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By Using Or Accessing This Website, You Are Agreeing To The Following Statements:

Any information provided on this website is for entertainment, educational, and illustration purposes only.

Since you are a unique individual with different qualities to anyone else, and since there is risk in any venture or undertaking, income or earnings that you may generate are unique to you, and are affected in part by the skills you master and the choices you may make.

You acknowledge that not everyone is suited to creating, running or managing an Internet business or Internet-dependent business. You accept that there is risk of success and / or failure when creating, running or managing an Internet business or Internet-dependent business. 

Any results, experience, or successes in the past cannot be taken as any assurance or indication of any amount of future income or earnings that you may or may not generate. Any income, earnings statements, projects or examples are only guesses that we consider you may have the potential to earn. You agree that you may not reach any income levels outlined in any income statements, and / or projections, and / or examples that may be provided on this website.

How much you may earn in any endeavour depends on many factors, therefore, we do not in any way imply, suggest, or guarantee that you will earn any money at all, or that you will not lose significant amounts of money if you rely on anything contained in this website.

You agree that businesses which depend on or use the Internet have risks and these risks are not known. As a guide to taking a decision that could affect your income or earnings, you acknowledge that there is unknown risk involved and that any results you may generate may not be the same or even reach average earnings or average income.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that you could lose money or make significant financial losses. Before using this website and / or acting on anything you may access from within this website, always evaluate what you read, see, or hear carefully. You should also consult a suitably qualified financial professional adviser, accountant, lawyer, or solicitor.

You agree that Brian Austin and / or SoftRight Services and / or is not responsible for your success or failure as a result of using this website in any way, and / or as a result of buying or investing in any products and / or services that we may make available or mention.

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