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Success online, like footprints in the sand, leaves tangible clues. This brief article explores what makes some people successful; how and what happens to them as they apply the 12 Qualities; why the business of becoming successful or elite can be so easy, or so hard, largely depending on a single unlikely factor: choice of behavior.

The word "elite" can be applied in a variety of ways. The word can be easily misinterpreted or misunderstood. On first hearing, it's a word that actually makes me feel a little uncomfortable: faulty first impressions can create wrong intentions.

As a noun, one description defines elite as:

  • "A group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status".

When used as an adjective, the word elite can be defined by the description:

  • "Selected as the best".

Yet in practice, words like "elite" and "successful" can mean different things to different people. To some, elite may share descriptions like aristocracy, upper class, upper crust, and so on.

To others, a successful person is simply someone who is living life on their own terms. 

For me, the quality of being elite has a special meaning. So I've reframed and expanded the definition of elite to include:

  • Working out how to live your life your way.
  • Helping other people solve the kinds of problems for which you know, you know the best answer.
  • Understanding that wealth is about having the choice of how you spend your time, not about how much stuff we have.
  • Creating tools and methods that perfect how to be debt-free and cash-positive at the same time.
  • Providing a useful contribution.
  • Making work enjoyable, relaxed, and so worthwhile that work becomes a fun way to spend your time.

So What Really Makes a Person Elite or Successful?

In the context of this article, however, I believe that the development of elite people has little to do with background, history, race, gender, genetics, IQ, inherited wealth, or the possession of money for its own sake (although, not surprisingly, money tends to flow more easily toward elite people who apply the "12 Qualities" below).

Rather, I suggest that the brand of true elitism we're referring to here stems from possessing or choosing to adopt a specific attitude; a way of looking at the world around us that is different to the outlook of most people. The good news is, attitude is a state of mind that can be switched almost instantly.

The 12 Qualities Of Truly Elite People

Successful business owners tend to evolve as a natural result of the earnest development and application of following 12 characteristics or qualities:

  • How we choose to use time. Hint: use it wisely, effectively, so that we can free up more time to enjoy the fruits of online success that we generate.
  • Our desire and openness to learn new things. Hint: when we make learning fun, our personal investment in career education pays off.
  • The measure of focus; a desire to concentrate our thoughts, develop and practice the application of focused effort is essential.
  • Acceptance of the simple fact that each of us, as individuals, can be the personal brand that is often central to our online business, especially for authors, writers and membership subscription website providers.
  • How well we use our individual brand — "The Brand of You". Hint: really get to know yourself. Be creative, inventive, unique, individual. Above all, be different, or die alongside the millions of clones already out there.
  • How strong is the desire to apply what we learn. This quality is about how taking action makes the difference.
  • How strong is our desire to learn constantly; to explore, test, make mistakes, get backup, and eventually master the art and science of effective online persuasion through reasoned argument, engagement, interaction and belief inducement, using the deceptively simple, yet awesome power of words. Hint: especially on the web, the best communicators influence outcomes more than any other single factor.
  • How well we understand — really understand — what trust means, its true value, how to grow trust and why it must be earned and how we can lose it in an instant. Hint: when we master how to build trust online amid a global climate of distrust, we win — big. Trust is the true currency of the web. Not surprisingly, when trust governs how we do business online, everything gets easier.
  • How earnestly we are prepared to test, test, and test some more, to find what works (for us). Accept that the path to the same destination can be different for others, though the tools and methods can be the same. Just because Method A works outstandingly well for Person B, doesn't mean that if  we repeat the exact same process of Method A for Person C, we'll get the same results. That's not how online connections work.
  • Our capacity to still have fun within a work-obsessed world. Hint: this suggested guideline is about balance. Work is just work but "smelling the roses" is always magical, providing your can still meet your basic needs. Suggestion: make more magic especially if you work more than 20 hours per week.
  • Our desire to persist with our vision of what we seek to build amid the chaos that may surround us. Chaos, to a lesser or larger extent, is the default condition or direction of life, to ensure that natural selection or evolution takes place. Without remedial steps, everything slowly (sometimes quickly) moves toward the desire for something different. The universe seems to love contrast, and chaos looks to be part of that mix. Consider the analogy of a car driver driving a car. Without continual action to keep the car on course, the vehicle would soon crash. Likewise, our job is to constantly apply corrective action that moves us step by step closer to what we seek. If we don't strive to chart our own course, we're at the mercy of whims and stronger outside forces.
  • Our capacity to be flexible, to change, adapt and evolve as we develop our vision online. Hint: we're all on a journey. Rarely is every journey a straight line; course corrections, even a complete change of course is sometimes required. Hint: get your compass out; check your direction regularly and take the steps you need to bring yourself back on course for what you want.

So why not little by little, day by day, work your plans to make yourself elite in the truest sense? Enjoy the fruits of your labors and build the lifestyle you want. Strive to be free: the view is always better.

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