A Personal Success Blueprint

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To get from where we are now to where we want to be is possible with careful and considered planning, focused commitment and sufficient action. Once up and running, we may need to jump back two or three steps and move in a slightly different direction, in order to eventually get back on course.

Yet that's OK: testing, probing and making course corrections and adjustments are part of our plan — even when we're not yet aware of their presence. Consider the following guidelines as a basis for forming your own "Achievement Plan":

Start With A Big Dream

Yes, be unreasonable, outrageous even. Define your dream — EXACTLY. Be really precise; taste it; feel it.

Get to know the mountain you're going to climb, or the path you're going to walk.

Though what exactly is a "big dream"? If you knew you couldn't fail, your big dream is what you would choose to do with your life.

Only One?

Who said you can only have one big dream? People have hopes and dreams and wishes and asperations and more. You may have several big wants: that's okay too.

For each of your desires, you can apply the ideas and suggestions in this article as a template to help you move closer to and achive any worthy big goal. 

Write About Your Dream

Don't write just a few lines: fill up an entire page or more; expand into the details.

Writing about your dream is important since that is the first step to making it real.

There's something about documenting a desire that starts to make it all real, gets your attention and lets you know to yourself that you're serious.

Writing can also help highlight new possibilities at the same time.

What's more, when your write what is in your heart; what is most important to you, you give it life; permanence; your dream is born and a new chapter begins.

Above all, as a writer, speaker or web communicator, you can better appreciate than perphas many others, the power that words can have in your life.

Even better, in time, you can share those words with others, to help spread your "magic pixie dust" far and wide. By helping other people, you help yourself: that's the natural justice of the universe hard at work.

Spend Time, Effort And Yes, Money On Your Big Dream

Get to know the benefits and the features. All good investments we benefit from require investments from us at the start.

A dream that involves having a lot of money is only a feature.

However, being able to enjoy the freedom to decide how you spend your day (perhaps through having sufficient money resources), is a benefit.

Appreciate the difference between features and benefits.

Begin In Earnest. Create An Outline Plan


Begin: time to get more specific.  

Document the 5 or 6 big steps that get you to your dream. If you can't find at least 5 or 6, think more deeply about each stage: you'll find them, they are there.

Learn About Making Business Plans, Then Make Yours Too

If you're planning on becoming a full-time writer, speaker, presenter or website provider, don't forget you're also going into business, so understand what that means.

Create and develop a personal brand. Though, at this early stage, keep in mind, your business plan doesn't need to be too specific, too precise.

Why: your business plan may (almost certainly will) change over time. Keep things fluid. Cultivate the ethos of flexibility.

Next, Break Down Your Outline Plan Into Believable Action Steps With Bite-Sized Goals That Have Firm Deadlines

Yes, you want to be flexible, but you also want to see progress. You can do that with self-accountability and measurement. 

Work back from the end result you want to where you are now. Understand what you need to do to complete each big step?

Start To Implement Your Plan

Set reasonable deadlines for each day: strive to keep to them. Genuinely celebrate your gains.

Don't beat yourself up about your misses — just be aware of them; watch how you feel when you miss the mark. Sense the feeling and resolve to avoid that feeling next time.

Truly Understand That Given The Right Inputs, You Can Probably Have Anything That You Put Your Mind To, But You Can't Have Everything

Choices and focus. 

Each of us has a container that we hope gets emptied every 24 hours, ready to fill again with whatever we choose.

In order to start to build your dream, you'll need to agree to lose something. That something might be important to you. For example, you might decide to spend less time watching television or supporting other hobbies for a while.

Whatever you do, you need to commit to implementing your action steps and appreciate that something else has to go to ensure you can meet your new goals.

Connect With Other People Who Can Help You

Contact those who specialize in the skills and activities that may be essential to your plan, but which you don't really enjoy.

Don't try to do everything. Concentrate on your core interests. Your goal here is to work smarter, not necessarily harder.

Look At Your Plan Each Week To Check And Evaluate How You're Doing

Tick off your gains and keep going. Be prepared to further adjust your plans, tweak, develop your steps.

If at the outset, you think you're the dog, but over time, your dog's tail is spending more time wagging you, the dog, you might consider that is a signal to even change direction.

You might decide to let the tail of your business take the lead. Now the dog's tail may become your core business.

Keep Your Goals And Dreams In Sight — Daily!

Goals and dreams are similar to bathing: we benefit when we do them daily. Visualize yourself achieving your desires step by step.

Evaluate Your Progress Monthly, Six-Monthly And Yearly

Periodic business checks helps us know where we're going and how we're doing. 

However, I suggest, don't evaluate at the year end — slide into a month before or after. Why? The end of the calendar year can be stressful.

Communicate With Your Peers

You're not an island and you don't need to climb your mountain alone. Connecting with other like-minded people is good for your soul. Getting feedback on your plans is essential.

Each Time You Complete 10 Smaller Steps, Give Yourself An Extra Small Reward

Why? Why not — you've opted for the path of courage and that makes you worth more both to yourself and to others who will also benefit from your brave choice in the future.

Understand That Relaxation Is Actually A Key Part Of Working Your Plan

Rest and relaxation is actually part of your work. Non-stop work is for robots and machines — and robots and artificial intelligence routines don't have and can never have soul, spirit, humanity. Yet without proper maintenance and repairs, even all robots break eventually.

If you don't get sufficient rest and adequate contrast to your normal work activities, how can you expect to provide your best?

Don't Underestimate Or Undervalue Your Own Achievements

We humans have a tendency to play down the great things we may do, while at the same time, we like to over-emphasise our faults or exaggerate our failures. Don't play those games. Why: above all, you need to be truthful to yourself.

Remember, Strive For Balance

Nothing is ever black and white; there are shades of grey in most areas of life. Balance keeps you in play.

Your dream, while compelling, does not have to take over your life. You don't have to live in the extremes. Relish the contrasts: that's why they exist.

Never Ever Give Up

Like a yacht sailing the ocean, you'll make adjustments to help keep your course steady, and keep you on your path. The astonishing powers of patience, persistence and perseverance are yours to use.

Enjoy The Journey To Better Times And Have A Lot of Fun Along The Way

Remember, you're not in a race; life is already too serious for many folks; playfulness and laughter are essential to your well-being.

Relish! You're on your way.

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