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Commit To Voluntary Self-Discipline Amid A Relaxed Mood Of Fun

Lots of people believe that self-discipline and fun can't co-exist. I beg to differ and am living proof that they can, and do. To accomplish anything worthwhile, we certainly need self-discipline. Yet, life is to be lived, not just endured, so weaving in a little fun into our daily activities allows us to keep a healthy balance.

Often, the difference between folks that "almost made it" and those who are "hugely successful" or who have built the lifestyle they want, is essentially down to what I often refer to as, "Taking the big steps, using small hops, wearing only a blindfold — repeatedly."

What that means is, often, we'll benefit much later on, by carry out a series of actions that we simply don't feel like doing at the time, as they make us feel inadequate, or exposed, or are boring, or for which we can't see any immediate benefit, and so on.

Yet we do them anyway. We know certain tasks just have to be done. We feel the fear and just move through it. And we keep doing the steps.

Almost instinctively, we know that in order for the results we desire to emerge, much like wise farmers: we need to plant the right seeds in the right place at the right time and nurture their growth for a period of time.

In the same careful way that a smart farmer determines how, where and when best to plant a crop, we too need to make sure that the seeds we plant are:

  • Situated in the right locations.
  • Planted at the most opportune times.
  • Well tended, especially at the beginning of the life cycle.

All this takes a willingness to just do it without the luxury of seeing the final destination or knowing the outcome.

Combining Fun, Motivation And Some Self-Discipline

What's more, to help us stay on course for the long-term, we can balance our single-minded determination with a smile: make it fun, for fun and enjoyment are the essential lubrication that keep our motivational wheels moving.

Don't wait to become motivated before starting your web business — that's the domain of the "weekend business planner", not you.

Payback: The Joy Of Taking Back Control Of Your Life

Often, I wonder how many folks just plan for the day when they start their web business, usually at weekends, when they're more rested. Always waiting for the "right moment", yet our weekenders may not actually get around to doing anything in practice.

Like a hapless rabbit hypnotized by car headlights, sometimes, we can be too scared to move forward and too frightened to stay where we are. So we then condemn ourselves forever, teetering in the highly toxic land of "maybe". Like a piece of driftwood trapped in unsettled waters, we can wither through lack independent steerage and choice of direction.

Don't let that define you! You're here for a concrete reasons, male or female, you've already demonstrated that you have the eagle's mindset, with a strong desire to soar higher into a better way of living. So instead, once you've decided, by all means make your plans, but most important of all, action them!

Key point: when we apply self-discipline, we convert that same focus and momentum into directed action, which can more favorably create the conditions for progressive results that we are striving for. Desirable results bring encouragement, which in turn brings further motivation to continue.

In the same way that most of the energy required to move a wheel is required at the beginning, starting a web business requires most effort at the beginning. Self-discipline is the key fuel we can use to provide the momentum to just get started.

Successful people often do the steps that most others avoid. Therefore, by earnestly committing to our personal cause, and fighting gently for the things that matter to us, we can sooner meet our goals. Go for it!

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