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Why You Really Do Need An Invisible Website Today

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You could be forgiven for wondering what's the point of an invisible website. After all, websites are for people, yes? And no-one sells anything unless people see your website, you might reasonably say. However, keep reading to discover how invisible has a special power.

What is an invisible website? And why do you need one? Let's answer those questions below.

Every Website Has At Least Two Faces

Your website has:

  • A visible face: pictures, text, videos, audio, products to buy, downloads, etc., and ...
  • An invisible face.

What I mean by an "invisible website face" is one that is essentially concealed or undetectable to most of the general public through normal website usage. Not deliberately hidden, just a face that is not so relevant to most people using the web in a general way.

But Who Will Take Notice Of An "Invisible" Website?

If something seems "invisible" we can imagine it is therefore not so relevant. Yet invisible things are sometimes crucial. Consider electricity, we can't really see electricity, but when under human control, its effects are amazing, essential, wonderful: we have civilisation.

In a similar way, here's a surprise: if your "invisible" website face is performing well, the great general public can detect the differences between an average or poor performing website and one that delivers high results.

How so: search engines, bots, and other important detectors also focus on your website's invisible "face" and react to what they find.

So if you care about an invisible bot near you, these friendly bots can help your website be better understood, and avoid or even prevent your website from getting misinterpreted.

That's why in today's highly competitive web, your website's invisible face is more important than what most people see from your website's normal, visible face.

On The Journey To Fix Poor Performing Websites

Most inexperienced users focus on how a website looks — to them. I get it. This is understandable. However, it's completely the wrong approach, which might also help explain why most websites don't win for their providers.

This page explores how to fix that problem.

Think about why most websites don't succeed. A "great" website might include:

  • A beautiful design (at first glance).
  • Interesting, compelling text. A message that seems good.
  • Maybe lots of wonderful pictures.
  • Perhaps videos, even audio podcasts.
  • Easy ways to buy items.

And more, possibly much more.

Yet, the "promised" hoards of visitors, customers, buyers don't come. Where are they?

Sound familiar?

Let me save you some time: get the fundamentals right before everything else. How: focus on four key areas BEFORE you even start web marketing, promotion, publicity.

Focus on:

  • Website Performance scores (ours = 99/100).
  • Accessibility scores (ours = 100/100).
  • Best Practices scores (ours = 100/100).
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) scores (ours = 100/100).

Handy tip: if you're not getting a Google / Lighthouse scores of at least 95 out of 100, I recommend you fix those problems first. Otherwise, no matter how fast you run, your targets and goals may seem to always stay ahead of you.

Don't worry if you don't understand what Google / Lighthouse scores are, or how to measure them: we can do that for you.

In addition, to prove what I'm suggesting to you, at any time, you can verify our scores — and please let us know if you think we're slipping.

If you can't do the steps to get the scores above, then of course speak to a competent website developer experienced in those four key areas:

  • SEO.
  • Web accessibility.
  • Best practices, and ...
  • High website performance.

Then, and only then, work on your website publicity, marketing, promotion, social media, and more.

How To Get Your Website Fit For Purpose

The web has changed — again.

Today, unless you already have an established worldwide brand or "household name", or you have lots of spare cash to spend on web advertising:

  • Good website performance and fast loading speed scores alone are not enough.
  • Great accessibility scores alone are not enough.
  • Using website best practices alone is not enough.
  • Search engine optimisation alone is not enough.

However, here's where the magic can happen. When you put those four wonderful goals above together, you have a mobile-friendly, accessible website, and your scores reach above +95, you're on the right track.

Still, when you get Google / Lighthouse scores of at least 95 for each of the above key areas, excellent:  you're almost ready to start website promotion, marketing, publicity, to make your website work well.

Why would you bother building your website in this sequence?

Here's the short "non-techy" answer. Let me use an analogy. if you were building a house, one of the first things we would do is: get the foundation right, yes? We wouldn't build our house, then later, think about whether we have a solid base.

So why do so many do exactly that when creating a website? The simple answer is, they don't know any better, and why should non-technical folks be expected to know about these areas?

If you're read this far, in just a few sentences, you understand more about what is needed to win better on the web today. Congratulations.

When done with skill and delicate finesse this "invisible face" of your website is crystal clear to:

  • To search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and more.
  • To the mobile web.
  • To people with sight or physical differences all around the world, and ...
  • To geeks and suitably skilled technical folk who understand and care about how high performance websites are made and work.

The Key Is To Do The Work Right And To Do It Well

In addition, do the work with as much detail as is required, to be informed, to complete a job well done. Sounds good, simple even, and the work feels like it's artistic more than technical. However, as you might imagine, some special work needed.

If you don't have a high performance invisible website, the part of your website that is visible to most people will almost certainly:

  • Underperform.
  • Be slow to load.
  • Be insecure.
  • Run below par.
  • Lack essential protection.
  • Be built using low skilled "building blocks".
  • Be unfit for today's demanding web.

A web content management system is not enough. You need more.

A great website theme is not enough. You need more.

Free websites are certainly not enough (why do you think they're free?). You really do deserve more.

The answer, the solution is to choose differently. Think differently. You need:

  • The right website builder software.
  • Access to the right skills.

That's it. There is no other short-cut.

People matter. Your website construction details matter. Search engines matter too. Create a website that is easily and quickly understood by search engines, and we can help our own efforts too.  

When you think about your website's visible face AND it's invisible face too, both at the same time, you're being considerate to people, search engines, bots, AI scanners, and all the other important detectors.

Yes, "users" of our websites today really are both human and software. We have people, bots or scanners, and even friendly artificial Intelligence "robots".

There will be more varieties interacting with our websites in the coming years. If you get your website updated now, you'll be well positioned to serve your visitors, customers, clients today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Remember also, when we serve better all of the important "users" of our websites, we're rewarding ourselves too, by delivering better results.

So please don't forget: your "invisible" website really is just as important as your visible site.

Even better, getting this essential work done can be an affordable investment.

Want to join me at the top? Then let's talk.

How We Can Help You Too

There has probably never been a better time to have your own outstanding website, for businesses, organisations, and individuals.

Our regular clients and customers know all about how we build high performance websites enhanced with engaging, persausive content. Would you too like a web site built for today's web? A website that is:

  • Secure.
  • Super-fast loading.
  • People-focused.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Accessible.
  • Truly search-engine-optimised.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) friendly.

We can also write high quality, carefully researched articles for your website too. Whether your want text, graphics, videos, podcasts, ecommerce, downloads, and more, we can probably help.

What's more, we can demonstrate and prove what we claim.

Sound good? Then let's talk. To get started, please complete the form below:




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