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Mobile Friendly Premium Business Websites With 150 Features And Benefits

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The web has changed! Again. Today, more than ever, paying close attention to the technical and content details that make up your website can make a truly measurable difference to your web promotion efforts. What's more, if your website design is not fit for today's more challenging web, you can pay dearly in a variety of not so nice ways.

We have solutions. Here's one.

How: we can address all those important, key issues by delivering smart, search engine optimized, engaging, mobile friendly websites.

Do You Want A $20,000 Website For A Fraction Of Its True Cost?

You've discovered this page, so the offer may still be open to you. After reading, contact us below.

Today, with the right website, an individual, or small business, can do remarkably well — especially if you unleash yourself. Let me explain.

Here's are some absolutely crucial Brian Austin tips:

  • While we can learn from others, at some point, when its time for you to take action, do not follow in the footsteps of others.
  • instead, carve out your own path. How: be yourself — that's the secret.
  • Build a tribe online: you have potentially billions of people you can serve.

Your own special website built and crafted especially for you, is the perfect business vehicle today.

However, to soar with eagles, you need to first get off the ground. We can help you achieve your goals.

Let me save your some time and confirm that this website offer is not a "free" website, or, depending on your perspective, a "low cost" website solution. Instead, it's a serious, professionally built, carefully constructed web business platform, in which details matter.

Some prospective buyers might ask questions like: "Why should I spend thousands when I can get one of the many free websites out there?"

My initial answers can include responses like:

  • Some of the "free" website solutions may be more suitable for you.
  • "Why do you think that a smart new car (usually) costs more than, say, a horse-powered farm cart?" Both can have 4 wheels. Both can get you to your destination. Yet even the most obvious differences between them hint at why one costs more than the other. Or ...
  • "Why do you think these websites cost thousands, or more?" Do you think there just must be something different going on? (If so, you're getting warmer).
  • If you're shocked that a professionally built website made up of 90 individually tailored web pages is not free today, please understand, this is "honest money", reflected by the effort and skills that go into making your own website: a choreographed mix of simple, complex, and intelligent components, ideas, strategies.
  • Also, dear reader, remember, we don't hit you with ads, or track your every move. "honest" money means that real work has to take place to build your remarkable website.
  • An website can be likened in some ways as a digital equivalent of a new car — except, today, right now, you could pay much less than a typical luxury new car. Tomorrow, the same investment may change.
  • And so on.

Other clients have told me, given all that is included in this package, why are you offering at such a low price? Answer here include:

  • Since we are deliberately not a "design house" with expensive city offices and infrastructure, we can focus on offering web sourced, knowledge-based solutions. We can't help millions of clients. That's why only a few people who act quickly can secure a $20,000 or $30,000 website for a dramatically lower cost, and only when this offer is available.

If you want to perform well on the web, I recommend: do your research. Plus, perhaps check the full feature list below. If you find the list below too much, or too confusing, don't worry: I include all the technical details purely for information purposes. 

As a website owner and user, you don't need to know how your website works, your just need to understand how to drive your website vehicle. We'll help you.

Yet such "website stars" are tough to build. What's more, even though professional web development prices look set to rocket this year and beyond, you can save on this page, right now!

Nevertheless, most likely, lots of "free website" choices will still be available. For "freebie" hunters everywhere, in the coming months and years, you may even find website creators that offer "better than free" solutions, in which they actually "pay" you for using their product (is that an alarm bell I here ringing? :-). 

So the website solutions offered here are not built using a "horse-and-cart" approach, but rather are long term "start-off" web business investments: modern, effective, powerful, strategic, beautiful. 

These carefully coded websites have arguably more "going on" under the hood, than is visible to we humans, yet done with consideration, care and observing the rules that responsible search engines stipulate. 

What's Your Real Goal On-line?


  • Do you want to make a great contribution to the web right from the start?
  • Are you keen to generate more sales, more subscriptions, or more registrations?
  • Do you want to upgrade your existing, old, or out of date website, to one that is smart, modern, and mobile friendly?
  • Would you like amazing flexibility: to be able to convert your website into a different kind of website in hours without excessive cost?
  • Ready to have us create your new website to use "secure" https:// as standard, not extra?
  • Do you want to use the now faster http/2 web?

If yes, we have a remarkable solution that may just be perfect for you.

Welcome to your new mobile friendly, search engine optimized Responsive 9095d website packages now available to order, that now include a shared, full SSL certificate for your first 12 months, when you include with your order fast http/2 website hosting.

A 90-Page, Search Engine Optimized, Mobile Friendly, "White Hat" Web-Based Relationship Generator

We'll build your 90-page, search engine optimized, mobile friendly, "white hat" website for you. "White hat" — what does that mean? Answer: we don't use any silly tricks to try to outsmart search engines, instead, we apply careful, good design techniques combined with intuitive ideas, tuned especially for today's web.

Key Tip: never try to trick search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Instead, I suggest, do get technical basics right from the start, and regularly discover — or have someone else you trust find out — what search engines have to say about what makes a great website. That's what we do.

Upgrading and updating a web site is usually a good idea, but patching up an old website is not always the most cost effective option. Instead, you can ensure that the job is done correctly from the outset? Then, periodically ensure your website is kept up to date, so that you can make a continuous, fantastic experience, and regularly interact with your users.

We'll show you how to use your web site and how to connect with others, create an exciting, fun web-based business. You can add as many more web pages as you want, whenever you want. Or just contact Brian if you need help.

Your 90-page Responsive 9095d website design is truly a unique solution, not available anywhere else. What goes on inside the technical heart of your Responsive 9095d website recipe is truly amazing! Responsive 9095d websites are hand built with care, proven, and engineered to "check multiple boxes" at the same time.

A Responsive 9095d is one half of your website solution. Yet just like hand and glove, the other half comes from you, your website content, your message, your unique signature, your contribution, and your sales generated. We can help with creating your website content too if that is something you would prefer not to get involved with. So all key aspects are covered. 

These exceptional websites are carefully crafted by a diverse range of remarkably talented web technicians, web developers, web designers, mobile explorers, copywriters, Google friendly researchers, and people who just care about others.

While your website will be built by Brian Austin and trusted associates, make no mistake, your project is a team effort: many exceptional folks will contribute to creating your high quality Responsive 9095d website. 

By taking the smart decision to invest in your own Responsive 9095d, you can feel like you're standing on the shoulders of giants — enjoy the view — and start to benefit almost immediately, from the astonishing range of cutting edge, yet proven web technology tools embedded in these "website tigers".

A Brochure Website, An Ecommerce Web Shop, Earn Income Through On-line Advertising, Create A Subscription Based Community, And More

In addition, flexibility is a key trait. So you, or we, can easily add a shopping cart to your Responsive 9095d, to create an ecommerce web shop in hours, ready for you to add product pages, or use data feeds or data streams to fast track your web shop product creation.

Want to earn income through website ads? No problem: Google AdSense or other ad providers can be created easily once you have your core website in place. You can even run your own ad programs.

Furthermore, we can convert websites like these into a subscription based business providing free content and access to paid content and downloads, using not just one, or two, or three, but multiple price levels, if you want, helping you more closely meet the needs of your different users.

Over 150 — Yes That's One Hundred And Fifty Plus — Desirable Features And Benefits In A Single Website Solution 

Sometimes, when we show customers this page, they can become overwhelmed. So don't worry if the following list seems long. We include this just to show what you need to have today, or at least have access to, as one or more options, should you choose, at any stage.

Remember, with a Responsive 9095d, you can almost plug and play; add features, grow more features, or take them away, with just a few mouse clicks or tablet device touches.

To get an idea of what I mean, please check out the snapshot below that outlines many of the features and benefits. Contact Brian if you have questions, but if you're wanting to build an effective web presence and want to save money right now, I suggest don't delay. Thank you.

Over 150 Features and Benefits In A Single Package.
Joomla Web Content Management System (CMS)Yes
Installation and configuration of JoomlaYes
Joomla theme installationYes
Website uses the latest HTML 5 coding standardYes
Module positions (typically about 52)Yes
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) FriendlyYes
Automatic unsubscribe registered users if not logged in for set period (GDPR requirement)Yes
Built-in consent feature and monitoring for web forms (GDPR requirementYes
Multiple additional GDPR enhancements included (GDPR requirements)Yes
GDPR friendly contact web forms (GDPR requirement)Yes
Home page web design and creationYes
Home page slideshowYes
Set up of interactive home page modulesYes
Joomla blog setup and configurationYes
Joomla extensions: Components, Modules, Plugins Yes
Advanced article managerYes
JCE superb Joomla web page editor (WYSIWYG)Yes
Back end WYSIWYG text view (default)Yes
Back end WYSIWYG code view (single click option)Yes
Joomla K2 Content Construction Kit (CCK)Yes
Installation and basic configuration of Joomla K2 Content Construction Kit (CCK)Yes
Switch between text view and code view easilyYes
Edit web pages in full browser page viewYes
Easily switch between full page view and normal viewYes
Joomla website backup ComponentYes
Website backup to multiple locationsYes
High level of website security appliedYes
ReCaptcha web form anti-spam protectionYes
Slider web form anti-spam protection from GreatJoomlaYes
Hide Joomla versionYes
Secure full SSL certificate, 12-months (renewable) Yes
Google-style 2-Step Authentication ProtectionYes
Back-link to InternetTIPS.comYes
Better performance and security with rel="noopener"Yes
Web page editor content spell checkerYes
Hide all unnecessary buttons in web page editorYes
Automatically updating copyright dateYes
IE 6.0 / IE 7.0 warning notice available if requiredYes
Font Resizer Front EndYes
Top, bottom, left side, and right side sliding panels availableYes
Can responsive web design be switched offYes
Change default Super Admin IDYes
Email Page linksYes
Right-to-Left language supportYes
Enhanced template adminYes
Access to over 600 possible web font stylesYes
Available for Joomla v2.5.xx, v3.xx, and later versionsYes
Advanced template optionsYes
Easier Joomla updating Yes
Flexible grid layout Yes
Advanced code compression with JBootstrap Yes
Access to extensive library of custom code Shortcodes (smart shortcuts) Yes
Website framework that is easier to extend Yes
Sophisticated Modules grid system for advanced design layout optionsYes
Powerful website template managerYes
Simple rounded corners option for Modules Yes
Easy way to add custom JavaScript code Yes
Option to add new Modules Yes
Elite Responsive 9095d Joomla template branded to client domain name Yes
Logo updated to match client domain nameYes
Logo slogan updated to match client preferred sloganYes
Web browser Favicon branding for websiteYes
12 start-off hand-picked high quality photo stock images from Yes
Create all key website image variants of 12 start-off imagesYes
Additional images client provided, or after website handover Yes
High quality custom credit card icons Yes
Lightweight web graphics, search engine optimizedYes
Website branded Add to Cart button Yes
Back to top of page link Yes
Smooth scroll AvailableYes
Content uploading (fonts, header, text formatting) all 90 pages in this package Yes
Unpublish / hide pages that are not yet ready to go liveYes
WYSIWYG content editorYes
Write in MarkdownYes
Contact form configuration Yes
Log In / Log Out website form Yes
User Profile website form Yes
Lost Username website form Yes
Password Reset website form Yes
Blog Comments website form Yes
Articles Comments website form Yes
Keywords and key phrases considered Yes
Correctly applied search engine optimized content page headings (H1, H2, H3, etc) Yes
H1 heading for first heading for all relevant content pages Yes
Meta Descriptions for all relevant website pages  Yes
Correct code applied for images  Yes
Image alt tags Yes
User Profile module with author photo bioYes
Facebook Meta tagsYes
Range of schema tags microdata automatically inserted (
Website loading speed optimizationYes
Superb website compressionYes
Search engine optimized URLsYes
301 Redirects Up to 5 includedYes
XML sitemap generatorYes
User sitemap creation and implementationYes
Domain Redirect OptimizationYes
Google Analytics script analysis, generation and installation Yes
Google Webmaster script generation and installation Yes
Web browser compatibility check Yes
RSS article integrationYes
Latest blog articles links Yes
Related blog articles links Yes
More in This Category links Yes
Up to 20 K2 topic tags (for tag cloud / topics cloud)Yes
Article Categories links Module Yes
More Articles Module (right side)Yes
Content archivingYes
Cookie Control Module (UK / EU clients)Yes
Blog Ping Plugin Yes
Rich Snippets Vote PluginYes
Google Canonical tag automatic systemYes
Google site verificationYes
Google sitemap submissionYes
Noscript Code display (accessibility enhancement)Yes
Proven website code compression systemYes
Embed H1 HTML code into website logoYes
Twitter Card ModuleYes
Robots.txt fileYes
Htaccess fileYes
Print Page linksYes
Google Authorship tagsYes
Mobile responsive web designYes
iPhone compatibleYes
iPad compatible Yes
Blackberry compatible Yes
Other primary smart phones and tablet computers compatibleYes
Insert videos into content pages easily (single line)Yes
Insert YouTube videos easily (single line)Yes
Insert own hosted videos easily (single line)Yes
Display videos in Responsive web design modeYes
MP3 audio playerYes
Create and insert tables using WYSIWYG editorYes
Multiple smart data table styles available (this is one example)Yes
Link to other web pages in website easily (on-site)Yes
Link to specific location on other web page easily (on-site)Yes
Link content pages to menus easilyYes
Link to web pages outside of website easily (off-site)Yes
Link to specific location on other web pages easily (off-site)Yes
Link to PDFs or other files easilyYes
Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) Yes
Other popular social media icons and linksYes
Facebook Timeline graphic created from our range of designsYes
Twitter Header graphic created from our range of designsYes
Twitter Background graphic from our range of designsYes
Suitable business web hosting plans available $9 — $25 / month Yes
Green / environmentally friendly web hosting Yes
Includes CloudFlare Content Delivery Network, Standard optionYes
Includes automatic backup by web host Yes
US server option Yes
UK server option Yes
A price that reflects website build qualityYes
Estimated website completion timescale: 2 — 3 weeksYes
10 hours start-off consultancy and training by Skype or email.Yes
OPTIONAL EXTRAS AVAILABLE (Please ask for details and prices)Yes
New custom logo and sloganYes
Exact requirement custom brand colorsYes
Additional training as requiredYes
Home page slide show images Up to 20 slides.Yes
Additional image licenses available to purchaseYes
Custom web formsYes
Cloud web hostingYes
Ongoing website supportYes
Monthly website maintenance update optionYes
Quarterly website maintenance update optionYes
Annual website maintenance update option Yes
Custom consulting with Brian AustinYes
Email and newsletter delivery through Mandrill.comYes
Shopping CartYes
Discussion ForumYes
Website ChatYes
Other requirements?Contact Us

You're Almost There

If you're reading down this far, looks like you're serious about wanting to build a fantastic website: congratulations! You're right on track. While you don't always need to know the technical details, it's nice to get an idea of why Responsive 9095d sites are so good at what they are designed to do.

While of course, cheaper options are always available elsewhere, as a savvy business owner or buyer, perhaps you already know that in your heart of hearts, if we want truly effective, flexible, technical solutions for today's challenging web, we get what we pay for.

Yet even so, sometimes, surprises are almost guaranteed! Occasionally, prices can be lower than you might expect for such a "power horse". That's why I'm pleased to be able to make the initial offer below.

How To Request Brian And Team To Get Started On Your Project

Even if you click the getting started button below, your order is not definitely accepted until we talk about your project, by email or Skype. Why: I don't want to accept your money, until I am sure that a Responsive 9095d website is the right solution for you.

As a result of our introduction email or talk, if we're a good fit, I will gladly work with you to create your new Responsive 9095d website soon. At that point, your order will be confirmed at the price we agree upon.

Plus of course, if your order goes through, you have locked us into our price promise to you on this page and our commitment to deliver in a timely manner.

So with your confirmed order, you'll get your world class website with all the features and benefits listed above, when you order through our secure online invoicing service.

If you're serious about getting a superb website fit for the today's incredibly challenging web, I recommend that you contact me now.

So don't hesitate: contact me today, tell me about your project, your dream, your plans, and with 2 working days, I'll get back to you with a response, an answer — and hopefully, a price and and timeline plan to build your website soon.

A Lower Cost "Next Generation Static Website" Can Deliver High Performance, Strong Security

What if you don't need all of the features of a full website content management system above? No problem. We can create a lower cost "static website" custom solution just for you.

Static "Next Generation" Websites, No Database Needed.
A static website (no WordPress, no Joomla, no Drupal, etc.)Yes
This new kind of "next generation website engine" offers many of the features listed aboveYes
Mobile friendly, responsive designYes
Has no online database, so is much more secure "out of the box", especially when rethinking your General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)Yes
Includes Google AMP website version, regenerated automatically "on-the-fly"Yes
High website accessibility scores (test this website)Yes
Includes social media features Yes 
Includes many other features and benefitsYes
Static websites like this one, usually display web pages much faster than a typical Joomla or WordPress websiteYes
Customised additional website security features built into htaccess fileYes
Content Security Policy customised for your domain name (even greater security)Yes
Feature Policy (greater security)Yes
 Please ask for details and pricesContact Brian

Which Is Best: Static Website or Web Content Management System?

Depending on your requirements, a website built with a web content management system, like Joomla and WordPress can offer a good solution.

However, times are changing. That's why often, a static website may offer a better choice.

Choosing your best website generator is crucial. We can help you determine what is best to meet your needs.

Let's talk. You just might be surprised.

Here's how you can help us get back to you.

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