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Develop A Keen Interest In The Art Of Selling

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Selling and the subtle arts of persuasion and negotiation, are probably the most important skills anyone can ever learn. Why: they're transferable in practically every job role. Yet I never cease to be amazed that little consideration is given to these essential life skills to our young students completing their final compulsory school years.

Successfully perfecting how to truly engage, persuade and sell products and services using a website, or an app, calls for an amazing, high level of inter-personal skills. If you can do that effectively, you'll almost certainly be equipped to communicate well with anyone in any situation: how valuable is that?

What's more, as a result of mastering the art of selling, whatever you later decide to do with your web business, you will have developed a range of talents that can set you up for life and open up a variety of new career options to you, should you then decide to move in a different direction. That's precisely why, you can't lose.

So I highly recommend that you learn all you can about selling. Study persuasion (not manipulation) techniques.

Key tip: persuasion is uplifting and positive providing a great alternative for war. Effective communication raises life up. Manipulation however, breeds distrust, pulls both sides down and almost always comes back to bite the sender.

Turning Mistakes Into Positive Experiences

We can practice what we learn and aim to make mistakes as fast as possible! Yes, you read correctly, I encourage all of us to make mistakes quickly. Except, for every mistake, when we realize our error, we can take special note of how and why our specific outcome happened. Then move on, with that new knowledge and more life experience stored within our brains.

The more mistakes we make and learn from, the sooner we become both an accomplished spectator and mindful participant of the human condition. The best teachers are also perpetual students.

Take Steps. Leave Footprints. Communicate. Find A Way 

If you're not naturally interested in selling, more than ever, I recommend that you look for ways to force yourself to explore, discover and apply effective ways to make contact with potential buyers.

On many occasions, we can start a learning activity that at first we may dislike. Yet with some persistence and the encouragement of repeated small wins over time, such activities can become transformed into enjoyed participation — that may lead on to mastery, and all the benefits that follow.

When going into business, you have to really get the importance of selling and persuasion. Even if you know you have the best widget anywhere, people don't know that. You have to make your case clear.

Doesn't matter if you don't get many wins when you're first starting out with this new proactive selling mindset — just so long as you keep your interest in selling and learning better ways to sell.

Key sales tip: few people want to see more ads or get sold yet another expensive item. However, many folks want to buy new things or invest in new products and services.

If we re-read those last two sentences slowly, get to intimately understand the difference and apply the lesson learned, within our sales and marketing materials, I suggest orders will fly in through the front door of any such enlightened web business.

In a nutshell: we love buying, we just don't often like being sold to — even when a bargain is placed before us. Your challenge is to help your customers buy from you, in the knowledge that your answer, your solution, your product truly meets and exceeds their needs.

What Do You REALLY Think About Money?

Also, clarify and if necessary, re-frame your view about money.

Some people I've spoken to don't want to think about money, as though it is something below them, or which is dirty in some way. This is simply wrong.

If you have mixed feelings about money, I suggest you look at the topic again. There is nothing evil about money when you view money simply as a means to an end.

Yes, there may be much corruption; people in places of huge influence and power often let us down. But these are their choices and are not relevant to you, or me, as we build our web businesses.

If you have conscience issues, appreciate that only when you have more than you need, you can do much good with excess money.

So what is money really? Essentially, it's a form of energy. A transaction is a transfer of energy from one participant to another: that's all. Selling and persuasion is how we engage with others to action or cause the energy transfers we want to take place.

Why Wealth Is Good For You And Your World

As one of your key targets, aim for a level of wealth that meets and exceeds your needs. For only through abundant wealth can you have enough to share with others.

However, true wealth is not the amount of money we may possess, but rather about choice. The level of choice we have in how spend our time, or live our lives, is a great idea. Enough money creates its own special kind of Freedom. Furthermore, freedom of choice, combined with peace of mind, provides a great receipe for the true currency of wealth. 

Many people have the good fortune to realize sooner rather than later in their lives, that chasing money simply to keep having more, or to buy more "stuff" is a pointless, souless activity. Time freedom is a far more attractive alternative.

Understand that money, as energy, never runs out: it only changes (recipient) and there is always more money available — even in times of economic recession.

We can manage our path to wealth without letting the desire for more money, manage us. Money is only one component in our lives, that's all. I absolutely know that you can live a rich life on far less than a millionaire or multimillionaire.

Money "happiness" is also related to our costs. If you can lower your costs, you "earn" more without doing anything else.

We're also reminded that money alone is not the key to lifelong happiness: we constantly read stories of how sudden extreme wealth comes to people who are simply not mentally equipped to handle such excess. As a result, often lives are ruined.

Money is simply a ticket: that can help us get to the kind of lifestyle we seek. Often, it's what we do to pay for our ticket that equips us favorably to handle the diamonds that may emerge later.

Round-up tip: investigate and explore ways to attract wealth, rather than having to strive excessively to pull wealth to you. How:

  • I suggest that in order to complete more favorable transactions, we start by thinking of our customer's needs first and foremost.
  • Explore and determine creative, attractive ways that help your clients. Then explore how to craft solutions that are profitable for your business, and include those in your products and services.

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