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Four Winning Website Ingredients

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Often today, there's a powerful 4-ingredient recipe mix that can make a big difference to outcomes:

  • Speed, plus ...
  • The application of cutting edge technology, combined with ... 
  • An understanding of how to achieve and maintain high web security, and ...
  • Web design and SEO know-how relevant for today's web.

With rapid, yet affordable web development and ongoing promotion in a variety of ways, small businesses and individuals especially can benefit most. Why: because they can choose to move quickly.

What About Website Creation And Website Promotion Costs?

Today, a good benchmark to consider is, allow about 50% of your budget spend on website creation, and 50% spent on various forms website promotion and web marketing.

A few years ago, I would have suggested a 25% / 75% split — but not today! Now we need a new, better way of working with the web: speed of web page display and the creation of ongoing web content assets are more important than anything.

But independent web developers who can accept the idea of charging less now in return for genuinely helping others and building a web community, can I think win more orders over time.

The key is:

  • Charge less (the complete opposite of current web development trends that suggest prices are set to rocket. That means, smart web developers who don't need to charge the Earth can benefit). Yet ...
  • Quality of finish costs more. Today, web design is as much about how a website works or performs, and how it looks. You definitely need both. 
  • Get more sales. Or fewer sales based on the "quality costs more" model.
  • Complete a new website development in 2 or 3 weeks maximum. Or double, or triple times when using the "quality costs more" approach.
  • Show people how to use and build their websites. Create user guides and training videos.
  • "Rinse and repeat :-) — but also ...
  • Be a useful resource; you could build a support community using a private discussion forum, that your community users can ask questions, get answers, discuss issues, share problems, and solutions, and you as a web developer, can build a database of material quickly for FAQ pages, form new business relationships and contacts, and more.

Sounds good. Almost too easy and straightforward — and that's probably why it stands a good chance of success.

Nevertheless, you need to evaluate how all of the above impact on what you do. For example, if your web business is essentially just you, so easily can you take on too much, and then not be able to support all of the areas you seek.

That's why sometimes, you may need to simplify, by creating a process or products or services that use the "one-to-many" methodology. Create once, and sell multiple times on autopilot.

These thoughts are on our agenda. What's on yours?

How We Can Help You Too

There has probably never been a better time to have your own outstanding website, for businesses, organisations, and individuals.

Our regular clients and customers know all about how we build high performance websites enhanced with engaging, persausive content. Would you too like a web site built for today's web? A website that is:

  • Secure.
  • Super-fast loading.
  • People-focused.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Accessible.
  • Truly search-engine-optimised.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) friendly.

We can also write high quality, carefully researched articles for your website too. Whether your want text, graphics, videos, podcasts, ecommerce, downloads, and more, we can probably help.

What's more, we can demonstrate and prove what we claim.

Sound good? Then let's talk. To get started, please complete the form below:




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