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Beautiful Swiss mountain cabin landscape photo vista explores different ways that you can build a relaxed, fun and profitable "web-financed lifestyle". As a plain English author, writer, web designer, and enthusiastic alternative lifestyle design advocate based on the idyllic Isle of Skye in Scotland, let me assure you, that the standard of life we enjoy has convinced me that for many people, life really, really doesn't have to be so hard.

Tip 1: the key, I think, is in the choices we make and the often erroneous limitations we put on ourselves. What's more, we don't have to do evil to live a full, rich high quality lifestyle.

Tip 2: there's always, always another way around a problem.

Here's how to join the growing number of "Internettipers" worldwide who say enough is enough, and decide to make their work life a relaxed, fun and profitable activity. You can say no to commuting. No to the 9-to-5 grind. No to the "For me to have more, you must have less ..." mindset.

We think you need only 3 "ingredients" to enjoy "Web Success Without Stress":

  • A good, reliable connection to the web. Take your pick: broadband, DSL, satellite, mobile. As infrastructure improves, even fixed-line or Fibre-To-The-Premises (FTTP) are now becoming more common.
  • An outstanding, extraordinary, world-class website publishing solution such as a superb static website generator like Publii. Or, if your needs are more complex, a Web Content Management (CMS) system like Joomla, WordPress, or Drupal. Why: to stand out, I suggest that you develop an elitist mindset — elite in the sense that you strive for quality first and foremost. Even today, the web still provides the best, low cost options that allow us to connect with human beings anywhere on the planet. With a successful web-based business, you can truly reclaim your life.
  • Develop the right knowledge and skills to provide your content, find your customers, and sell your solutions. Perhaps Roger C Parker says it best: "The ability to write is the ability to succeed in business". Anyone and everyone reading this page can learn or improve and discover how to create profitable active and passive income streams through effective, low-cost web-based publishing, using websites, or ebooks, or tablet and mobile apps, or all three.

Would You Too Like to "Work" 1 Day Per Week? 

Here at, that's exactly what we do — for fun and profit! Who said we must all work 40 hours per week? Unless, your work becomes your fun. If you master the art of Internet-financed lifestyle design and can earn all you need working only one day per week, we say, go for it: you've just achieved

Key Goal Number 4! Once you discover and embrace "lifestyle re-design", continuing and maintaining the process is easy. Another reason why our website slogan is "Web Success Without Stress". 

In the same way that we learn any number of activities — driving a car for example — we can learn how to write and publish articles that are compelling, engaging and profitable; create persuasive websites; exciting, absorbing books and ebooks; compose video and audio files and interact with people the world over, for a lower cost today, than ever before!

Tip 3: the right free and low-cost tools can make content production easier and more accessible today to non-specialist and non-technical users everywhere.

Discover Amazing, Awesome "Power" Web Publishing! 

We can show you techniques, tips and tricks that are simply awesome in their publishing power. For example, how would you like to publish 300 articles on your website in under 5 minutes? Or what about building an online shop containing access to 12,000 products: time to create — 5-10 minutes. Or would you like to install Google AdSense on all pages or selected web pages within your website whether you have 50 or 50,000 pages: time to create — about 10 minutes?

Tip 4: the right technology combined with the right skills and knowledge can provide an individual web business owner or small business website astonishing publishing power or "muscle", to rival that provided by any number of massive corporations.

Today, with mastery and application of certain skills combined with the right low-cost technology, you don't need to have the resources of a big organisation to make a big impact!

The First Step to a Better Lifestyle is to Take Action

So why wait? Dream. Imagine what's possible. Then gather your courage and take action step 1 — I don't know what that is for you, but deep inside where you keep your most cherished thoughts, you'll know what to do to get started. Relax, have fun, be patient yet persistent while you reach for your stars.

In the meantime, enjoy looking around our website. 

Brian Austin.
Web Designer, Author, Writer and Internet Promotion Strategist.
Member of the Society of Authors.

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