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So, just what is it that you need to do, be, or learn to persuade a sufficient number of people to buy your books, visit and revisit your website and buy your products and services?

Surely there must be some hidden "secret" that only those who are "in the know" have somehow found or discovered, don't you think? I beg to differ. Essentially, there are only three things you need to do so that everything else you desire can follow:

  • Take communication seriously. Treat your writing as your job or a key part of your job. Nevertheless, a steely, focused resolve doesn't mean not having fun — absolutely do look for ways to help make the business of writing and perfecting how to communicate well enjoyable for you.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. However, do try to take note of each mistake and find a remedy. Sure, it takes guts to adopt a positive and courageous willingness to make mistakes and learn from each of them. You can do that — easily. You've been learning from your mistakes for your entire life — it comes with being human. With a lesson learned, move on. That's growth.
  • Do all you can to learn how to perfect the kind of writing you prefer to focus on. Why: different kinds of writing call for different approaches if you want to get the best return on your time investment in a commitment to continual, lifelong learning. For example, writing a superb fiction book calls for one set of skills; writing for the web make other demands, writing a speech for a video script is different still — even though they all share common characteristics. Know about your kind of writing and perfect it well.

That's all you need, really! Everything else follows. Even so, here are some more key tips.

How To Write And Speak From Your Heart — And Why That Matters

Your readers or website visitors are more perceptive than you may at first think. They pick up on your enthusiasm; charisma and chemistry when you deliver a "warm", sincere style of writing.

Key tip: if you don't use sincerity, warmth, personal relevance, your message may just dissolve into the great "gray" sea of irrelevant, forgotten things and ideas; the "white noise" of the web. When that happens your readers, listeners or viewers simply forget about you in the blink of any eye — yes, that quickly!

Your key goal therefore, is to build some kind of trust in the subconscious mind of your reader (books, articles), listener (MP3 audio files) visitor (website) or viewer (videos).

The kinds of words and phrases you choose are important. Why is "warm writing" or "warm thinking" significant? Answer: bonding — the kind you see in business that takes place when a transaction happens — follows more easily when you naturally seek to "connect" with your readers and visitors.

Why You Shouldn't Use the Same Techniques as Established Names Like Apple, Amazon, eBay and Microsoft

No transaction takes place until some kind of bonding has occurred. Ah but, you might say, when I buy from Amazon, or eBay, or Microsoft, I don't bond, I just search for what I want and buy if I find something suitable!

My answer: in these instances, the bond is already made in the brand that you already trust. When we go to Amazon, Google, Apple, we already know the kinds of things they sell; moreover, we know that they're going to deliver on their promises and not run away with our money. That's the power of brand

More importantly however, because you and I are not Apple, Amazon, eBay or Microsoft, we cannot use the same approach to "connect" with our buyers and readers. We have to find a way to bond — quickly if possible.

To create our "connection" we first need to come across as someone who our customer thinks may offer relevant, unique value, and that comes when you explore ways to get to know your readers, listeners and visitors.

Since we are not eBay or Amazon, we have to demonstrate using a variety of ways to show that our website brand too can indeed be trusted just like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft or eBay, when they were smaller start-ups.

Bonding to your recipient is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect. Some people find the process easily, others struggle. Why: when you're writing an article, book, website or recording a message or creating a short video, in one sense, you're using words to "speak" to someone who doesn't exist. Except, they do exist. Each reader or buyer is an individual, alive today.

That's why the process can sometimes seem difficult. However, the solution is surprisingly simple.

Here's what to do: in your own mind, simply bring your imaginary reader to life. In your mind's eye, you see her face, his face. Now she does exist; now he's at least curious to hear what you've got to say.

But what is the true value of gaining the attention of your target customers? Answer: huge! The difference between no success, moderate success and potentially mind-blowing, outrageous success.

Why? When someone reads or hears or views what you have to say, they're handing over to you a part of their life: that's the power of attention! Respect that power and use it wisely with gratitude it deserves. Hold the power like you would hold a tiny baby, or a budding plant: gently.

Key tip: attention is a limited span of time. Every second, every word counts. The longer you can command attention of more and more people, the more likely you'll generate more sales, more serendipity.

That's why you'll stand to do well if you strive to make your piece worthy of your readers' time and attention they're giving you.

How: first and foremost, always think in terms of quality rather than quantity. Second, remember only individual people buy. Then your resulting sales figures can develop the habit of straining your bank balance — a nice, welcome scenario to most people.

How to Handle Fear

You've already taken a positive step by being here. Build on it. Jump out of your comfort zone and reach deep into your soul. All you need is already waiting for you to bring it out.

Worried about making a fool of yourself? Excellent! Fear is a wonderful driver.

Key tip: here's a common myth: that successful people are naturally confident. I suggest to you that you can be scared out of your wits and still produce fantastic results! As a result, of facing your  "fear of failure" demons every day, you stand to become more self-confident and more successful in your work life and probably private life too.

Key tip: in any endeavor worthy of you, just turning up is 80% of your success "muscle". Yet many forget that. All they can see is the remaining 20% — the finished product — usually the most visible aspect and end result of efforts made. So remember the awesome power of just committing to work at what you want to do — even if you invest only a little time each day.

Don't concern yourself with what others think. Absolutely everyone has made mistakes at some stage — and tomorrow is a new day with different possibilities. Few pay much attention to yesterday's news; neither should you.

Revel in what it is that makes you, you — warts and all!

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