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Usually, on or around the first day of every new year, if you have one or more Joomla-powered websites, you would be wise to update the copyright statement date to the new year. However, copyright updating can become a tedious though necessary task.

Moreover, if you have multiple websites to consider, then this one seemingly simple chore can soon turn into a time-consuming routine. For small business people especially, your time is arguably better used elsewhere. So, here's a quick fix.

With just a simple line of website code, here's a quick way that you can ensure your website copyright date automatically updates itself at the start of every new year, leaving you free to focus on more profitable activities — like earning a living, creating value, serving customers and clients, having more fun and generally creating a richer, more engaging quality of life.

In this short training tutorial, we'll use our own Joomla-powered website here at as an example, that was active at the time of writing this article, to help illustrate how to make the update.

A few words of caution: before attempting to carry out changes like those illustrated below, do ensure that you have an up to date website backup available that is easily accessible to you.

Also, do be aware of some risks:

  • Often computer or website code is often not tolorant to any errors. Even a single error can bring a website down or prevent a computer program from working.
  • Though some errors may be tolorated and may seem like there are no bad effects. Always best to fix errors immediately.
  • If you do make an error, sometimes, if you're lucky, your change simply won't work or show any other obvious effects. That doesn't mean there are no effects.
  • Since we are working on website code, any changes made must therefore must have already been tested, be precise and accurate when applied

Step 1: Identify Where Your Website Copyright Date is Located

Here at, we have chosen to display a copyright statement and associated date toward the bottom of every website page. Because we're using the Joomla Web Content Management System (CMS), we need only add the line of code once to the web design template, to ensures that the copyright message displays automatically on every page.

Before we carried out the update outlined in this article, the website HTML code that displayed the copyright statement and date is shown below:

Copyright © 1998 —  All rights reserved.

However, using this method, the date or date range is still required to be updated manually. So let's explore how we can add a single line of code to have the website automatically update itself every year.

Step 2: Adding the Code to Automatically Update Your Website Copyright Date

Using our example above, instead of using:

Copyright © 1998 — 2018 All rights reserved.

... we would edit the line of code in our web design template to read:


When the web design template is saved and then the result viewed on the live website, we would see:

Copyright © 1998 — 2018 All rights reserved.

Thereafter, on the first day of a new year, the current year automatically changes to whatever the new current year is.

Although little seems to have changed, in practice, when installed correctly, thereafter, your website will update the copyright year date for you.

To see the latest changes on your website, you may also need to choose your web browser "Refresh" or "Reload" command or button, to force the web page to display the latest version of the page you're viewing.

In addition, if you wish, you can add your own name or website domain name or even both, extend your all rights to worldwide, and polish the text further. Here's a finished practical example:

Copyright © 1998 — 2018  Brian Austin. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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