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Vision, Values, And Our Pledge To You

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On this page, we explore why we think guiding principles are a good idea. We'll quite openly expose our underbelly (not literally I hope :-) Here, a "line is drawn in the sand" behind which we "bear our soul."

These are not empty words, nor are they serious, inflexible mantras. Rather here we outline our aspirations and through the act of writing, occasionally remind ourselves of what is really important and what we want to become.

We may not reach all of our goals below, however, rest assured, we're having great fun on the journey.

Through InternetTIPS.com, we have a key broadly defined goal, identified collectively into four focused aims. To:

  • Directly and interactively touch the hearts and minds of at least 5,000 people from around the globe. Not a massive goal; nor a small one, yet is sufficient to keep us focused, busy and alert.
  • Share proven strategies with those to whom we come into contact about what we've learned on how to enjoy increased health, wealth, wisdom and happiness, writing and publishing on the web and creating a fun and profitable Internet business website.
  • Never miss an opportunity to Invite these amazing people to join as full members of the InternetTIPS.com.
  • Continually seek out new ways to add value to what we do.

How Will We Achieve These Aims?

Here, the answer is simple, yet challenging. We'll provide a unique, quality-driven, focused solutions service; one that is rich in the use of "English", includes comprehensive explanations, training, teaching and tutorials using text, sound and video.

The service is available to anyone who has access to the Web, at an affordable price and especially designed to help members discover any or all of the following:

  • Experience, savor and enjoy more personal freedom (it's not all just about work :-).
  • How to really take back control of how each day is spent.
  • Build better health with less stress.
  • Earn more money without breaking your life and ruining personal relationships.
  • Discover new, rewarding career options for members who still wish to remain employees or those who want to explore a range of exciting job options.
  • Reveal, build and nurture hidden and previously dormant talents.
  • Spend more "quality time" with family and loved ones.
  • Say "Yes!" to the excitement and wonder that the digital life can offer today!
  • Appreciate that by sharing and helping others, anyone can become a "people magnet".
  • Commit to the simple idea that the best is yet to come — then make it so.

The InternetTIPS.com creed: values and highest aspirations that make it all worthwhile

Most people would probably agree, extra income is usually welcome. High earnings can change lives. But we think — not at any price. To stay productive for the mid- to long-term, we think individuals need more. Here's our list. What's yours?

  • Create inspired products and services of the highest quality possible that our clients need and love.
  • Help people discover their hidden talents and skills.
  • Do all we can each day to help customers and colleagues succeed, exceed and grow to new heights.
  • Help as many people as possible become debt-free, and therefore, live life in true freedom.
  • Communicate clearly, honestly, directly and positively to all with whom we come into contact.
  • Share great ideas.
  • Help our Members and clients discover the real truth: that most everyone is smarter than they might think.
  • Treat all for whom we come into contact with dignity, honesty and respect.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of trust and serve customers properly.
  • Encourage personal success and advancement and acknowledge achievement.
  • Be friendly and kind.
  • Commit to being the best that we can be.
  • Do the right thing, and do things right.
  • Do what we say we will do.
  • Be focused and driven; yet still have a heart.
  • Create a work environment bristling with positive energy.
  • Promote professionalism without stoicism.
  • Make challenges fun.
  • Be responsible and flexible.
  • If we make a mistake, we will do our best to correct our error as soon as possible.
  • Appreciate that teamwork is good.
  • Finish the job.
  • Think big if it feels right.
  • Think small if it feels right.
  • Have fun and don't take ourselves too seriously.
  • Realize that — at least for today, we're not superhuman — yet :-)
  • Occasionally, we're going to shake things up — in a good way.
  • Strive to meet our financial goals.
  • Discover and experience the sheer fun and medicinal value of sometimes, just doing crazy things for the joy of it.
  • We support the Business Ethics Pledge below:

"I pledge allegiance, in my heart and soul, to the concepts of honesty, integrity, and quality in business.

I recognize that the cornerstone of success is treating all stakeholders fairly, with compassion, and with a commitment to service.

Working from abundance, I recognize that even my competitors can become important allies.

I will not tolerate crooked practices in my business, from co-workers, direct or indirect reports, supervisors, managers, suppliers, or anyone else — and if I encounter such practices, I will refuse to go along with them and report them to appropriate authorities within and outside the company.

I pledge to support the 'triple bottom line' of environmental, social, and financial responsibility.

And I pledge to participate in a serious effort to focus the business community on these principles, by sharing this message with at least 100 other business leaders.

Update August 28, 2018

While we still practise the InternetTIPS.com creed, we have still not yet managed to meet our core 5000-member goal outlined above. Here's why.

Many years ago, I remember fondly writing, meaning, and intending our 5,000 target above. For a while, we were on our way, but hurdles, pullbacks, drawbacks, are ever present that hamper progress.

I underestimated how impatient many folks are. Some simply would not or could do the steps. Yet the world, the Internet, and the web were so different in those days gone by. Everything seemed easier.

For today however:

  • Helping anyone is not so easy.
  • Lots of folks have been beguiled and transfixed by free and low-cost website creators.
  • The web is more complex.
  • Online threats are more present.
  • Business and legal demands are ... more demanding (GDPR, etc).
  • Life is more complicated.
  • Costs are rising.
  • Competition is increasing.
  • Most everyone likes the idea of free or ever lower prices. Yet there are costs we must meet.
  • Perhaps even fewer folks understand the value of an investment in creating their own website. Everything of value has a cost.

So we battle these difficulties, challenges, extremes.

Yet we wonder, where are the dreamers of yesterday, the doers, the risk-takers, the battlers of political nonsense? Of course, they're still there: some even watching and waiting in the shadows.

Surprisingly, for growing numbers of people, even with the increased complexity, today probably offers a better business environment for building a web-based business than was possible in previous years, once you have the key parts in place.

However, getting the basics right, from the outset, is more important than ever.

Positive attention is harder to get today, without spending thousands on publicity. Also, so many people seem gripped or even paralysed by fear, uncertainty, doubt (FUD), or the desire to create or maintain minimal risk or risk-free, "safe" pathways through their lives. As a result, so many more today, seem to be constantly pushed around by changing circumstances like cattle being rounded up for ... something.  

Your editor, has spent years dealing with one technical challenge after another. Yours truly has, grown older, wiser, even more relaxed. Today, we don't have as much energy, drive, or even desire to chase the big dreams, as we did perhaps during all those heady days in the past.

However, we may yet still meet our original goals. The party is not over. Or, who knows, we may pass on our ideas and visions to someone younger, with more fire in their veins. The next generation is beckoning.

We'll see what happens.

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