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Economic stresses and strains meant that 2011 and 2012 were especially tough years for many people and businesses. Our politicians told us; we now know what banks around the world have done to us. We may have thought we felt a storm coming in our bones. However, not necessarily dear reader ...

... sometimes, we can thrive even in chaotic times! What I'm about to share with you below, relates to a new way to master Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, which for some savvy people, helped make their 2011 a brighter, more prosperous, and simply better year!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Group Training By Webinar

One of most useful skills or tools a small (or large) business or individual can have in today is: PPC advertising — or more formally — Pay Per Click advertising.

PPC advertising is much misunderstood — and that's the problem: too many people are using PPC advertising incorrectly; no wonder so many are disappointed.

Yet, just like learning how to ride a bike, drive a car, or learn a different language, with the right coaching, teaching, plus a little application and practice, you really can master the ever growing, important skill of PPC advertising, using one of the best ways available today: webinars and online teaching using VAT web pages: Video, Audio, Text.

When times are tough, those with much-needed skills, can help deal with financial storms better.

But we need to develop the right kinds of abilities.

Sure, I'm thinking of a particular set of capabilities, that you can now master more easily, online, when you want.

The rest of the blog entry below refers to the 2011 Accelerated Pay-Per-Click Mastery Program. The program may also run again in future years.

Only 250 places at 2011 Pay Per Click Advertising Webinar-based Training Program

Depending on who you are what you want out life, I think our new solution below, could make your 2011, an especially abundant year.

You see, when economic recessions and depression strike, not everyone loses.

Those that win, tend to spot good opportunities, take some time to evaluate and consider, then take considered action.

Stay with me a little longer, and that could be you.

How You Can Make Your 2011 a Great Year to Remember

As I write this blog entry, I wanted to let you know about our offer below before we officially re-launch on April 19, 2011 — and that time will go quicker than we might imagine.

In January, we launched a new website that seeks to address a big problem that most small business website owners have: how to get your message in front of people who could benefit from what you create or sell.

The Problem In a Single Sentence

Getting listed higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, is getting harder. Today, you need to put in place a lot of key things if you want your website to score well in the search engines. However, there's also a short-cut.

A New Solution with Great Benefits: a Remarkable Up to Date 6-Week Webinar — A Great Easy Online Training Option

Of course, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising — such as Google AdWords — can put your message in front of your potential buyers within minutes or hours.

The only problem however, is that to avoid paying too much for your PPC ads — or wasting a lot of time and money — you would be wise to get know how to use PPC advertising first. That's often difficult to do on your own.

And more to the point, who can you really trust? There's a lot of nonsense and mis-information making its way around the Internet on topics like PPC advertising, search engine optimization, and so on. We think we can do better and we're going to prove it.

Starting April 19 (amended), our new 6-week webinar at with top PPC expert Mary Scarborough will teach you in just 6 weeks how to master PPC or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising!

Only 250 places at 2011 Pay Per Click Advertising Webinar-based Training Program

What's more, even if you don't have a business right now, or a website, you could still learn the art and science of PPC advertising from Mary Scarborough. And with some additional training and coaching, you could even start your own PPC training web business! And that's a great benefit, especially, if you're an employee and your job security is not what it used to be.

So why not? You can become a thriving, prosperous, online Pay Per Click (PPC) entrepreneur before the year is out, working your own hours, with just a PC, or iPad-type device, from anywhere that has a standard basic Internet connection. It's a little like a modern version of "The Writer's Life".

There is one drawback: we only have space for 250 decisive, lucky, or proactive individuals, so I urge you to check out now.

Free Software, Recorded Webinars, Videos, More Key Software Applications, PDFs, Downloads, Handouts, and Member Area Discussion Forum

Right now, you can receive 2 remarkable software applications, free with our thanks, just for taking the time to check out

And for those of you who decide to sign up for Mary's remarkable webinar training course, in addition to the wealth of hard won information, tips, techniques, strategies and short-cuts you can learn from Mary, you'll also receive a total of 6 key software tools as part of your Webinar training course.

Remember, our live weekly webinar sessions, that include questions and answers in real time, are recorded and soon after, we'll upload each webinar to the member area of, so if you can't make the live webinars, don't worry, you can watch the webinar videos at any time you want, in the comfort of your home or office.

3 PPC Training Videos, Yours to Watch Free

You can check out our first free PPC "taster" video introduction at:

Even better, Mary has generously created 3 more PPC videos, that you can access during the next few days. We like drama, so:

  • On Monday, March 7, 2011, we'll make the updated version of:
    Video 1 — "What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising & Why Should You Care?" — available.
  • On Tuesday, March 8, 2011, you can check out the updated version of:
    Video 2 — "How to Avoid Losing Your Shirt Using Google AdWords"
  • And on Wednesday, Mary 9, 2011, the updated version of:
    Video 3 — "Answers to Your Most Pressing PPC Questions", will be published online available to all at

We have a helpdesk, discussion forum and member area, so you need never feel isolated.

Remember, we only have space for 250 people in the webinars, so I implore you, invite you, and entreat you, to check out our free You may just make one of your best, smartest, and most profitable decisions this year.

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