What's the Big Secret?

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Usually, we all like to stay in our "comfort zone" don't we? On "familiar ground" may not be 100% "safe"; we may not like our life much but at least we know what to expect, right? And sometimes, what we know, even if painful, it's preferable to "breaking out into the great unknown."

Also, in our desperation to justify not having to face the prospect of change, we can often make excuses to support keeping things the way they are. The only problem with that approach is that all too often, we rely on other people to maintain:

  • Our level of income.
  • Lifestyle and ...
  • Control of our lives, and therefore ...

... the chances of creating our own personal happiness are somewhat diminished.

Key point: if we don't take control of own lives, someone else will do it for us, and every time, we do that, we lose. That's the way life is "wired" — it's an amazingly effective, perhaps non-intentional way, to keep millions of people installed as little cogs to ensure the wheels of society keep turning in a predictable way.

Relishing In The Joy Of "Breakfixing"

If you didn't already know by now, here at, we're particularly attracted to the idea of strategically throwing an almighty big spanner into the works of any "machine" or system, or process, that seeks to hold us back, or doesn't serve us well. Then creating something better.

Welcome to "breakfixing", a process that you can use by first breaking something in order to put it back together differently, to ultimately fix it.

There is a lot of raw material to work with, don't you agree? Lots of things need "breakfixing" today. I hope you'll join in and hopefully, cause a little havoc right where it's needed. But do so nicely, dear reader: "breakfix" with kindness, always.

So rather than saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", we prefer something more proactive like: "How can we break something that needs fixing, then put it back together in a better way".

How about we create some new words to celebrate the idea: to start with, "breakfixing". That will work for me. To "breakfix", we look again at a problem, break the current model that falls short of expectations, and then create a new version that solves the problem.

Sounds easy, yes? Alas no. Some hard work is usually needed in combination with multiple "test and try again" loops.

Maybe, one day, "breakfixing", "breakfix", etc., may enter the English language. Until then, we'll just use our new play words anyway.

Update 2015 and beyond: perhaps with all the new start-ups rife across the world right now, "breakfixing" seems to be growing in popularity.

However, As That Captivating Song Reminds Us: "The Times, They Are A Changin ..."

Today, most people working for someone else will probably not have enough money to live on when they retire in 5, 10, 20 or 30 years time.

One remedy: you can reverse this reality today by establishing a carefully crafted low risk, low-cost, part-time, or full-time information-driven web business that delivers multiple income streams; one based on sound business principles, simple common sense and absolutely no silly hype.

We don't want to fall for ideas that if we can think ourselves thin, or imagine possessing lots of money, that soon our imaginations will emerge into the real world.

Yes, we can have goals, ambitions, make plans, but to make those happen we need to take the right actions and work, learn, grow and celebrate our small wins as they happen. So by "getting real", we are less likely to be seduced or enticed by the nonsense of hype, in all its forms.

Overcoming Our Fear

Our comfort zone is a safety net that's full of really big holes, so that if you test it, you may find that your safety net, doesn't quite have the strength you thought.

The two big problem with safety nets:

  • We rely on them, naturally.
  • Safety nets may not be a sure thing. They can let us down when we need them most.

Safety nets and comfort zones are in bed together. These two liars love having us all tied up in knots.

The remedy for safety nets is twofold: control and action. We take control and we take action. We don't rely on someone else totally.

Ultimately, a comfort zone could be a product of our own fears. How so?

Every day, people around the world do amazingly brave and daring things, and yet most don't see these actions in that light.

Here's what I mean:

  • Many folks decide to marry aiming to stay with their partner for life.
  • Some of us decide to have children — parenting is probably the hardest job ever.
  • We often commit to buying a house over a 25- or 30-year period, perhaps even longer, sometimes, over several generations: ouch!
  • We move house — sometimes many times — and maybe relocate to different countries too!
  • Most housewives now take on a second job and still end up doing most of the household chores — even today, with our so-called "improved living standards" and arguably more balanced gender roles in a growing number of countries!
These are all scary things when if we really think about them too much, yet millions of us play out these scenes every day.
We just do what we do simply because it's the right next step, or we see these choices as the only options available to us at the time.

"But, What Do I Know ...?"

Sometimes, we definitely think we have no other choice, or convince ourselves that "only other people, those special individuals, can do those amazing things that we yearn for too".

Wrong — so wrong!

Newsflash: you' re already "special" and amazingly unique — that comes with being human.

The simple, awesome fact that you and I and billions of other people were even born, is remarkable! When we examine the science, the barriers and hurdles that seek to prevent a new human from emerging are staggering. Yet, because we are already here, we forget all that. It seems like old news.   

The only real difference between any of us is that some are further along a specific path than others. And those that have soared have perfected their path by making mistake after mistake after mistake.

But they learned, and improved, and made fewer mistakes, and guess what?

For all our faults, we humans really are quite amazing scratchy little creatures.

There will never be another you: you're the only one of your kind right now. So why not set yourself free to be the real person that is you, that may currently be hiding deep in your heart? The one that lived before "normal life" hijacked and kidnapped your dreams.

Key point: with the right knowledge and know-how, selling what you know already, or establishing a successful web business is a lot less scary and easier to achieve, than you may think. Moreover, your own web business can revolutionize your lifestyle, providing more freedom and greater choice in how you live your life, and where you live.

Wishing And Hoping And Longing and ...

Many people wish their life was different, yet why do so few decide to do anything about what's not working, beyond a single day? I don't know the answer to that one.

Perhaps day to day life just gets in the way. Yet that's an excuse we tell ourselves to feel better about not continuing.

Or, perhaps we think that somehow our big problems will "all sort themselves out", or we may "win the Lottery", or "great Aunt Ethel is going to leave us her millions!"

Perhaps. Maybe. Unlikely. In our dreams, or if the moon is especially full, with all the planets lining up, and the galaxy is perfectly level, and when the rarest spider on Earth spins a web shaped like a crescent moon. What are the chances? 

However, I would like to suggest that these hopes, delusions, and imaginings should definitely not be your "Plan A", "Plan B", or "Plan C" — "Plan Y" maybe.

We plan, we think, we dream; and  then we may say "When this happens, I'll get started ..." or "When I get time", or "When I have more money, I'm going to really ...", and so on.

But unless we take positive and focused action steps to a definite and realistic step-by-step action-oriented plan, usually nothing happens! No one is going to change or improve our lives but us as individuals.

Good news coming ...

Believe, Act, Discover

To achieve anything outside of our comfort zone, we must start by believing in ourselves and that we REALLY can do it, WHATEVER we want to achieve.

So why not make a start today? When we put one foot in front of the other, we get from A to B; the same applies to anything we want to do, or or be or to achieve. Start with baby steps — that's how we got started in the first place.

But start we must, lest we suffer the pain of regret later! Regret is like stomach acid that doesn't go away. Excitement, having a superb goal, or series of goals, an actionable plan, enjoyable work, all of these activities and feelings dissolve "stomach acid regret" like summer sunshine that melts the morning dew.

Do you have any special knowledge, or interest, or experience in a particular subject or theme? I suspect you do, or you wouldn't have read this far.

Think about this one carefully — you could surprise yourself!

Remember, you don't have to be an expert to make a success in writing or e-publishing on the Net: you can learn more as you progress, but you do need to make a start and take that first crucial step, if you want to see the rewards later.

In fact quite a few writers and teachers start out by knowing little about their chosen theme; they simply get started, ask questions, make notes, do some research, play with an idea; make mistakes — and notice them, think; make more notes, write a little, research some more, help someone out, and so on. Performing all of these tasks together usually brings expert results automatically.

Doing all of the activities above is what can turn someone into a natural born specialist. Including you.

Sometimes, it is so easy to not appreciate or massively undervalue what you know. What to you may be obvious, to someone else can be a solution, a remedy, a problem solved.

By holding yourself back, are you now helping to maintain someone else's misery — perhaps? 

And that's the big secret: taking action and just getting started, rather than pretend planning and thinking about doing those activities "one day". The time is now. It's always been now.

Winning The Shortcut Game

Imagine that you have a task in front of you that can only be done by you. If you do the task, you jump over that fence, and move ahead. If you don't meet your goal, you'll probably try again next time.

However, if you're going to do the job anyway, you might as well strive for your absolute best right now, instead of later. When you keep repeating this version of the game, you rise higher more quickly. 

So why not make a start today; discover who you really are? Stretch your wings; learn to soar — the view is simply quite wonderful!

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