Boltholes, Bubbles, Bitcoins And Banter

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Without doubt, sometimes modern life sucks! Fake news. Fear, uncertainty, doubt (FUD), as we strive to navigate our way through "The Age of Stupid". We're all steeped in and exposed to these swampy quagmires, that at every opportunity, seek to pull us down. Misery truly does like company. So here, like the warmth from a turf fire in winter, we have a remedy.

For writers, thinkers, ponderers, brooders, web heads, and absolutely anyone who yearns for time and space to think, to plan, to ponder, to conspire, to drip carefully chosen words for their next page-turner drop-by-drop onto the page, or for no particular reason whatsoever, sometimes, a suitable bolthole helps open up creative, emotional floodgates.

So, for a few minutes more, why not join me on an imaginary journey and spirit yourself away to some bolthole somewhere?

How about the Highlands of Scotland?

Prepare to discover ancient mayhem and mystery, mashed and lashed through the mists of time, to meet a modern-day friendliness and openness that can be unmatched.

Work First, Then Play

While for us, meaningful work always comes first, we can still balance our graft with a little play.

We can hit the pause button: close the laptop lid for a while.

Such little magic moments make a lifetime enriched, and provide a bolthole "anti-fragile" antidote to political and economic nonsense, near and far.

Bolthole Discoveries

For a possible bolthole location, the Isle of Skye or a croft home somewhere lost in the Highlands of Scotland, offers an enticing, seductive, temptation.

During summer's long yawn, yes, we have lots of sunny summer days that seem to last longer than they should. Maybe you thought you were dreaming; probably not. 

Yet sometimes, here on Scotland's edge, nearer the start or end of the year, you can meet four seasons in a single day. And there are days when the wind howls and the rain torrents in bucketfuls. Thankfully, most homes built by local builders who truly understand what is needed, are usually sturdy, strong, robust. 

A chance encounter and turn of events meant that we moved up here 17 years ago, from York, England. Our two kids grew up in a home on land that not so long ago was part of the sprawling MacDonald crofting estate.

Our next generation enjoyed the freedom, fresh air, safety: precious sentiments we simply accepted as normal, yet in later times, more wiser still, mum and dad realised they took for granted.

A few years ago, M and J were all grown up and of course, couldn't wait to get away. To find the bright lights and feel the throb of a different world.

Yet as opportunities allow, sometimes even flown-away birds still yearn to keep coming back home to Scotland and Skye. And again, why not?

Eilean a' Cheò seems to have a mysterious, irrepressible, intoxicating magic, that once infected, is hard to shift (and why would we?). There's a call and a plea to the wild from Skye stones and rocks almost as old as the world itself.

Sometimes, after time spent away, even the occasional swirling mists seem to beckon "Welcome back".

So of course: boltholes have their uses, and pleasant memories are like an itch that no amount of scratching seems to fix.

A Little Contemplation In The Eye Of The Storm

While the world scampers on, and central banks play roulette and musical chairs with world economies, we try to ignore the madness, while still staying engaged, ever present, ever mindful, and ever ready. For what ... we're not quite sure. But we'll know when it happens.

Nevertheless, even in crackpot times, when up is down, and down is up, there's still much to be grateful for. For me, gratitude is like a wonderful, simple cup of tea, best sipped slowly, fully mindful, and wide awake.

One thing seems sure: a place can change you.

Being marinated within an environment dominated by nature's whims, affects mood, moderates extremes, and helps remind us of what really matters.

And Yet ... Something New Is Stirring

While politicians plan and plot, react and reverberate, the world moves on anyway.

As the future does what it will, we can relish learning about "new bubbles" like:

Yet, we're mindful that some technology bubbles can become part of daily life much sooner than we may think.

If you want to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a great resource to explore is At the time of writing, you can discover key information on 6000+ crypto coins, 800+ cryptocurrency exchanges, and 100+ digital wallets.

And yes, Scotcoin too is getting listed on superb blockchain data sources like

As for all newer, cutting-edge technologies: we have been here before ... countless times. How so? 

How Accurate Is Our History?

Our human story has experienced many bubbles. In the spirit of fighting fake news, let's explore some home truths, a small sample of 6 "bubbles" from a long, glorious list that went on to change our entire world:

There are countless wins that stretch back through jagged times.

Moreover, we marvel at how the process of invention and creation may be more about improving on what already exists, or is already proven, rather than creating something completely new from nothing. 

This author is convinced that much of today's technologies have been built upon layer as different people improved on what came before them.

For example, two of my heroes include the Wright brothers who built and flew the world's first successful motor-operated airplane.

However, I'm also astonished to learn about Abbas Ibn Firnas. Consider:

How grateful we are to so many different people throughout history.

Yet many other remarkable, technological, world-changing, advances were considered bubbles and "frauds" at the start, dismayed and criticised by top "global experts".

How wrong they were. Likewise today, similar mistakes, oversights, and misunderstandings are plentiful.

Are we at a fork in the road offering two paths, two choices:

  • One path could lead to a new golden age, helped by advanced technologies that are used mostly in ways that serve all of humanity.
  • The other more painful route takes us in a different direction. One from which we will need to relearn old lessons yet again.

And yet there is hope.

Quiet Please: Blockchain Rebuilding Is In Progress

A new, younger, gentler, tech-savvy generation is now pulling us all forward.

Blockchain looks like it's going to quietly break the world, then put it back together — differently. Maybe better. Maybe not. We'll find out for sure.

If you're new to cryptocurrencies, we can learn a lot from simple question and answer sources like the FAQ page from Plus, you discover even more useful information, tips, techniques, and knowhow from their engaging, informative blog.

However we can but hope that the transition to a better decentralised tomorrow appears seamless to most people.

Even so, we think there is turbulence ahead, so we fasten our seatbelts, build up reserves, and recommend you do too.

The genie is out of the bottle, and isn't going back in anytime soon.

That's why a bolthole enriched with simpler living can offer a saner approach to modern life, to help recharge, rekindle, regroup.

Your Turn: Creating A Little Sanity, Anywhere, Anytime

Skye is our bolthole.

We hope you can find yours too!

Though if not, don't despair:

  • Perhaps what we can envisage in "our mind's eye" is far more important, and always has been.
  • For the human mind creates instantly.
  • At any time and anywhere, we can forge our own unique mental bolthole.
  • We can close our eyes and let imagination soar. Do it. Do it now. Are you there yet? 

If you're still with me, and not yet already drifting off into your own fantasy world creation, for now, why not enjoy some musical celebrations from two world renowned groups sourced from the Scottish Highlands?

Skye Celtic Rock Band: Runrig, Singing "Maymorning" (from the "Party on the Moor" DVD)

A fun, energy-packed music track to help you feel more alive.

If the embedded video above doesn't play for you, try going directly to the Runrig YouTube link

Discover more stunning creations from Runrig at: Soundcloud.comApple iTunes, and more.

Celtic Folk Band From Argyll: Capercaillie, singing "At The Heart Of It All"

Winding down now. A thoughtful, beautifully choreographed soundtrack. Time to chill, relax with Capercaillie.

Discover about the remarkable Capercaille also at: Soundcloud.comApple iTunes, and more.

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