Twenty-One Life Tips To Help You Discover Who You Really Are

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Of course, there are many more than 21 simple ideas to help us build new and better personal tomorrows.

However, 21 can offer a good start:

  • Be proud of your accomplishments. Even small wins can become seeds to something far larger, far better later.
  • Understand the difference between wealth and money. Then focus on working out how to build more weath. Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having the choice of how you spend your time. Yes, we can appreciate the difference while not ignoring either. One million dollars or a million pounds in income might seem like a great number, but if your debts are one million, or more, how better off are you really?
  • Resist the snake-oil sales tactics littering the web that suggest you can have all you want in life for little or no effort, and still look in the mirror and like the person you see. No amount of chanting, meditating, wishing, dreaming, or any other mental distractions can take the place of actions taken in the real world. You're wiser; you know better. Planned action is the way to luck. Planning helps you choose a course. Action is what gets you to your destination.
  • You can create your own luck in your work. While no successful outcomes can ever be guaranteed, lucky outcomes tend to happen when planning meets action, in combination with persistence "fishing", especially when outward circumstances suggest nothing but failure. "Just a little more", is a great positive phrase. As they say, the night is darkest just before the dawn. In my work life, I have "fished" often, caught little, stayed the course, only to find gold a little later. You can too.
  • Think up and put into action ways that can help you possess more than you owe. The world, and almost everyone wants you to have more debt. Why: that's how you're controlled more easily. So join the undercover resistance and fight your debts. Create or get a plan to help you reduce your debts and remove them as soon as possible. While every debt reduction helps, usually best to tackle those that charge you the highest rate of interest first.  
  • Understand the difference between good debts and bad debts. While debt is a fact for most of us today, all debt is a weight on your life. Though like a managed risk, if you can bear the weight for sufficiently long enough for the weight to lighten, you can win over time. Some debts, like a home mortgage, investment in a promising business, or training for an in-demand skill, may ultimately work well for you (though a profitable return is never guaranteed). Other debts, such as borrowing to pay for a holiday or vacation can be considered a bad debt, if the cost is not paid off quickly soon after your purchase.  
  • Work smart to earn more than you spend. Get comfortable with words and phrases like "boring", "less", and "low cost". Resist unnecessary purchases. Limit your choices.
  • Working well doesn't necessarily mean you need to work too hard. The so-called "Puritan ethic" designed for a much more dangerous, uncertain world, can be bad for your stress levels. Usually, and especially in peacetime, we have different challenges to overcome today. While money is just energy in the form of paper or patterns on a screen, all the money in the entire world won't buy us even a single extra heartbeat when one is needed at a moment's notice.
  • Practise thinking up good ideas that could help you earn more income. Consider many options, but choose one or two. Most of your ideas may, after further consideration, fail to make good sense. However, early ideas can often be essential to your thinking process and maybe even form the basis of winners that emerge later. Applying your own creative brain can help you earn more money than you may have ever dreamed possible, while spending more time on activities you enjoy. 
  • You can rely on yourself, but also be sure of who else you can rely on too. Unless you're especially fortunate in having remarkable people around you, probably best not to depend too much on others for your core income returns. Strive to shorten and simplify the path between what's in your brain and the end result of what you seek to do with that information, or output. "If it is to be, it is up to me" is one of those truisms that seems to stand the test of time, with good reason.
  • Lighten up: make your work more fun. Or discover what makes you smile, then go and make that your job.
  • Never lose interest in learning something new each day. Try going outside of your usual areas to reveal more about yourself.
  • The right kind of insightful knowledge can help you live a life that is free, more relaxed, independent, giving service to others as you build a web-focused profitable business.
  • Why wait to live your dream? There is never a more better time to get started than right now! If you don't, you'll always have another excuse tomorrow. A series of tomorrows can make up a lifetime. Now is a good time — it's the one time we're guaranteed to own.
  • Break your seemingly endless list of tasks into smaller, achievable baby steps. Then toddle like you've never toddled before. Soon, crawling and scrambling around will come easy, so you'll be walking, running, jumping fences, and if you want, soar with eagles.
  • Simplify your life. You're not an elastic band, so don't need to get pulled in many different directions at the same time.
  • Focus on what you do well, yet still make the time to probe outside of your comfort zone. We only really grow when we stretch, or when life stretches us.
  • Where possible, make good use of the Internet — the Net harbours many gems. Yes, there are sharks, but you can learn to avoid those and navigate to the wonderful vistas, new experiences, the people you'll meet, and more.
  • Do your electronic devices and social media sources want to eat your soul? If you think, yes, don't let your PC, Apple Mac, tablet device, or smartphone win. Take ownership, rather than endure "slaveship". Set up your device to make life easier for yourself — not harder. Control your devices, before they control you. If necessary, spend the time you need to reorganise your files so that they make better sense to you.
  • Think like a snake — wriggle around your problems. There's always a way: strive to never give up.
  • Life is short, so do what you can to make it last!

So by all means: (1) do plan, then: (2) do take action. Yes, we need both, but one without the other is only a pipe-dream.

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