How You Can Get A Superb, Outstanding, Affordable Website That Meets The 12 Essential Requirements Today

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Throughout my career, I must have tested hundreds of different website creation systems and methods. Why: because that's how we learn, improve, excel, question. Plus, I know, amongst all the stones and pebbles on the "website building beach", there are pearls, diamonds, golden nuggets — that can help lead to better web site solutions.

That's another reason why I'm writing this web page: we've found a gem, a solution, and I want to share our discoveries with you. What's more, on this page, you can discover how we can use what we have learned to help you too.

In our busy, frantic world, perhaps the last thing anyone needs is more information. Yet sometimes, if we rush on by, we can lose.

Occasionally, it's worth pausing to make sure you don't miss something important. It's no coincidence that the world's patient readers can make life work better for them. 

So why not settle down, make a nice cup of tea, coffee, or whatever relaxes you most, and carefully read this page.

I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.

Mark Twain.

In this article, I'll share enough specific, relevant information to help you make an informed decision.

In plain English, if you want to:

  • Know why you should upgrade a Joomla or WordPress website as soon as possible. Or ...
  • Build a completely new, stunning, smart, tech-savvy website ...

... keep reading.

Table of Contents

The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on. It is never any use to oneself.

Oscar Wilde.

What Does Your Website Really Need?

A Facebook page isn't a website: it's an asset owned by Facebook. Why shouldn't you have your own web property asset? Nothing stays the same for ever. Today, for our websites to perform, we need two key components:

(1) Website Code That Drives Or Generates Your Website

Of course, we need an "engine", a way to generate web pages and websites. Your website code generator needs to be fast, secure, reliable.

Though, as you'll discover if you keep reading this page, one big problem is that not all website code creators are equal. They can be vastly variable. At first glance, most can appear to work okay, but when we examine closer, we can find big problems, drawbacks, shortcomings.

Below, we'll both show and prove to you that we now have a fantastic solution available that solves many of the big problems.

(2) Website Content That Meets The Needs Of Your Website Visitors And Web Site Users

So we might have some or all of the following:

  • Text is the holy grail of meaningful websites. Words can have great impact. Sometimes, you may want few words. At other times, more wordage is better. Messages, stories, articles, "how to" sections, sales pages, landing pages, and more, all seek to help engage with our visitors, clients, customers.
  • Videos offer another way to share a message, make a point, engage with visitors differently. Sometimes, video is the best way to meet your goals.
  • Podcasts can be especially helpful if our visitors can't view, or prefer not to view, our web pages at a particular time. For example, sometimes, sitting in a car, a bus, train, or plane, with headphones on and perhaps eyes shut, through a podcast, your visitors can still engage with what you're sharing. 
  • Downloads can extend the reach of your website. You may want to share PDFs, or offer an email newsletter.
  • Access to products. If you can list your products for sale directly on your website, you have an online shop ready to go. More and more retailers are moving their product lines online. Other website providers simply allow customers to order products from their websites, in addition to phone and / or in-person visits.
  • Services. Yes, of course, you can sell services too. Whether you want to sell products or services, millions of websites around the world are moving their primary sales operations online. What about you too? We can help you get there.

In addition, our "content recipe" needs to work out the best ways to persuade our visitors why what we offer is the best solution to solve their problem.

The Myth Of The One-Hour "Visible" Website

Sure today, you can build a "visible" website in less than an hour. What I mean by "visible" is one that makes the fatal error of focusing only on what normal sighted people can see. 

How can "visible" websites include all the essentials like those crucial hidden codes that search engines and other providers use to better understand your website?

Handy tip: you already know, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If a website takes one hour or less to build, how do you think it's going to compare with another website build solution that takes many more hours, days, or weeks to perfect? Today, details matter: 1 hour is not sufficient.

In one hour, your "1-hour website" could be severly misunderstood. Even worse, you may not even notice its shortcomings. Why: essential codes are hidden from human eyes, however, computers, web servers, search engines, and more, understand these missing "essential" codes. In fact, they devour code that "talks" their language.

In the same way that everything is a lot harder when you're wading through mud, a misunderstood website is like trying to walk through a really deep swamp. And of course, there are more risks too of not doing the job properly.

So here at, we don't build websites in 1 hour. How long your website takes to be ready to make live really depends on your project and your requirements. That's one of the key points: you're not a number, you're an individual. That why your website too should be unique, customized, one that matches your needs.

What If I Want A Well-Built, Effective Website?

That's a smart question.  

Yet, there's one problem: to win, to solve difficulties, to thrive, to better ourselves, we need to read — and trust — then do some work.

Today, with so much misinformation occupying our attention, trust can sometimes have a reputation problem.

So, if you want:

  • A new website that is fit for today's demanding needs, or if you want ...
  • To upgrade or replace an existing website ...

... we can help — really!

Yet, the fewer people who discover the tips below, the less competition you'll have. So please stay with me and keep reading: there's a lot of free valuable information on this page. 

Creating websites properly today is hard. We can do that for you, but we do need to give your the facts, the essential background information, so that you can better understand.

Building, Testing, And Measuring Well

Moreover, most of what you can read below is in plain English with minimal jargon.

There are different ways of measuring website responses, that can give different answers to the same questions. So to avoid confusion, as a start-off basis, we like to introduce you to Lighthouse: a remarkable, free software aid.

Web site owners don't need Lighthouse, but it's a great help to enlightened website developers. Lighthouse, an open-source, automated tool, also promoted by Google, available to help anyone improve the quality of their web pages.

Even so, website building tools alone are not enough to create a great website. We need the combined powers of well designed software, human imagination, creativity, a fantastic offer, and a great plan.

Options available through this page can suit:

  • Individuals.
  • Micro-businesses.
  • Small businesses.
  • Medium- and even large-sized businesses and organizations.

If you already have one or more websites, or are thinking about creating a new web site, you're affected.

The best way to be persuasive is to be correct.

Hudson, @HudTodd.

Before I explain how we can create a high performance, affordable website for you too, I want to share with you a genuine website "success formula". I call it the "12 Benefits Website Solution".

Screenshot that proves website scores in google-lighthouse-technical audit performance 99, accessibility 100, best practices 100, SEO 100
Screenshot shows website scores in Google Lighthouse technical audit. Performance 99, Accessibility 100, Best Practices 100, SEO 100

Using the "12 Benefits Website Solution", we've been able to achieve the outstanding start-off scores in Lighthouse website testing software, for the 4 key areas of:

  • Performance: score 99/100.
  • Accessibility: score 100/100.
  • Best Practices: score 100/100.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): score 100/100.

... in the example outlined below. How do we achieve these stellar results? The answer involved 3 steps:

  1. Through applying careful attention to detail, and ...
  2. In gratitude to others, we're able to leverage on the outstanding skills of remarkable web designers, developers, and coders. I like to think we can "stand on the shoulders of giants", to help give you the benefits of well researched, well-crafted "ready-to-launch" website designs fit for today's web.
  3. But we don't stop there. Then we strive to improve "start-off" web designs even further where possible.

Choose our 12 Benefits Website Solution to transform your website response. Then, combine with great website content that is relevant, helpful, useful, persuasive, and valuable.

What Is The 12 Benefits Website Solution?

We expand and build on the Lighthouse / Google Chrome focus of: 

  • Performance (99 out of 100).
  • Accessibility (100 out of 100).
  • Best practices (100 out of 100).
  • SEO (100 out of 100).

In the following paragraphs, and in plain English, we'll explain why the 4 key areas embedded inside our 12 Benefits Website Solution, are so important today.

If your website does not get sufficiently high scores in website performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO, today online, you're setting yourself up for problems you don't need.

We'll strive to the apply following high scores to your new website too, or to an upgraded new website you may ask us to build for you.

Brian Austin.

Important: during our 12 Benefits Website Solution testing phase, we used the latest Google Chrome web browser and as recommended by Google, carried out tests using the web browser in "Incognito Mode", to ensure accurate readings. 


Refers to website performance, including web page loading speed, etc. Website speed is especially important when your website visitors are interacting with your website using the often slower speed mobile networks — that can also be patchy, variable quality, and so on.

Our Google Chrome / Lighthouse test score for website Performance: 99 out of 100. Getting a score test result of 99 out of 100 for anything related to Google / Lighthouse is never easy. It is not a fluke, or luck. We have to do real work and be at the top of our game.

Such high scores mean that people accessing our website using the mobile web or who may be on slower broadband Internet connections, should find that our web pages still load fast.

Handy tip: high performance scores are especially vital if you want to run ads on your website.

Handy tip: your website speed test results can also be boosted if you opt for better, faster-loading website hosting too. Here's my affiliate link if you want to find outstanding website hosting.


What is accessibility? It's a measure of how helpful your website is for people who may not have what many may consider as "typical health". Accessibility strives to take into account that different people can be enabled differently.

Much better web accessibility is a nice step any website can do to prove that we are thinking about ALL website visitors.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, had a vision that websites would be useable for all people, no matter what physical challenges they may face. Yet, in practice, even today, 30+ years later, most websites are still not anywhere near accessible.

Our Google Chrome / Lighthouse test score for website accessibility was 100 of 100: yes, a 100% achievement.

How? To start, we use ARIA labels in all the right places. ARIA labels are electronic web codes that help people with various challenges use the web better.

But, for website accessibility, there's much more involved. We have simply made a start and can do the same for your website too.

The Magic Of Screen Readers

People who want better web site accessibility may use devices like screen readers to make use of ARIA labels. For example:

Accessibility resources and devices can be helpful. Yet, website providers too need to step up, to enable screen readers to better interact with our websites.

Google Dancing With Accessibility, Alerted Governments, And Changing Social Trends

Remember, web site accessibility covers a wide range of challenges, so there is usually more to be done. Extra manual checks along with additional improvements could help even further. We like to think of our score of 100 out of 100 as a tremendous start.

Leading organizations like Google have a huge influence on how the web develops, especially of course, search engines. For years, Google has been dancing around the the challenges associated with accessibility issues, and have made some great improvements. 

At the same time, our world is changing — often for the better, though some changes are not so welcome. "Big Tech" for example seems to be under constant spotlight, challenges over their behaviours, privacy, GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation), and so on.

More governments are waking up to unfairnesses that exists on their watch. As a result, governments and large organizations like Google are becoming ever more sensitive to issues that affect minorities, and so continue to make improvements. These are wonderful "upgrades". 

However, let me ask you, what do you think would happen to your website if, after years of urging, advising, warning others, Google finally announced "overnight" that website accessibility will now finally become a major website ranking factor? How would your website score?

At the time of writing, my best guess is that most websites would have low scores. Why: most websites don't even have anywhere near basic accessibility in place. As a result, would your website traffic fall? Or even plummet? On the other hand, smarter, faster to respond competitors with accessible websites would surely benefit.

Some of the big brands who are still inaccessible online could cope: they have the resources and finances to adjust, upgrade, and adapt relatively quickly. But, most medium- and small-sized companies would probably suffer, lose web business, maybe worse.

Perhaps you don't think that Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., would suddenly support accessibility in full. And yet ... how many systemic shocks have already happened in the last few years that we never saw coming? 

We are living through a period of rapid changes. The best solution, I suggest, is to do all you can to prepare your website, or build a new website, that is "compliant for 2020 and beyond". 

Today, every business needs a great website, yet too few are prepared to invest sufficiently in their website. Or, they choose and focus on the wrong options. Perhaps we can help change some of those outcomes.

That's why the solution to such systemic risks is to:

  • Think ahead, and ...
  • Take remedial action before the event, or expected changes.

And that's another reason why we include accessibility as a key web design ingredient today. We too like to be on the cutting edge and spread those benefits to our customers and clients whenever we can.

A gentle warning: web accessibility is no longer an "optional add-on". For today's more inclusive web, website accessibility is essential. The best solution is to build in web accessibility as a central part of your website.

Moreover remember, your website is like a car: left alone, it wears out. We can patch, repair, maintain, but you'll want to replace your vehicle with one that is fit for today's world. We can help you get the website done right, from the start to maximize your investment for the future.

Best Practices

Websites are not designed and built in isolation. The web industries have evolved different standards and practices. The best ones stand the test of time, though change is constant.

Our Lighthouse / Google Chrome test scores for best practices also achieved 100 out of 100. Again, a 100% success rate does not happen by accident or through good luck. Such results take hard work, attention to detail, extreme tech skills, and application. We can strive to achieve those benefits for your website new build order or upgrade.


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is our final crucial website component.

A common error some people make is in thinking that SEO is no longer needed. That social media has "taken over". I beg to differ: both SEO and social media sources can enhance how your website performs today.

In addition, SEO does indeed cover many different aspects of a website, so is also not easy to achieve high scores in Lighthouse / Google Chrome. We need skills, details mindset, application, work.

With the Google Chrome web browser Lighthouse audit testing tools, we were able to achieve 100 out of 100. Another 100% success rate. Likewise, we can strive to apply those same skills and targets to your website new build order or upgrade order.

How We Can Upgrade Your Website, So You Too Can Enjoy High Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, And SEO

We have expanded the four categories identified by Lighthouse and Google Chrome website audit tools:

  • Performance.
  • Accessibility.
  • Best practices.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

... to arrive at 12 crucial areas that every website today should address.

So now we have 12 benefits available to you. Let's explore them.

Benefit 1: High Performance

Today, your website must perform well. To measure and grade website performance, Google provide the Chrome website auditing tools.

For example: using the wonderful Google Chrome website auditing tools, we get a score of 99 / 100. When you order your new website, we'll strive to achieve high scores for your website too. 

Benefit 2: Beautiful Designs

High website performance is essential to allow search engines and other websites to help with your website promotion.

Humans like beautiful, attractive, eye-catching, images. Yet, what each of us may believe is beautiful, can vary — and why not?

While beauty is seductive, for web design and development, beauty alone is a trap. There are lots of attractive website template designs. Yet, few meet our high standards. This is perfectly normal. Excellence is achieved, not guessed.

Most off-the-shelf web designs will have absolutely no chance to meet our "high performance" real-world results above. Yet, the designs we do work with use both art and science to meet incredible goals.

Benefit 3: Mobile Friendly First

Growing numbers of people use smart phones and tablet devices. So our website designs focus on mobile devices first, and desktop devices second. Yet our website designs automatically adjust to present well on larger screen devices too.

Our websites work well on:

  • Smartphones.
  • Tablet devices.
  • PCs and Apple Macbook laptops.
  • Smart Internet-ready TVs.
  • And more.

We'll use website designs that are elegant, intelligent, responsive, and optimised.

Benefit 4: Fast Loading

Most of your website pages should load within 3 seconds. Even better, in 2 seconds or less. How? Careful design, advanced compression, and great content can help us meet these goals.

Benefit 5: Accessible

Every web visitor is important. We've already briefly introduced and explored web accessibility above. With better website accessibility in place, you may discover new loyal customers and clients.

Benefit 6: More Secure

Most websites today have at least one database stored online. Our solution here does not need or use an online database. Any online website database is a target for people up to no good.

The only way to protect an online database is to have super strong security in place. You'll need access to people who have the skills. That's why ultra-strong website security today is crucial.

If you website security breaks, are all your web promotion efforts at risk?

Yet, many websites today don't even need to have an online database. So with a single change, we can help you cut your online database risk to zero.

For example, if you have any of the following, you don't need an online database: 

  • Display web pages that include only text, graphics, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, podcasts, tables, charts, etc.
  • Have a blog or articles-based website.
  • Run a news-based website.
  • Provide a "brochure-type" informational website.
  • Sell digital and / or physical products and services that you fulfil manually after your customer has placed an order through your website Buy buttons.
  • Do not need your visitors to "log in".

Sanity solution and money-saving tip: if you omit what you do not need, you can side-step the huge security "vulnerability" and cost of having to manage, maintain, and protect a "live" online database.

That's what our 12 Benefits Website Solution does — with astonishing success! 

Do you already have a WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal website? Or a website built with another website content management system that has at least one database stored online? If yes, you may already know all about the risks of having an online database today.

WordPress sites seem to get hacked most of the time. The latest Joomla web system seems more robust, though Joomla sites too, have similar risks if not configured carefully.

Do you have superb website protection in place? Good. Then, you'll have access to high skill, high cost website security techniques. You'll be updating your website as soon as updates are available, yes?

Yet, if you have a website that must use an online database, your website is always going to be a target for attack.

The after-effects of a hacked website today can be especially damaging. For example, the risks include:

  • Blackmail and hostage taking.
  • European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fines.
  • A growing list of other government fines.
  • Website bans by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other important search engines.
  • The often high costs of fixing a tangled mess left after suffering an infected website.
  • And more.

The full cost of fixing a hacked website can sometimes far exceed the cost of your entire website. When your website is hacked, your business and your reputation is also being attacked. The ramifications can go far, deep, wide. Prevention is far better.

That's why, whenever possible a better plan is to avoid having any online databases open to attack. You can ask Brian Austin to build or rebuild your website free of an online database. Plus, apply our extra additions boost website security even further.

To maintain better security for all concerned, I'm not going to say publicly how we help make our websites more secure. You'll gain the advantages if your website order is successful.

Benefit 7: Best Industry Standard Practices

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps us optimize web pages for search engine ranking.

We'll make sure your website address or URL starts with https:// not the old, insecure, out of date http://.

Various security enhancements also cross over to form part of best practices too. Standard web browsers like Google Chrome to help identify and fix any website errors.

Benefit 8: SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation does not mean that search engines give any special favours to a search engine optimised website. Websites that apply smart SEO, simply allow search engines to better understand your web pages.

SEO means clarity, not confusion.

Having great scores for SEO can help your website promote better, and connect with more users.

SEO covers a wide range of areas. For example: 

  • The mobile friendliness of a website.
  • Applying various settings and codes that are usually only of interest to search engines. 

But, if you don't insert these codes, search engines can't use them.

So, with your order, we'll apply the uncommon, key SEO to your website as well.  

Benefit 9: Proof. And Why Outstanding Technical Performance Matters

The way we create websites today has changed too especially during the last few years. Today, to create high performance websites calls for:

  • Coding skills.
  • Writing skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Human empathy, and a genuine desire to help others.

Test This Website Right Now

You can test the speed and quality of this website using an approximate check right now. How? Choose the button below:

Test Our Website Speed

The results you'll get will be slower if you're not using an Incognito web browser window. Nevertheless, the button test above is a quick and simple process available for you.

It offers one way in which I can prove to you that what I'm saying here is true, genuine, authentic.

Want To Use The More Accurate Website Test Method?

If you want to run accurate, verification audit of the claims I've made on this page, follow the steps below:  

  1. Use a Google Chrome web browser (ideally).
  2. With your Google Chrome web browser started, go the File menu and choose the command New Incognito Window.
  3. In the main web address box at the top, type: and press the ENTER key.
  4. In the Enter a Website URL box, type or copy and paste
  5. In the Test Location options drop-down list, choose the server nearest to where you are.
  6. Choose the Start Test button and wait for the results.

 Speed results can vary depending on time of day, where you are, etc. However, you should gets results that are all over 95/100.

We can work to strive to get similar resutls for your website project too. 

What makes a big difference? Handy tip: start by powering your web site using the latest, modern, cutting edge website technology.

Benefit 10: Google AMP Version Included Free

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a Google-originated open project. AMP removes unnecessary delays to help web pages load fast on mobile devices.

Any website publisher can use AMP technology. Google now include websites built with AMP into the Google mobile search results. 

That's why the website build or rebuild solution we're outlining here will also include an AMP website version, if you wish, that gets generated and / or updated automatically alongside your main website, every time you create and publish new website content.

That means, once we have built your new 12 Benefits Website Solution, you essentially get 2 websites for the price of one, without requiring any extra work or cost for you.

Benefit 11: GDPR Friendly

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, a new(ish), complex data and privacy requirement for all websites based in the European Union (EU). 

Furthermore, the EU suggests that anyone around the world who visits any website based in the EU, also likewise automatically comes under the jurisdiction of the GDPR. Time will tell how this plays out.

As a "taster" example, on website, on the lower edge of your screen you can access our "Cookie Policy" button. 

If you need your new static website or web site rebuild to meet the GDPR, the designs we can suggest, already come with the GDPR functionality and configuration options built in. You can turn the GDPR cookie policy features on or off as needed.

Benefit 12: Affordable

If you ask us to build your new website, or upgrade your existing website, we can provide you with a fixed price. So you'll know exactly what the cost of your website will be from the outset. No games. No hidden surprises.

While the mark of quality is distinct, outstanding websites like these, can seem simpler in structure, don't need to cost outlandish amounts. Affordable is my most accurate single word description.  

The actual cost of your website depends on a variety of things. For example:

  • What do you want? We're here to help: simply ask and we'll discuss your requirements.
  • A new website cost will be different to an upgrade of an existing website. Why? For example, for an existing website, you'll probably want to have all your current / old web pages redirect to the new website equivalent pages. We can do that for you.
  • How many start-off website pages will you require? You can add as many more as you want.
  • Graphics and images. What are your needs?
  • Videos, podcasts, PDFs, file downloads, etc.  You can use vides from YouTube, Vimeo, or install your own custom-made videos on your website.
  • If we need to import the content from your existing WordPress or Joomla website, the resulting import will require "fixing" and "code cleaning" to remove all the old, inefficient, out of date codes.
  • Do you require your website to meet GDPR standards? Or California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? We can help there too.
  • And more. 

Extra Benefits: Do You Need Some Ongoing Help Or Training?

While creating high performance web pages like this one can be done relatively easily using the wonderful, user-friendly web page editor that comes built into your website creator, sometimes some extra "start-off" help to aid you getting started can also be valuable.

While there are training resources and documentation already online, we can provide you with a custom-made online user guide written and produced especially for your website. Your user guide can be tailored specifically for your website, so that you can refer to it at any time, until you're familiar with the day-to-day processes.

The Big Secret

Yes, there's a better way. It's simple, yet calls for some hard work for website coders and creators. That's why we're offering to help. The best approach is to get the process right from the outset. Here's how:

  1. Get the correct technical aspects of your website established first. Our solution outlined on this page does exactly that.
  2. Then you can create and edit new and existing content pages easily, on-the-fly to craft meaningful, relevant, valuable messages to your visitors, customers, clients.


So What Are You Waiting For? Are You Ready To Make Some Highly Beneficial Changes? Then Let's Talk

To communicate more easily later, we can provide access to our secure, more private web forms, use FaceTime or Skype. But for now, to keep levels of sp*am down, please follow the 2 simple steps outlined below.

Contact me to discuss your website rebuild needs. We're based in Scotland, UK, part of the European Union (EU). We'll go to extraordinary lengths to keep your data safe. So to get started, please complete the following two steps:

  1. First, click or touch the button below to subscribe to receive updates:


    Why: European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states we probably need your permission before we can communicate. Please choose both check boxes on our subscribe page above.

    Rest assured, our privacy policy shows how we will protect your email address, we won't pester you with unnecessary email newsletters, and you can opt out quickly and easily at any time.

    If you have already subscribed, you can skip this Step 01, and go straight to Step 02 next.

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