Are You a 37-Percenter?

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Don't we just love statistics? Results of one recent study suggests that 37% of the UK population "felt they had a book in them." I don't mind admitting, I was somewhat shocked when I read that little gem!

Now apply similar arguments to other countries around the world and the perfectly reasonable assumptions are almost incredulous!

On this small seemingly insignificant but incredibly beautiful globe spinning in space, we have billions of individuals from thousands of different cultures. Each of us has a unique story, yet all with common threads that exist between us: the human experience.

We all have hopes and dreams, tragedies and ecstasies, setbacks and successes! We are all experiencing life during this amazing and special time in history — on the leading edge that we simply call, today!

Arguably, no-one has ever been where we are — here, right now (that may not be as ludicrous as it first sounds :-)

Wherever you live, whatever role you play, ask yourself: could you be one of those 37%?

How You Can Really Check if You're Incubating a "37-Percenter"

Since by whatever method or train of experiences, you've found this page and are reading these words, I'm willing to bet that you too are a "37-Percenter".

If you're choking back the laughter right now, that's OK, please carry on: purge your system and appreciate that laughter is a great workout for those cheek lines.

However, once you've exhausted your spate of mirth, I urge you to pause for a few moments, sober up and read on.

Here's the acid test: if you've ever thought — even for a second — that you would could write a:

  • Website.
  • Book or e-book, or a ...
  • "How to..." training course.

... then I suggest that you're probably are a "37-Percenter-in-waiting."

You have something important and worthwhile to say.

Key tip: if you're not careful, like the petals of a precious flower drying in the sun, your fledgling aspirations can be crumpled to dust in the blink of an eye. How? Often, one wrong word, or criticism, from a hard-hearted or even a well-meaning person, can be enough to stop you dead in your tracks! So protect your dreams and don't be shy, or feel intimidated, or that you won't be "good enough." Trust me: if you've found your way to these pages, you're good enough.

The rest is just about taking one step at a time, some commitment, practice, patience, perseverance and unwavering self-belief.

Key tip: each of us can develop all of the characteristics referred to above. How? They're essentially mental muscles and with a little stretching here and there, before you fully realize, you can have muscles where you never thought any existed before.

You may just need a helping hand, perhaps some start-off training, key knowledge and tips about how to avoid the pitfalls, sufficient interaction with like-minded individuals. That's why we're here.

What's more, if the writing itch has found you, there's a good chance that if you don't "scratch it", your life will continually prompt you to go beyond your "waiting, wondering, considering, hoping ..." stage.

  • Key tip: Every single person alive today really is special. Why? For a lot of reasons, however, for now, consider this. Just to be born, each of us has already beaten potentially millions of other cells all trying to do the same thing. And somehow, we also made it into the daylight. Look at those million-to-one odds? So you're not here by coincidence. I don't know why we're here. Nor does anyone else. However, you deserve to be here. In the similar kind of way, that's why people are meant for far more than many may think is their lot — and why shouldn't that include you?

Go Boldly ... and Discover Who You Really Are

Human beings continually seek to do more, go beyond and create something new and special. We seek to overcome hurdles and solve problems — sometimes even when there aren't any (at least our lives can seem like that at times).

Armed with the right balance of key knowledge, insights, know-how and nurture, you too can start living the life of your dreams writing and publishing what you know both on and off the web.

  • Insight moment: make no mistake, what you know really is unique to you. I can't tell your story, nor can anyone else — since what you know is currently hidden within you! In that sense, you have no competition — never forget that. Two people may appear to have similar knowledge, but both tell very different stories.

How Can Help? membership website has been created by practicing web designer and writer, Brian Austin. We're based on the wonderful Isle of Skye at latitude 57 degrees on the "Scotland's edge". is especially useful for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to write and publish books, ebooks, an e-commerce website, or a membership website — the easy way. We'll show you what's important and how to keep control of your digital assets.
  • Would-be writers: who may say, "I would write if I knew how ....". Good: we'll show you how, step by step.
  • "Wannabe" writers looking to change their life: Is this you: "I'm sick of my current way of life, the 9-to-5 grind, the smog, the traffic, the pointlessness of it all, so I want to try something different — maybe even start a new career! I'm curious about being a writer." Looks like you're waking up and wising up all at the same time. Good for you!
  • New writers: New writers understandably often feel vulnerable and small, saying: "I just got started but I want to learn more". Then what are you waiting for? You have access to today's Internet, so with coaching in the right skills, you can have best chance of building a fantastic living as an e-writer and website publisher. Your train is about to leave the station: jump aboard!
  • Existing writers: If you're "Already living the dream — but not making enough money", we can help with some really powerful advice there!
  • Stop-go writers: A part-time writer recently admitted to me, "I got started — ten times, then ripped up my manuscript — thinking it was rubbish." My response: whoa! We need to get you to slow down and relax — and don't destroy any more writing efforts. Sometimes, just a little tweaking can make the difference between "just alright" and a "bestseller".
  • Established writers "making a mint": You might say something like, "I've been writing for a while. Love the lifestyle: make a good living this way. Yet some days I hate what I'm doing; at other times, sublime is a one-word description that doesn't come close. When I'm on a roll, I'm so into what I'm doing, I almost forget I'm alive." My response: Oh, we need you then don't we? You may decide to self-publish on the web — or even start a community web site such as this one. That's when we can really help.
  • Writers who don't yet know they're writers — yet: They say things like: "Me — Ha, I can't write to save my life. Are you nuts?" Ah, a sentiment so often cited by a group of people who I find particularly drawn to. Folks who don't yet know that deep down inside of them is a writer fighting to get out, are probably one of the most un-tapped creative resources on the planet!
  • People who laugh at the idea of them becoming a writer ... and if you think that describes you ... here you are — reading this! I rest my case :-)

What Makes a Digital Writer or Web Publisher?

An answer oh so simple:

  • If you can think, you can write. From a snapshot perspective, writing is nothing more than a considered version of thinking on paper or screen.
  • The act of repetitive writing, makes you a writer.
  • Write an entire website, write articles on the web or write an e-book and you instantly become an e-publisher. Learn how to e-publish correctly and you have the capacity to touch the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands — even millions — of people around the world — for pennies on the dollar. That, dear reader, is the astonishing, amazing, awesome power of digital web publishing in today's Web 2.0 Internet!
  • You can also do you bit to help our global environment by staying digital. How? When you write and publish digital publications, you move away from printing, so instantly become a best friend of trees everywhere.

If you're ready to join and experience the fun, I look forward to welcoming you to the global community.

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