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Three Ways to Thrive On the Web Today

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Lots of updates are happening on-line now, and the changes to come, mean that the web landscape is, I believe, indeed entering a new phase of rapid growth and development. We'll see how mobile phone technology and the web eventually become one. For example, we'll dial up websites directly from… And Why Passwords Must Die


Why are we all still using passwords to pass through software barriers? The obvious answer: passwords sort-of still work. Until they don't, or until we have bad experiences resulting from security attacks that make a mockery of password protections. However, exciting changes could be coming to your world sooner rather than… Cryptocurrency Domain Name

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Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), fin-tech and much more: all terms that especially from 2017 onwards, relate to an ever growing list of developments that have started to introduce profound changes to the world. A trend just getting started. Riding on this new technological Cambrian growth wave for…

Domain Names for Wealth Creators

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If you're new to domain names, I suggest, imagine that a domain name is the equivalent of a piece of undeveloped land, except, your "raw" virtual property is on the web. Even better, today, so much more is possible! Exciting times! I suggest, the time to start is: now. Getting…