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Merry Christmas In Different Languages

Christmas tree illustration of Merry Christmas in different languages

Here at, we hope you can have an enjoyable, meaningful, restful time for the Christmas holidays, and a wonderful new year in 2015. We close here on December 20, 2014 for a well deserved break, and will reopen on January 5, 2015, with some new ideas, strategies, and plans…

Christmas Card 2010

Christmas 2010 greetings card

A special thank you to all clients and customers for your business in 2010. Check out our Christmas card. A simple Christmas card that: Sounds good.The Best Really Is Yet to Come!

Christmas Card 2009

Christmas snow globe, open log fire, happy holidays

As I write this, the end of another year is almost upon us. Here at, Christmas time reminds us to slow down, chill out and and to especially think about family, friends, our clients, customers, partners, associates, subscribers and visitors. Unlike our wise cousins in the wonderful United States…

Thoughts From The Heart

Christmas food treats, Scottish tartan, lit wood-burner fire

Christmas imagery tends to evoke pleasant memories in many people. So lets allow the flames from a turf fire to explore how to make things better. You too really can discover how to turn what you already know about your work, hobby, experiences or personal interests, into your own profitable…