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The kinds of words and phrases we choose to use on our websites makes a difference to how well our websites perform. For anyone doing business on the web especially, we know that marketing and advertising are related but different:

  • Advertising — Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click especially — lets the world know you exist.
  • Marketing carries on where advertising stops. Marketing explores how to find ways to build a mutually beneficial relationship with those who discover your website.

Without effective marketing communications, money and resources spent on advertising is wasted. Specifically, your website needs to "connect" with its audience — on several levels, including what is arguably the most important layer: the emotional.

Here's a quick way to take a snapshot measurement of how your website may be perceived by your visitors.

  • Want to get a quick, rough measure of whether you're focusing on your customer needs? Then why not check out the superb Customer Focus Calculator — WeWe Monitor from Update: August 2018, the WeWe Monitor is no longer available. Check alternative options below.
  • Or, if the WeWe Monitor site is temporarily not available, try the Customer Focus Calculator

How did you score? Ideally, aim for at least a 3 to 1 ratio. That means, you talk about your customers' needs 3 times more than yourself or your organisation.

How to Fix a Below Par Customer Focus Website

  • If your Customer Focus score results are less than 3:1, I suggest rewrite your website text content as soon as possible. Use more words like "you", "your", "how" and fewer words such as: "me", "my" and "our".
  • Also remember your website images: each image has a text tag referred to as the "alt" tag. For websites that use the Joomla web Content Management System (CMS), if you're using an easy-to-use web page editor, when entering or editing your images, you don't need to know anything about the HTML "alt" tag. Why: Joomla has a more meaningful, user friendly name for the "alt" tag: "Screen tip" — so Joomla users need only look for the "Screen tip" box within the image editing screen to enter text that is more customer focused.

Therefore, do explore how you can include the more desirable words within your image alt tags / screen tip boxes in addition to normal text.

When done, retest using the Customer Focus Calculator. You may need to perform several loops to get your score up to the ideal 3:1 ratio.

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