Can Smart Creatives Save Your Business?

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Business life has changed much during the "Internet century" through which we are living. Google, like many successful companies, continues to evolve, question, innovate, and to use a well established writer's phrase, is not afraid to "slay its darlings", if they are considered no longer to meet the goals they seek to meet.

No matter what business sector we may be currently participating in, we can all learn much from those who have gone before us, or who have found a "different path" that works for them.

Especially in today's more chaotic and fast changing business climate, questioning our assumptions - any and all - makes sense. Moreover, one group of people, at least, can help businesses and other organizations, thrive in today's world.

In the slideshow link below, courtesy of Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle, we can explore lessons learned in "How Google Works". Also, with thanks yet again to

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