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The Forgotten Bite Back With Brexit

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As in the USA, France, and many other countries, in Britain, two years ago, we too discovered more about a previously almost invisible group I call the Forgotten people. Those who live quietly, who get on with their lives as best they can, who are just about managing, sometimes holding on by…

Why STEMMA, Not STEM, Can Help The Best Organisations Thrive

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STEM is a popular acronym standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (or Math for our American visitors). STEM people help solve many different kinds of problems we have in our world today. With STEM, modern life is stunningly better. However, there is a problem ... ... STEM is far…

Web Business Start-Up Guide 6 of 15

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Commit To Voluntary Self-Discipline Amid A Relaxed Mood Of FunLots of people believe that self-discipline and fun can't co-exist. I beg to differ and am living proof that they can, and do. To accomplish anything worthwhile, we certainly need self-discipline. Yet, life is to be lived, not just endured, so…

Web Business Start-Up Guide 5 of 15

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Develop A Keen Interest In The Art Of SellingSales are the lifeblood of any business. Selling and the subtle arts of persuasion and negotiation, are probably the most important skills anyone can ever learn. Why: they're transferable in practically every job role. Yet I never cease to be amazed that…

Web Business Start-Up Guide 1 of 15

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Thinking about starting a web business? Here are three absolutely powerful ideas:While 3 is a simple, compelling "brief" number, short and straightforward does not mean lacking vibrancy, push, vigour. So time for a little reality check: However, hidden depths just revealed are like fragile ornaments: they need special care and attention.

More Words of Wisdom

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Amid all the nonsense of day-to-day living, both today and throughout history, thankfully, there are remarkable people: the thinkers, from every culture and corner of the globe, who create light simply by sharing wonderful, inspiring ideas and opinions. My thanks especially to all the authors below. Enjoy!You can have a…

Speaking With Conviction

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Today, I want to share with you a wonderfully entertaining YouTube video, that while providing great amusement, clearly demonstrates a stunningly superb example of the 4 key goals of all outrageously successful web businesses, that apply equally to both small and large organizations: How to: Of course, you can use…

Christmas Card 2010

Christmas 2010 greetings card

A special thank you to all clients and customers for your business in 2010. Check out our Christmas card. A simple Christmas card that: Sounds good.The Best Really Is Yet to Come!

25 Encouraging Insights

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Teachers are everywhere! People, events, circumstances - to name but a few. You're a teacher to someone - certainly to me. Most likely, I will never meet you, but I learn a little about you from how you use this website. In the same way, some people see me as…

Why People Are Not Fish

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Today, I received an email proposal from a well known, well established marketing personality. The Subject line for this email was entitled: "Hooking a Client"! Yuk - I thought! I couldn't believe that such a respected organization would use a really, really bad phrase like that. Here's why ... People…

When A Son Saves His Dad

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"He'll be a vegetable the rest of his life," the doctors told Dick and his wife, when Rick was nine months old, "Put him in an institution." However, the Hoyts brushed aside such advice and chose to care for Rick themselves. The Hoyt's amazing story starts over 43 years ago…

About Following Your Heart

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Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement AddressDrawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams. Enjoy ...

Saying No to the Status Quo

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To help publicize the Apple Mac computer, a few years ago, Apple Inc. created a short 60-second commercial that over time has gained almost legendary status. The "Crazy Ones" was directed by Chiat / Day's Jennifer Golub with art directed along with Jessica Schulman and Yvonne Smith. Original Voiceover was…

What Really Drives Successful People?

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What makes successful people "tick"? Some readers may remember the boom and bust of the mania at around 1999. Here's something you may not know. A few thoughtful Internet entrepreneurs - including our "3-percenters" referred to in another article on this website - ignored the " doomsday" effect and…