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Why Word Choices Can Make Such A Difference

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Good" writing isn't easy to do. To write persuasive, effective communications that helps create profitable outcomes for businesses is arguably harder still. Yet every writing challenge can be overcome. For every business or organisation, there is always a better way to communicate. So in a sense, I can understand why many folks…

The 11 Key Building Blocks Of English

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Some highly accomplished musicians can't read sheet music. Likewise, to write interesting, compelling articles and publications, a writer may not necessarily need to formally learn all of the rules of grammar. With sufficient practice, we can simply "get a feel" for the right way to say what we want to… And Why Passwords Must Die


Why are we all still using passwords to pass through software barriers? The obvious answer: passwords sort-of still work. Until they don't, or until we have bad experiences resulting from security attacks that make a mockery of password protections. However, exciting changes could be coming to your world sooner rather than…

GDPR Friendly Website Upgrade


Driven primarily by the European Union (EU), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a large-scale attempt to give users much greater privacy controls. Initially announced 2 years ago, to allow websites to fully prepare, the GDPR became law on May 25, 2018. Moreover, the GDPR is not "finished", rather GDPR…

Two More Fake Websites


To confirm, there is only one website, this one, written and created by me, Brian Austin. All other active versions that you may see online are fake and have no relationship with or me. That's why occasionally, here at, we like to poke around the web to…

Microdata Schema Tags For Your Joomla Website

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Smart, intuitive search engines, like those from Google, are constantly perfecting better ways to understand and define web pages more accurately. Microdata are special codes added to web pages that search engine software can use to gain deeper insights on what a web page is really about. Yet, at the…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 3

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This article is in 3 parts. Continued from Part 2. You're currently on page 3 of 3: You can create a basic, minimal Joomla web page in 4 simple steps: (1) add a title, (2) add some text, (3) choose a category, (4) save your page. However, this more detailed,…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 2

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This article is in 3 parts. Continued from Part 1. You're currently on page 2 of 3: Yes, of course, you can create a basic, minimal Joomla web page in only 4 simple steps: (1) add a web page title, (2) add your article text, (3) choose a category, (4)…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 1

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Today, creating great website content does not have to be hard or tortuous. Yet some work and application is called for. The tools that various providers have made available are stunning! In this mini training course, we explore how you can create website pages that serve both people and search…

The Future of the Book is in the Web Browser


Ebooks will die - eventually. Why? Hint: "All together or as a whole", is the theme. For now, look at the early web - that's today - including remarkable resources like,, and ebooks everywhere in multiple formats. Yet, let's imagine for a few minutes, what might happen to ebooks.

Find Your Blue Butterfly

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In addition to creating a great website design, I suggest that you find your "blue butterfly". So just what is a blue butterfly - apart from, a blue butterfly? In our imaginary scene, the "room" is also symbolic of your local area, your state, the country, the world - all connected…

How To Get On With Google - Maybe

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So with all the constant changes going on, just what is Google up to? No Idea? Nor does anyone else outside of Google. And that's a good thing. With that said, let's speculate; have some fun - or not depending on your viewpoint. There are three things that I am…

Website Security, Mobile, Social Media

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The world is changing! A simple statement that is both obvious, yet at the same time is undeniably true with deeper implications for people with websites! Online especially, the web changes much faster than the world at large. In this article, we explore 3 ways to make the web work…

Web Business Construct Number One

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The ChallengeHow to build a fun and profitable website when you have all the basics in place: domain name, web design, web Content Management System (CMS), sufficient content, and so on? Solution: focus on one customer, client, or website member at a time. Why? Every customer, client, or website member…