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Are you a 25–35 year old woman working towards transforming the planet? And, interested in accelerating your personal and professional development?The Coaching Fellowship, an international community of coaches is providing 50 professional coaching positions at massively reduced to rate to young women who are making a difference in the world.

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Every Now And Then You Can Experience A Seed Moment

Sometimes, nice things that we don't expect can come along into our lives can't they? The same can happen with events too — a timely interaction; a serendipitous minute. These little magic "fire-starters" are also what I like to refer to as "seed moments".

What's a seed moment? It's any and all of the following, and more:

  • A little chunk of what's possible.
  • A potential turning point in your life.
  • A personal discovery not yet fully realized.
  • A thought seed planted in the garden of your mind.
  • An idea that seems to sparkle like a diamond glittering in the desert sun.
  • A quiet voice that sings an attractive, different tune. You hear that melody above all of the background noise of your life.

Seed moments may seem small and irrelevant when they happen. Most of the time, we are so busy living our lives that we can miss enormous opportunities that can suddenly open up into our lives. So we rush on by, and let another opportunity slip away. 

Or, Is Today The Day You Just Pause, Then Pay Attention, Then Wonder, Then Take Action, Reclaim Your True Power?

So that in time, transform lives — yours and many other people to whom you come into contact. At age 25 — 35, you have so much potential, so much possibility. Think about what you can do, what you can become, with ongoing help from those remarkable, talented people at the Coaching Fellowship who have helped so many others before you.

That's why, right now, you are experiencing a seed moment!

What will you do?

When first interacting with astonishing offers like the one above from The Coaching Fellowship, perhaps many young women may say things like:

  • "Yes, but, I'm not ready for something like this". Or ...
  • "It's a program for other people, not me". Or ...
  • "I don't have the right qualifications for something like that".
  • "I would love to, but ... [fill in the blanks here]".
  • And so on.

An idea: I suggest, none of us are really (truly) "ready" for anything are we? So don't let the (false) fear of "What if ..." concern you. The answer to every change, in dealing with every hurdle, is always: step by step, we can learn.

Everything simple and complex can be broken down into little steps. We already take thousands of steps every day in a variety of different ways, and that doesn't include the number of thoughts that occupy our minds.

Now, you can take one more step that is different to the way you may normally think and act, and as a result, potentially open yourself to a new, better life: your life, not living on someone else's terms.

Sure, I don't know you; everyone's life is so different, so unique, but respectfully, may I suggest there is a single, valid response to all of those objections listed above: surely, you can't know the true answer unless you find out first. And what can you lose, at most? A visit to a web page, an email: these things are easy. Yes you can.

Key tip: sometimes, we can be too close to our own selves to see clearly. Sometimes, someone else can see us for who we really are, who we want to become, and who we can be, with the right coaching. You don't need to do everything on your own. Tribes, small groups of people can do so much better. You can too.

Start a conversation today with the nice folks at, and you may just find out who you really are.

You may never know what might have been if you don't respond to your seed moment today. The time to take great actions is always now.

To take a chance, learn more, and apply to:

PS: more from Brian: many years ago, I reacted to a "seed moment". I simply followed up on an opportunity that came my way. I hadn't initiated any action. I hadn't planned what would happen next: I simply had no idea.

However, I followed up and took a seed action. Over the coming years, I wrote and published 15 books, achieved accolades I never expected, have built many websites for clients, and enjoy a lifestyle that is imbued with helping others.

The key word is: leverage. I learned to leverage one little success on top of another, and just like a snowball gets bigger as you roll it down the hill, that's how you too can leverage what you're reading on this page today.

This is such great fun, full of constant benefits to you, and people you work with. Never underestimate the kindness of strangers you'll never meet. So why wait: start your own seed moment today with

PPS: full disclosure: this is not an affiliate page and I am not being compensated for anything I write here. I just reserve the right to tell you about really, really good ideas when I discover them. Today is one of those occasions: a seed moment. Make it yours.

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