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Below is a small sample of authentic testimonials and feedback gratefully received by clients, customers, readers, and users. Years ago, asking for testimonials was commonplace and acceptable.

However, imagine getting emailed or phoned regularly by strangers asking about someone you worked with? For the first 2 or 3 occasions, most reasonable people are happy to help. However, after the 10th time, your patience may have reached its limit.

Also, we live in an age of distrust, so many testimonials, social media "Likes", etc., are simply open to question. So today, I don't list so many updated testimonials.

As a pleasant surprise, I have discovered that is not a drawback: people can simply evaluate this website, check out my highly transparent profile all around the web.

Handy tip: yet another reason to develop an individual, content-filled website.


"After trying to go it alone and enduring many frustrating experiences with other developers, we hired Brian to work on our website template ... . Wow! What a difference!

He far exceeded our expectations in design and functionality; stayed in constant contact with us during the process; offered invaluable additional suggestions along the way; AND finished in record time!

There are good web developers and there are master web developers (the best) Brian fits in neither. He far surpasses the master level and remains in a league of his own! Five thumbs up!"

David Scarborough, Strategic Marketing Advisors, LLC Strategicmarketingadvisors.com


"The lightning fast and stellar levels of web design service provided by Brian Austin are a benchmark that other consultants can only aspire to." Dr J. L. Bowen. 101homebusiness.com


Amazon.uk 5-Star review

Amazon.co.uk book review: Web Page Design in Easy Steps, by Brian Austin. "Having spent the past month self-teaching myself Dreamweaver 4, I went through this book in two days.

Several questions that I had about elements of a web site that I am designing were answered in theory, but most importantly the book showed me how little I know and how much more there is to learn.

I think that one of the most important factors of this book was that it gives many suggestions to where you can find on-line help for more in-depth information regarding various web elements.

Overall it gives the reader an excellent in-depth understanding of the things a web site can do, with enough information to create a simple first project.

There are several references to basic HTML codes and JavaScript, so I highly recommend that you consider purchasing this book as well as you will need it."

Reviewer: euroaxis from Athens, Greece.


"I spent years being told by experts that I could not write — the sad thing was that I believed them — so I didn't write — not even letters. Then when I started to campaign I had no choice — I had to write — letters, press releases, newsletters even speeches.

Nobody complained and I even had letters back saying how much people liked my style. Throughout this period I enjoyed guidance and encouragement from Brian Austin.

Brian is without doubt a gifted writer and Webmaster and with unparalleled generosity. Thanks to help like Brian's I now design my own web sites and write many articles — and mostly I produce a fortnightly, 12-page online Newsletter that is read by up to 5000 people.

All this is largely due to the help I receive from Brian Austin. As we say in Cheshire — God bless his cotton socks!"

Philip Walker (CAADE UK Charity) CAADE.net/ and 45-65.com


Amazon.uk 5-Star review
Amazon.co.uk review

Amazon.co.uk book review: Web Page Design in easy steps, by Brian Austin. "Web Page Design, an awesome design tool ... . This book by Brian Austin is one of the best Internet design books I have read, don't be put off by the cheap price and easy steps name.

This will give anyone ideas for a site and planning, by using other real examples off the net to show how to present your site well and get ace results. I would say this book is essential to anyone designing a home page or a business page alike. 5 stars without a doubt!"

Reviewer: A reader from England.


"I've just got to write to tell you that all your advice over the past few weeks has been completely invaluable to me, and helped me to redefine the direction of my web business for the coming months, if not years.

I never expected in a million years to get the kind of help you've given me from someone who's both an established writer and expert in his field. Thank you!"

Steve Shaw, Takanomi.com

Amazon.uk 5-Star review
Amazon.co.uk review


Amazon.co.uk book Review: Web Page Design in easy steps, by Brian Austin. "Exactly what I needed... . This book was suggested to me by my hosting company so I had high expectations — and I wasn't disappointed.

Well written, easy to follow and clear, it helped me to design a much better site than I had originally hoped for. Great."

Reviewer: a reader from United Kingdom.


"Thank you for being the touchstone for all matters web and IT for Touchstone Renard. Your input the other day was, once again, swift, accurate and — an important point this — fully understandable even to me!"

Richard Wood, HR & Business Services Director, Touchstone Renard Limited: Touchstonerenard.com/

Amazon.uk 5-Star review
Amazon.co.uk review


Amazon.co.uk book Review: Web Page Design in easy steps, by Brian Austin. "Good for making your first web page!.

Bought this book to help me with creating my first web page for an IT assignment and was not disappointed.

Very easy and clear to read, with lots of tips, so you can dip in and out as needed. Excellent for the price!"

Reviewer: a reader from Harrow, UK.


"Taking a look at your site, I am impressed. In a world where lifetime employment with one company is disappearing and we're expected to take charge of our own careers I think what is on offer would be of great interest to many, and not just those interested in a writing or publishing career.

I'm going to copy it to others who I know would be enthused by its fresh and innovative approach."

Dr. Philip Taylor B.Sc., M.Sc.,Ph.D.,C.Psychol.,A.F.B.P.S., Senior Lecturer, Cambridge University.


"Thanks for always willing to help and provide lots of useful ideas." Christine Pistori, Business Support Manager, Touchstone Renard (UK) Limited. Touchstonerenard.com/

Amazon.uk 5-Star review
Amazon.co.uk review


Amazon.co.uk book Review: Web Page Design in easy steps, by Brian Austin. "A good start for the web... . This book will help you start on the Net.

It will help build and understand in easy steps how to build a web site, or just a web page... ...with some line code and examples... "

Reviewer: Michael from Dublin, Ireland.


"Good luck with the new web site. Your help and advice has been invaluable." Neil Smith, Latitude57.co.uk

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