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Publisher 2000 in Easy Steps

Photo of book review by Computer Active magazine of (Microsoft) Publisher 2000 in easy steps by Brian AustinBook Review By ComputerActive magazine: Publisher 2000 In Easy Steps, as reviewed by ComputerActive magazine Issue 56, page 77, April 6 — 19, 2000 Computeractive. "Publisher 2000 is the popular desktop publishing software from Microsoft.

"Publisher 2000 in easy steps is a handy reference guide for users of this popular desktop publishing package. The guide begins by introducing the reader to Publisher 2000 and its opening screen. It then shows how to start a new publication, and use Design Sets and Frames.

"Covering the more basic features first, the reader is gently guided through working with text and graphic objects, including resizing and rotating objects, drawing simple shapes and working with words. Further areas covered include; advanced text features such as text frame margins and WordArt; mail merge; and working with tables, pictures and pages.

"A chapter is dedicated to page design, and guidance is provided on checking, previewing, printing and emailing a publication. Finally the author discusses how to create a compelling Web site. Assuming no prior knowledge, this book is ideal for all users. Whether a novice to DTP or upgrading to Publisher 2000 from previous versions or a different DTP package, Publisher 2000 in easy steps will teach the reader all they need to know to use this software effectively.

"ISBN: 1-84078-061-4, version(s): 2000, price: £8.99, published: 1999, pages: 192. See also: Publisher in easy steps and Web Page Design in easy steps."

Reviewed by Computer Active magazine.

Publisher in Easy Steps

Publisher is a popular desktop publishing software from Microsoft. This title covers version 98. Publisher in easy steps begins by introducing the Publisher software, PageWizards, Publisher screen, using Undo and Redo, starting and opening a publication, using publication Design Sets, creating frames, saving publications and closing Publisher.

Further areas covered include: Format Painter; moving, resizing and rotating objects; borders; working with shapes; entering text; changing alignment, spacing, frame margins; WordArt; mail merge; creating and using tables; placing, moving and copying a picture; and working with pages.

The guide explains how to plan page design, check and preview your work, print and e-mail a publication, and even create and design a Web page.

ISBN: 1-84078-012-6, version(s): all up to 98, price: £8.99. Pages: 192. See also: Publisher 2000 in easy steps.

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