The Write Time of Your Life

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Sometimes, things aren't always what they seem are they? Here's an example of what I mean. Contrary to popular belief, I've learned that you can't really "manage" time — this is a modern myth — more so as our lives seem to be speeding up in these eventful times through which we are living.

Nevertheless, like millions of others, I've tried to manage my time, often by trying to create unrealistic goals — and been disappointed when I don't appear to make the grade or to get the results I wanted.

No, time just is! The time (of your life) just exists — and what you do with YOUR share of the space between your days, determines your life and all that you get out of it.

In every second, we always have two choices. We can:

  • Use OUR time to work on "the project" of creating the kind of life we want.
  • Or look back with regret that we have squandered our allowance and opportunity each of us ALWAYS has, to spend our lives doing the kind of fulfilling work we love. That doesn't mean we have to act like robots continually and almost mindlessly working on "productive" tasks. No, in fact sometimes the opposite should be our goal: a little fun-type squandering really can help us achieve more of what we really want later.

"I Need a Time Machine"

The real answers are almost always simple in nature aren't they?

To "make more time", we simply have to:

  • Need less stuff.
  • Ignore more distractions.
  • Do fewer irrelevant errands.
  • Make fewer promises, and ...
  • Create fewer outrageous deadlines to enable us to — FOCUS ON WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT IN OUR LIVES!

This simple remedy is of course easy to say, not so easy to put into action. A million distractions await on the sidelines of our day, ever ready to ensnare us back into old habits.

Developing the simple ability to FOCUS on the task in hand is probably one of the most important skills we can EVER learn. For with it, comes limitless possibilities — really!

All the greatest achievements in human history have been won — in part — through the application of a laser sharp focus. Even apparent "happy accidents" that lead to incredible discoveries, seem to stem from periods of intense concentration.

Key point: we can help lay the ground and achieve more simply by being less busy, making bold choices and for many of us, saying 'No!' more often — with force if necessary.

Remember, "thinking time",  if it is Focused, is Work Too!

Each day is a cup full to the brim of 24 hours. We don't know if we will get all of that particular 24 hours but we hope it's all there. Often it is; sometimes it isn't. Eventually, we know we'll all run out of luck.

While we're here, we don't get to make the rules or know who else is playing the game but we can manage our own lives better by making more careful choices.

If we don't manage ourselves, history shows that someone else is almost always standing by ready to manage our lives for us. You choose your course, when you can, or someone else will decide what you get to do with your days.

Celebrate: You're Living in the Greatest Age Since the Dawn of Time

You're reading this — so that makes you one of the richest people ever:

  • You can read, that means you can learn, change and grow. How cool is that?
  • You have access to the web. I'm willing to bet that the answers to most questions most of us will ever ask, can be found somewhere in the webscape — it is that powerful!
  • You have access to a PC, Apple Mac, tablet computer, or some other web-compatible reading device.

With these tools, the world really is your oyster.

Today, millions of people have more choices, yet I'm amazed that many think the opposite is true!

We're living in the most exciting time in history — for ordinary people anywhere! Through modern communications, people are discovering new worlds, new ideas, other options, better ways to live.

While many of us have never had it so good — at the same time perhaps we've never felt so fearful about the future of our planet and of our own national, international and personal security.

There's always a neat remedy: simply chill out and focus on the good in people — there's a lot out there.

We don't hear much about them do we — those millions of ordinary, nice folks going about their daily lives just don't make interesting news or sell many editions.

However, there is drama and story everywhere, sometimes, often in the most unlikely of places. Just a matter of crafting an interesting "description" whether in text, audio, video or even all three.

Yet we can't have everything. Choices must be made, options must be considered. Something has to give. If we want to get more of this we have lose (give away) some of that. Example: if we want more money, we won't achieve our goal watching more television — unless of course, the television program or series we're watching is a central part of our income-earning machine.

Finding the time and making great choices

While a million possibilities may be available to each of us each and every day, we can't do everything within our hoped-for 24 hours, so we can choose to make measured and calculated choices.

There's a knack to this — and practice really does make for a healthy bank balance.


Highly successful people:

  • Specialize (don't be general. Why: you'll lose money and you have to appreciate that you're worth more than you may currently think you are).
  • Work less, yet earn more.
  • Select a narrow focus; concentrate on those choices and shoot for the moon and the stars — repeatedly.
  • Evaluate and test new ideas. Experiment. 
  • Abandon what isn't working. If something is draining you,  take remedial action.
  • Create, manage, and monitor multiple income streams.
  • Aim high — repeatedly.
  • Practise, practise. To do their best, getting better and better at what they do, and with each mistake they make.

Furthermore, anyone who knows where they're going can choose to see every mistake not as an error of judgment. Rather, each little incident is a learning hop that just means that the real objective is now one step closer.

If you think about such an approach — and carry this idea with you every day, continuously, how can you ever lose or not achieve what you want to achieve? With this method, you just know that you'll get there sooner or sometimes you'll arrive later. But you will arrive where you want to be.

Why not make today the write time of YOUR life? Begin. Or start again. Or reinvent yourself.

Some people write for themselves. Others write to meet the needs of their readers. You can choose. Though, depending on your current writing project, sometimes, you'll write for you, at other times, you're packaging what you do as products, or offering services.

Or, you can think about what you would love to write about and what people love to read — then marry the two.

Go for it!

Why not begin a new chapter in your life today — start to "Write your way to the top."

Yet who said every day isn't special? Great things have been started on days that seemed full of the mundane. Only later, when we look back, can we spot great significance in the ordinary events or happenings. A new start. A different way. The birth of a momentous idea. 

So, today, tomorrow, the day after, no matter which day you choose to make a change, isn't today and every day the write time of your life?

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