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Published Books From Author and Website Developer Brian Austin

These days, I spend most of my time working on website development projects. For authors, e-publishers and communicators, the web is probably the most powerful tool ever invented! Even though today is the time of ebooks, before e-publishing became mainstream, previously, I have written and had published a variety of books by both small and large, mainstream publishers.

From Early Beginnings To Changing Times

The entire arena of writing and publishing is a great teacher. Today, you can write an ebook and / or write a website using low stress and low cost tools and techniques.

Much of what I have learned, I can share within Below is a snapshot list containing details of some books I am grateful and thrilled to have written and had published in the past.

Yet what is more important than having feedback which demonstrates that many readers around the world have found these books easy to understand and offer good value for money?

Also included are links to some past book reviews and listings from The Sunday Times, PC Home magazine and ComputerActive magazine here in the UK.