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During the course of our day to day business activities, we have discovered many valuable websites — and even helped build, contribute to, and maintain some of them. A small number of general featured links are included below. is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. In no particular order, the links below contain a small sample of interesting related websites we have discovered:

A remarkable range of photos and graphics! You may not even need to pay for licensed content or provide a link back to, however, do check their rules of use.

A big thank you to all photographers and graphic artists that supply and similar websites.

These wonderful sources help savvy and generous providers supply source material for website builders and anyone who wants to create an outstanding graphical project. If this is the future, the future is here right now. Please support and other such generous providers whenever you can.

Another example of a savvy individual who has set up a quick and easy online shop helping customers find SIM packs for mobile phone users in the UK. At, you can find SIM packs for a wide range of network providers including: 3 Network, Asda, Lebara, Lycamobile, Nomi, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Talk Mobile, Tesco, Virgin and Vodafone. What's more, you can learn all about SIM cards from their "SIM Facts" section. Why not check out and maybe catch a bargain at the same time?

Dolphin Lifts Kent are approved suppliers of stairlifts, home lifts, steplifts and a wide range of mobility aids and serve the Kent area, UK. They help customers provide enhanced mobility solutions range of dedicated mobility manufacturers, including: Stannah, Minivator, Freelift, MediTek, Wessex, Pollock, Bison Bede, and HomeAdapt UK.

Nassau Guidance and Counseling Centers

From, "Help When You Need It — Personalized Solutions That Relieve, Solve & Enrich!". Heartfelt counseling and psychotherapy services for the Long Island and New York areas of USA. Covers areas such as: marriage, couples, family, grief, general counseling, guidance and therapy.

The Society of Authors

Provides practical help, advice and information. The Society of Authors has been serving the interests of professional writers for more than a century. Today it has more than 8,000 members writing in all areas of the profession. Highly recommended (your editor/webmaster is a Member so is understandably somewhat biased). 

Copy protection for your website.

New York English Academy

Our curriculum encourages students to improve spoken English through a monologue method, which involves a lot of speaking and talking with each other and instructors.


A comprehensive directory of U.S. universities and colleges. Includes information about admissions, athletic programs, financial aid and student loans.

Strategic Marketing Advisors (SMA) 

Access Fortune 500 strategic marketer?s knowledge, know-how, insights and experience — without breaking your budget. SMA can help take your business from ordinary to extraordinary! Discover the real reason why success is in the Plan.

Touchstone Renard Management Consultants

Corporate Strategy Business Management Consultants. Leading broad-based corporate management consulting practice. Substantial track record of supporting private and public sector organizations. Hundreds of successfully completed assignments.

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