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Microdata Schema Tags For Your Joomla Website

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Smart, intuitive search engines, like those from Google, are constantly perfecting better ways to understand and define web pages more accurately. Microdata are special codes added to web pages that search engine software can use to gain deeper insights on what a web page is really about. Yet, at the…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 3

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This article is in 3 parts. Continued from Part 2. You're currently on page 3 of 3: You can create a basic, minimal Joomla web page in 4 simple steps: (1) add a title, (2) add some text, (3) choose a category, (4) save your page. However, this more detailed,…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 2

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This article is in 3 parts. Continued from Part 1. You're currently on page 2 of 3: Yes, of course, you can create a basic, minimal Joomla web page in only 4 simple steps: (1) add a web page title, (2) add your article text, (3) choose a category, (4)…

How To Create Web Pages In Joomla 2.5, Part 1

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Today, creating great website content does not have to be hard or tortuous. Yet some work and application is called for. The tools that various providers have made available are stunning! In this mini training course, we explore how you can create website pages that serve both people and search…

5 Joomla Editing Tips

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If you have a Joomla website, as you add more content pages, sometimes you may think that as you create more and more pages, finding a specific page for re-editing or improvement later can become harder. However, with a little extra know-how, you can find any content page you want…

Update Joomla Website Copyright Date Automatically

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Usually, on or around the first day of every new year, if you have one or more Joomla-powered websites, you would be wise to update the copyright statement date to the new year. However, copyright updating can become a tedious though necessary task. Moreover, if you have multiple websites to…

Who is Using Joomla?

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In this article, we ponder and briefly explore answers to the question: "Just who is using the open source web Content Management System (CMS), Joomla!, to "power" their websites? At the time of writing this update, type the word "joomla" into, and you Google returns about 140,000,000 pages. Even…

Why Empty the Trash ASAP?

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If you're using a website powered by the Joomla! web Content Management System, when you delete a content item or menu item, Joomla! moves the entry into the Trash Manager. The Trash Manager is much like the Recycle Bin in Microsoft Windows - sometimes useful if you delete an item…