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Establishing What Makes Your Web Business Different

Without a unique identity, how can you stand out? Therefore, from the outset, define and intimately understand your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Without a practical USP why should anyone buy from you instead of someone else? So get to really know and understand your key benefits.

The good news is: everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone has a USP, although sometimes, it can seem hard to define. Occasionally, you may need to develop a USP more fully, before it is ready for "public" exposure.

Small businesses can often complete a compelling, practical USP by integrating a special skill, experience or qualification that the business owner or key participant has.

When establishing your USP, record your thoughts and ideas — however wacky. Why? There's something about the act of writing that can help your brain process, filter and create from anew.

Just What Is A USP?

Your USP can be considered as that single characteristic your customer, client, or prospect sees as more valuable to them, than the time, money or talent required to hire you.

Key tip: often, a USP flows most easily when closely related to your particular strengths. Identify what you love doing most, then keep perfecting your art.

Alternatively, you can desire to learn something new, persist, be patient, study, make mistakes, stay committed on course. Sooner than you may at first think, you can develop another strength, and another, and another. Evolve multiple USP source material streams, continually learning new, exciting ways to help solve someone else's problem. 

Six Simple Steps To Help You Establish Your Active USP

  • Determine where you chief talents lie.
  • Establish what you can provide that your customers really, REALLY want.
  • Then, explore ways to give your customers the kinds of unique extras that only you can give.
  • Effectively communicate the benefits identified in the above three points.
  • When you've made a few sales, it's a good time to double-check your assumptions and even further define your USP. How: ask your existing customers how they might describe you to their friends and colleagues. Then identify any new points they say that you may have missed.
  • Don't be afraid to change or evolve your USP over time to better identify the supreme benefit that your USP delivers to your customer.

When you have the answers to the questions above clearly defined, make your offers to people who may care about what you're selling.

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