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You can build your own websites for doing business. Learn how to create high quality, active, vibrant website properties that you can then sell at a price both and your buyer are happy with. You can write and publish superb ebooks using free or low cost tools. So much is possible today if we're prepared to invest a little in e-learning.

Or if you prefer, we can build an ultra modern website like this one for you based on the latest responsive web design techniques. Or we can create a stunning e-commerce website for you to sell your tangible and / or intangible products. 

Building Website Properties — Training Options

Right now, we're busy building some new key website properties. Some people have asked about training. Would you like to learn how to:

  • Construct beautiful, modern, useful, usable, and popular web designs — without designing anything. For this program, you won't have to be a web designer. You won't have to be a web developer. However, you will need the ability to follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Populate your websites with great content that people want to access over and over again.
  • Promote your new websites to encourage new and repeat visitors.
  • Sell your "proof of concept", developed website properties at for hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of dollars — or more — providing your buyer with a "ready-to-go", active, pre-built, proven web business, and you with a great return on your investment of time, learning new skills, and effort put in.

Selling Your Website Baby Or Building Your Own Website Family

Sure, you'll be handing over your "baby" for someone else to develop further. Your buyer may turn your fledgeling website into their million dollar business — good for them.

As you sell one website property, you are then free to develop another website in the same way, or for a different group of users. Then you can create another, and so on, helping other people get started online with a quality custom website, so they don't have to start from nothing.

In time, and with practice, you can hone your craft to develop 2, 3, 4 or even 5 such websites within the same time frames.

You can develop websites to help others, or your can build your own online empire step by step. The choice is yours.

What is About

  • If you can find a great domain name, link it to some reliable web hosting space, create and build an engaging website, then promote, and gain new visitors, and keep growing your website, you dear reader, will have a premium website property, that you can sell for a premium price, once you find the right buyer or investor. We'll be exploring all of these issues.
  • Promoting the positive: say good-bye to being fired ... or frustrated ... or fed up with your current job! How: you can learn all about website and digital publishing, then create your own digital products and services.
  • Share in the fun, freedom and personal happiness experiencing the benefits and perks that seem to follow the life of the website property builder, digital writer, e-publisher, entrepreneur. Dare to let yourself excel — surely, it's your birthright!
  • Discover how through the simple yet awesome power of words combined with careful "digital information and web design", you can become happy, rich, fulfilled and successful in everything you do. It's not magic: rather, just a system in place that has a clearly defined process; a series of steps that you take in order to grow into a new you.
  • Create an independent lifestyle that allows you to work differently to most people; to visit interesting places and meet engaging people. You can choose to "work" from anywhere with just an iPad, tablet computer, PC, or Mac, and Internet access.
  • Bring home your own share of prosperity. Discover hype-free, genuinely profitable ways to spend your time and energies — without robbing you of your soul.
  • Now you can know the right answers and make the right decisions for you — not for anyone else.
  • Discover or re-discover the excitement, passion, and enthusiasm that comes from charting your own course and "doing your own thing". You can simply accomplish lots of interesting things. Enjoy rich variety that comes with "the digital writer's life" and the "website entrepreneur lifestyle".
  • With today's tools and techniques combined with our approach to training, you really can learn techniques, concepts, grasp slivers of expertise and gather dollops of web and digital writing insights, with a lot less effort than you might think.
  • Genuinely understand why people who rise to the top in all walks of life, are almost always great communicators. What's more, you can tap into this rich "seam" and learn these same skills for yourself.
  • Finally discover those tantalising secrets that have been evading you — most likely, you've always suspected they're there — and why your insight is indeed correct.
  • New beginnings and meeting fascinating people — the kind of people you might not ordinarily meet — online, from the comfort of your home, or in person.
  • Identify and take up new opportunities — the best chances in life may not come along often: you need to be able to recognise them when they do; know in your heart if they're for you and act quickly in order to secure your share, of an opportunity pie that is always changing but essentially endless.
  • Learn new and valuable skills — at your own pace — and without breaking the bank.
  • Self-discovery — finding the real you. Only when you are personally happy and fulfilled, can you enrich those around you, those closest to you, your friends, colleagues, and yes, strangers too — who often became new friends in the fullness of time.
  • You can learn how to take focused action toward your goals, the kind that seeks to lead you to the results you want.
  • You can learn all about the power of change — and how dissatisfaction with your current lot in life can sometimes be your best friend.
  • You can truly feel your passion — maybe for the first time in your life.
  • Use your new found skills to at last start living the kind of independent lifestyle you want, creating profitable digital properties like premium websites, ebooks, even apps for the new mobile markets.

All this, and much more, may be coming to upgraded.

In the meantime, why wait?

Beautifully Engineered Websites That Don't Use Online Databases, For Less Than You Might Think 

If you want help in building an attractive, mobile friendly, high quality website, or to upgrade and existing WordPress or Joomla website, we should talk.

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