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For the English-speaking market 6-letter .com domain names, that use one or two easy-to-spell words, as we English like to say, "Do not grow on trees". In the literal sense, of course domain names don't grow on trees — at least not yet. But who knows, the domain name we have available below, might — in the future — change all that. Don't ask me how (I'm joking).

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Of, if you're curious, intrigued about possibilities that you could apply when using domain name, why not keep reading?

Here at, sometimes, we like the idea of thinking differently. When choosing domain names, we usually prefer a single generic word, a two-word phrase, certainly a word or words and phrases that are unusual and open to potential. But we're mindful, that imagination and creativity can also work well.

With those thoughts in mind, the domain name has quite a few application possibilities. For example, we can consider in at least three ways. As:

  • A single, not uncommon, generalized word: gridai, as used in a conversational way within Italian or Basque languages, etc. Details below.
  • Two separate generic words: "grid" and "ai".
  • The two generic words that make up the domain name but used in the English speaking sense. A product or service that combines a grid of some kind, real or conceptual, with perhaps something related to the blockchain, or Artificial Intelligence (AI), or "Alien Intelligence" (an option that we could really have some fun with).

While I have explored a few ideas above, others may exist too. Can you spot any more possible ways to use domain name?

That's why is an unusual domain name that can be applied to a range of areas and applications. We're already talking to potential buyers, thinking through and exploring options.

At the time of testing, as an indicator, when entered into Google Search, the word gridai returned about 133,000 website entries: not a huge number, nevertheless, a useful snapshot indicator of possibilities. But there is potential in many ways.

Other search engines like and (same search sources), and, naturally revealed different results.

Side note: we are curious why the interest from prospective Chinese and Russian buyers? We didn't expect that.

Nevertheless, going back to Google Search results for now, even though 133,000 is not a dramatically large number, I suggest, if we connect the dots, we can envision lots of different applications. Imagine possibilities. You can do what writer James Altucher refers to as Idea sex by combining, mixing, melding, and merging different ideas, options, or technologies, to create portray something more tailored to what you want.

While we may think that all the good 4-, 5-, and 6-character domain names have been registered, I suggest there is still many domain names available that can work for your project.

Moreover, never underestimate how many existing organizations, for sometimes incredulous reasons, simply do not register useful domain names. Some don't want them. Others forget or knowingly pass up on lost opportunities.

Why Playing With Name Combinations Is A Good Idea

Sometimes, we can combine different names to create a domain name. Or, we can simply invent a new word, then develop and brand that word.

For example, consider the word google. Before Google the Internet company existed, I doubt that there was ever an existing word called google. Some people think that Google is play on words from the word googol. A googol is the large number, 10 to the power of 100 — or the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes.

Nevertheless, my key point is that on the web, we are free to make up new words, or use existing words, when creating domain names.

With those thoughts in mind, let's examine the domain name: in more detail.

Going Latin: An Italian-Sourced Explanation

If we explore the full word, gridai, one translation comes from the Italian language. Here, gridai is a verb / a "doing" or "action" word, and pronounced as "grid-eye" in English.

Furthermore, we can type into Google Search something like" What does gridai mean in italian?" to discover a range of different and helpful websites that explain further aspects of the name. There may even be a Basque language connection. What a fascinating discovery.

The Italian or Basque generalised word "gridai" is as equally valid as anything else listed on this page. Yet is a flexible application. 

One thing is certain, gridai is an emotional word. It's about energy, impact, movement, response, and reaction. What do you think?

An Answer From

At the time of writing, gives no definition for the word: gridai. That could suggest that there are lots of options are available for branding and development.

Alternative Development Options For

If we examine gridai from an English perspective, let's explore the two key words "grid" and potentially, "ai", both separately and what happens when we combine them together.

What's In A Grid?

The short answer is: a lot of empty space. 

Or, a grid can contain a deluge of ... action! For sure however, a grid can be applied in many different ways to many different situations, and probably in most areas of science and technology.

At the time of testing, Google Search revealed 614,000,000 results for the word "grid". Clearly, grid is popular. A glimpse at provides a hint of applications for the word grid across areas such as entertainment, media, music, science, technology, geography, and including multiple acronyms too. With a keen interest in sci-fi, I quite like: Alien Intelligence (AI) — we wonder what is lurking in the mists — of something, somewhere.

As a common word in the English language (all variations), clearly, none of us and no-one can own the word "grid", because in one sense, we all own common words. Yet when a word is part of a domain name, we can use it to create wonderful products and services that help make the world a better place.

Some interesting links relating to the word "grid" include:

What About AI?

The word "ai" also has some interesting applications and potential. While I had an idea about the word ai — or AI, until now, I hadn't really checked in more detail.

So again, to run a quick check snapshot, I typed "ai" (without the quotes) into the Google Search box. This time, 2,000,000,000 web pages were returned. Because ai or AI can refer to Artificial Intelligence — and all the many derived applications — I can understand why the number is high.

If we focus purely on "ai" as a standalone word, yet again, the Italians have already laid claim to the word: in Italian, "ai" means "to" in English.

Nevertheless, while arguably, the most popular use of the word "ai" currently seems to refer to the acronym for Artificial Intelligence (AI or A.I.), clearly, there are many other uses of the word too. For example:

So AI or ai provides much to work with. AI can represent a wide range of possibilities, depending on the business theme for which you might want to use

Even so, for many, perhaps Artificial Intelligence is ripe for development in hundreds, possibly thousands of new ways today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Some Current Artificial Intelligence Projects

Let's play with the Artificial Intelligence theme for a few minutes.

Artificial Intelligence will, I believe, completely transform our world within 30 years! Even now, so much is happening within this space. With more than a passing curiosity about how artificial intelligence is emerging, in the coming weeks, below I will include some new interesting links as I find them. Enjoy.

Remember, AI Can Also Refer To Alien Intelligence — You Choose

While there are many possible interpretations for the word or abbreviation "ai", we don't have to stay with Artificial Intelligence. Why not have some fun and mix things up? Let's go with Alien Intelligence. To get started, check out what Palladium Books are doing.

So while the wonderful creations from J. R. R. Tolkien explore the power of the Ring, perhaps with, in your next creative written or graphic project, you could mix Alien Intelligence with the power of some kind of Grid (or, I might just beat you to that goal).

Or, Use To Deliver A Web Book Story

Today, books can take a variety of different forms. Ebooks too can evolve into animated web books that use words with sound, pictures, and movement to create new immersive experiences delivered straight to your web browser.

For example, check out "The Boat" — a haunting, harrowing, thought-provoking exploration that arguably adds greater meaning to the words that narrate the story. For further inspiration, you can learn more about how "The Boat" was made at: 

If you're new to writing books, ebooks, or web books, I recommend that you join a strong body such as the Society of Authors to help protect your interests. They have many highly experience legal sources that you can call on as part of your membership, standing by, ready to help defend your ideas and intellectual interests.

Let's Combine "Grid" and "AI" To Explore What's Possible

Still keeping with English themes for now and the word or word combination: GridAI, rather than the equally valid Italian use of gridai, we can experiment, investigate, and imagine what can be done with the domain name

You can explore the options above for each possible definition or interpretation of "Grid" and "AI", to imagine possibilities. The list of options is quite large, so I won't cover that here.

Though Artificial Intelligence can be applied to a grid of some kind in many different ways and interpretations.

Moreover, even though does use two generic English words or abbreviations in common speech or use, and a common language Italian single word, before we registered domain name:, we double-checked with trademark and patent offices, including the United States Trademark And Patent Office (USTPO), to make sure that there was existing use of the name gridai.

Not surprisingly, for an unusual name like gridai, the search at the USTPO was clear, we registered the name, for possible further development, or to sell on to anyone who wants to go further, or to brand the domain name to a product or service. Nevertheless, if you decide to buy this domain name, you should always confirm such things for yourself.

Arguably, today, given that the thousands of potential applications available, at the time of its original registration, a 6-letter domain name like should not still have been available. So clearly, must not be required by any of the many different parties who could create a business around

That means, the door is now open for you?

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