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Find Your Writer's Heart

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Whether you're seeking to write a book, pen an article, or create compelling content for your website, why not invest a little time and effort to learn how to communicate what you want to say in the best way possible? Then marvel at how such a seemingly innocent activity can…

Setting up a Website Blog

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Recently, I've been thinking more about blogs and blogging, with some surprising results. While most folks appear to support the idea of using blogs in business, if you already have an active business website, right now, I can still see serious drawbacks if your blog is not an actual physical…

Finding Optimum Paragraph Length

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Short and sweet is the central, underlying theme of this tip. However, first let's establish what a paragraph actually is. Although a paragraph has a precise meaning, in practice, different people may define a paragraph differently. As the author of your thoughts, your paragraph preferences may seem to be heavily…

Vanity Publishing and the Abyss

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Achieving publication today in the traditional book writing arena is now harder than ever. Only a tiny minority of presented manuscripts ever reach publication, perhaps as a result of an illogical mix of persistence, patience, perseverance, slight craziness with a little luck! Yet the numbers of writers who seek to…

What Makes a Sentence Work?

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If we think of words as the building blocks of written and spoken communications, sentences are like the cement or glue that binds together our words so that others can "make sense" of what we want to say. In this tip, we'll examine sentence structure a little closer and discover…

The Comma and More

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The use of "and" in combination with adjacent commas seems to attract surprisingly polarized arguments among writers of different styles. As communicators, we often use the word "and" to link two phrases or parts of a sentence. One popular remedy is that whenever we use the word "and", we should…

Identifying Redundant Words

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Some words that we may use in written and spoken conversations add little value or meaning to our messages. Developing the ability to spot potentially unnecessary words in a sentence, questioning their value and optionally removing the "hangers-on", can help turn an average, "amateur" publication into one that is "tight,…

Write Online Or Write on Paper

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A subscriber once suggested to me, "Surely, a computer screen isn't that different to a piece of paper is it? So why bother treating them differently? On a PC, we can have black or dark text on a white or light background and we can print out pages, so what's…

Active Voice or Passive Voice?

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Sentence structure can be active or passive. Key tip: the kind of writing or speaking style you choose to use can have a significant impact on how your readers or listeners understand and respond - or not - to what you're saying. So how do we determine when to use…

Using Active White Space

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Our world is rich in components that we can't easily see, hear, feel, touch and taste, yet which when harnessed or managed, can make life better. Take electricity for example: we can't see electricity - at least not with the naked eye - nevertheless we know that electric current exists.

The Power of Bulleted Lists

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When creating a list of points, bullets can help, yet you don't need any ammunition for this simple tip. Imagine that you're writing about a theme or point that has a variety of "angles", alternatives or options. Of course, you can list the various points in conventional paragraphs, however, sometimes…

Astonishing Prosperity From Two Words

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Yes, two simple words describe this tip perfectly. The best sales people do it. News broadcasters and other television presenters are also trained to do it.The most inspirational people throughout history have done it. Anyone, who persuades anyone else to do anything outside of their usual routine also does it.

A Powerful Communications Tool

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Today, a wide variety of tools are available to help writers and communicators who create documents, presentations and website pages develop and perfect their craft. For example, you can buy storyboarding software to solve one problem and a variety of strange gadgets that seek to solve a range of problems…

When Less Really Can Mean More

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We humans are full of contradictions aren't we? Sometimes, we don't want to think differently, or to read, or take some kind of beneficial action, even though we know in our hearts what we're doing is damaging, we can still repeat the same mistakes, over and over. Yes, we are…

The Most Dangerous Word

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Language is indeed a rich, colorful medium. English especially can seem incredibly lavish and diverse compared to some other languages in active use today - at least when we consider the wide range and variety of different words we can use to essentially share the same thought, idea or concept…