Welcome to the Fifth Revolution

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What you're about to view makes sober reading! At least five modern revolutions have already started, and the fifth one has only just been born. Yes, of course, the new baby has arrived.

So what is it and where did it come from? Before we explore some possible answers to those questions, let's first backtrack into history a little.

Each of the following developments began with a stock market bubble that soon after the bubble burst, was followed by a long period of steady growth, though sometimes with a few more mini-bubbles thrown in to. The details below outline the key periods:

  • Industrial revolution (1760 — 1820).
  • Railways (1825 — 1875).
  • Steel production and electricity generation (1875 — 1920).
  • Manufacturing (1910 — 1970).

Now we can add one more:

  • The Internet (1969 — with no end date in sight: ask Captain Kirk).

Our new — and in historical terms, the Internet is new — "baby" may well grow sooner than we might think to be far bigger than all of the other previous revolutions combined — I mean REALLY huge!

With the usual fluctuations of the stock market happening, I know this is not a popular idea right now; stay with me and I'll explain my case.

Here's why I think the Net is heading for big gains — over say the coming 50 years.

Like most revolutions, there are stops and starts, fits and pauses. The bubble of 2002 came, burst, and lessons were learned. Now, we're enjoying steady sustainable growth.

Some fledgeling companies started at or around 2000 are now worth billions of dollars.

As a global economy, we'll probably still experience some more repeated financial ups and downs; some more mini-bubbles and mini-bursts, much like the way some biological life forms can perfect their way through struggles to survive. 

Yet, the only route possible for savvy Internet-driven businesses, is up — providing we get smart, stay smart, keep learning, moving, and have learned the lessons of the past.

Key point: whatever state of the global economy, the Internet is designed to function — and function well it does! Any system originally designed to provide a communications network after global thermonuclear war, has got to have something extra in its foundation.

The promise of combining television, telecommunications and phone technology is at last starting to become reality. Without doubt, in my opinion, the Internet — and especially the Web — promises to be the biggest driver our world has ever experienced!

So Why the Positive Outlook Now?

What makes such a big difference? Answer: in a word: information.

Key point: the previous four developments created physical products whereas the Internet is primarily all about sharing knowledge and information — as well as saving costs for traditional businesses. Naturally, growth is only just starting.

Some years ago, Forrester Research, one of the most respected technology trend forecasters, suggested in one study that online business is set to more than triple reaching $7 trillion by 2006. Today, those figures are much higher.

However respected the source, we all know that sometimes, times can change quickly when our world is often driven by moods and whims. And of course, "they" — whomever "they" may be — can simply get "it" wrong.

The real point is though, a huge number of transactions are already taking place on the Net daily, and the number is growing every day.

For traditional businesses, too much money is already being saved — and made — to ignore the Net, and other businesses are only just starting to learn that to make best use the Web.

Key point: today, writers, editors, newsletter publishers, and e-commerce website providers have many low-cost options open to them, yet often, the dragging power of inertia, simple ignorance combined with an almost inbuilt resistance to change, seems to compel most to continue in the old ways — many of which don't work effectively in today's new web.

In some ways, this archaic view is good news — for those who are prepared to try new options.

Why? You'll have less competition.

We run our Internet business from a Scottish island using only a standard phone line and a "slow" broadband Internet connection — this is done deliberately, so we always know what's possible for most people.

Differentiate Yourself

If you and your way / product / solution is perceived to be attractively unique, "different from the herd", you can succeed more easily. You can compare this contrarian approach to those few savvy Stock Market investors who have become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Often, these people are buying while most are scrambling to sell and vice versa. Whatever you may think of the Stock Market, the judgment of these often quiet, focused people is not in question.

Apply your value in different ways. For example:

  • Get creative.
  • If what you're doing isn't working — stop! Think again, think more, think differently
  • Slow down, to let better choices guide your next steps. Later, when you know you're targeted better, you'll speed up naturally.

Your Web Success Template

I know of no other business model that can offer these incredible benefits:

  • Is ethical and adds genuine value to the world.
  • No staff required (unless you want to expand).
  • No advertising costs necessary (though some kinds of advertising can be worthwhile when first starting out).
  • No postage costs (unless you want to sell physical products, then you can include those costs in your product price, so no problem).
  • No inventory or stock holding required.
  • No printing necessary.
  • No promotional materials required.
  • No conventional mail-outs necessary.
  • No desktop publishing costs involved.
  • No commercial office required — a home office or workspace is perfectly adequate.
  • No waiting for payment — you can get paid online, instantly!
  • No special qualifications or experience required to get started — you can learn all you need to know as you go along.
  • Comes with a built in, automatic sales system.
  • Automatic follow-up.
  • Open for business 24/7/365.
  • Runs itself, even when you're not working.

Perhaps The Most Important Web Business Tip Ever

Free sounds great, yes? We all like the idea of free don't we?

However, if you want to build a profitable business, relying on "free" can cost you dearly.

In the same way that you'll own your business organisation, you also need to own your own your entire website. If you don't own your website, sooner or later, at a date and time that is not under your control, someone else will own your web business.

If you choose a website system that is provided to you free of cost, or even through a subscription or rental cost, you don't own your website. You may not even the essential value of any content you may produce.

In such a scenario, you may think you may own your website content. However, the months and years that you may spend building up the links to your free website, may not legally be yours, the overall copyright could be owned by your website provider.

That's a little like owning only the wheels of a car, while someone else owns the the rest of the vehicle. Crazy!

Why: the web links to your content pages are where real value lives

So if you opt for free website solutions, you lose again.

Therefore, I urge you, always ensure that youare the author of your business and website. Build your own website from the start. Only then do you have a real business that you can build and perhaps sell to someone else later.  

You website success starts and ends with having the right knowledge coupled with a positive, self-motivated attitude. What's more, having a few experts that are easily accessible, can also help.

Enjoy the prosperity that awaits you! Yet plot your course with care, planning, consideration.

Here at, we can show you how build it all yourself from scratch, or if you have some spare financial resources available you can take the fast track and ask us to build a web site like this one for you.

Contact me if you want help to build your GDPR friendly web empire fit to survive and thrive on the web today.

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