want your cryptocurrency project or Initial Coin Offering / Initial Exchange Offering to stand out for all the right reasons could can offer a central pillar to your ICO or IEO idea or project in 2020 and beyond?

You can invest today in, choose your preferred start-off domain name, that can then work to support you, and / or your Initial Coin Offering or Initial Exchange Offering project.

Isn't the best time to make a start always now? The next best time is as soon as possible. Yet if you delay, opportunities available today may not be available tomorrow.

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