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Even though web based Flash may not be as popular as some years ago, lots of free-to-use Adobe Macromedia Flash files are still available on the web. However as the web grows ever more quickly, locating these quickly can be tricky. Solution: use the incredibly powerful software tool below!

Here's a neat way to quickly find direct links to downloadable Flash files in .swf format on almost any topic you choose.

Please note: if you're using a desktop, notebook, tablet, Internet-enabled TV, or a compatible smartphone device, you can directly access the search box below. However, for some mobile users, the search box may still not be available, so please follow the link provided and use one of the compatible devices outlined above instead.

How to Use

Simply enter your search term into the Search box below and click the "Find Flash Files " button once. To use the tool again or to return to this website, use your web browser Back button to return to this page. Enjoy!

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