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Thinking about starting a web business? Here are three absolutely powerful ideas:

While 3 is a simple, compelling "brief" number, short and straightforward does not mean lacking vibrancy, push, vigour. So time for a little reality check:

  • You're one of a kind.
  • There's no-one else quite like you anywhere.
  • Assume you have been born with special talents and irreplaceable gifts which you may not have even discovered yet.

However, hidden depths just revealed are like fragile ornaments: they need special care and attention. One wrong word, a criticism here, a rebuff there, can stifle your first shoots of wonder, in seconds or minutes. Later, you can laugh away such "pebbles of discontent", but for now, be gentle with yourself. Guard your dreams carefully. Little acorns can build remarkable trees.

So, if you're not already applying the following, I recommend you do so as soon as possible:

  • Accept the idea that your life is indeed special. That's the same for everyone. The odds of being born human are millions to one: and you've made the leap.
  • First, get to know yourself well and intimately understand what you want for your life.
  • Don't stress too much about your perceived faults. You may find that these are the flip-side to essential strengths, and that the energy that drives one, also drives the other! Instead, why not explore ways to better learn how to manage your negative traits, always striving for constant self-improvement?
  • Build in and surround yourself with a supportive environment and release anything or anyone who directly or indirectly drags you back down to the bad old habits that no longer serve you, as you move into a new mindset.

What Should I Concentrate On?

Focus on what you do best - that's the best leverage for your time and effort.

In the beginning, or while you can "discover your passion" what you do best right now may not always be what you love spending all of your work time doing.

However, if what you do best can generate income today, or can be adapted to generate sufficient income to meet your needs, soon, you have a good starting place.

Build up your strengths, then work out how to use those to help others solve their problems.

You Can Be Stumbling And Hopping Like A One-Legged Duck In The Middle Of Chaos

Sometimes, you may not yet know what you do best, or what you want to focus on. You may have to battle away at something, making mistake after mistake, yet still enduring, still moving forward, and in weeks or months ahead, start to wonder what else you can do.

For a while, you may develop a kind of love-hate relationship, with hard-to-grasp topics, over which later, you may achieve some level of mastery.

So sometimes, don't be afraid to just work away at something you want to learn more about, and accept the first few embarrassing, stumbling efforts as "part of the price" you can pay, as you "plant your seeds". Your crop harvest can come later.

Take courage, persist, and go with the flow if that approach works for you.

For other essential activities and skills your web business needs, I recommend you hire someone else or look for ways to involve others who are more suited to those roles. For maximum return, let value for money, not cost, determine your choices.

Start somewhere, anywhere, just begin. You don't need all the answers to everything you may think you need immediately, so resist any feelings of overwhelm.

Key point: yet most important of all, during this early phase when your enthusiasm for your project may be especially high, take the time and effort to test, research and confirm that your business idea really is sustainable, workable, practical and sufficiently profitable. If not, re-think your plan.

When To Begin And How to Maintain Momentum

Key point: providing your plan is sound, at any single time, you only need establish how best to take the next few steps. Reserving the choice to react differently to unexpected outcomes or changing circumstances can prove to be essential.

Take focused action every day toward your goals. "A little bit closer" adds up over time. Don't let the seemingly relentless demons of inaction: doubt, fear and anxiety cripple your days. Why? If doubt creeps it can cause fear, which if nurtured, causes anxiety — which can paralyze you from taking any kind of beneficial focused action. And you can slip back into the abyss that you so much want to escape.

Understand that a new web business takes time to build. Rome certainly wasn't built in a day. Likewise, rarely will you be in a position fortunate enough to have a profitable web business overnight. Most offline businesses take weeks, months, sometimes years, to build up; those on the web are no different — whatever hyped up nonsense you may otherwise be exposed to.

Key tip: trust that the real fun lies in your journey and what you discover and become while you're making your way to your destination of greater self-reliance, more freedom, a better quality of life!

In future parts, we'll explore the practical areas of starting a fun, profitable, and worthwhile web business.

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