Drains and Radiators Drive Our World

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To taste some success in the highly competitive arenas such as writing, publishing, speaking, presenting, or website creation, building and maintaining a positive way of looking at life is, I believe, essential to help overcome problems and obstacles that might otherwise hamper our progress.

Some activities we do — such as writing and creating content for web pages — may involve periods in which we create our best works when working alone.

That's when we can benefit much from learning how to generate our own mental light, personal power, self-belief, or whatever you want to call that special trait that enables us to discover and release the best that is within us. We have to stretch further to find the limits.

One Human Race, Two Kinds of People

Someone once said that we can define the entire human population in to individuals of two kinds:

  • Drains, and ...
  • Radiators.

Folks in "drain mode" have the power to pull us down and "drain" our energy — but only if we agree and give them permission to do so.

However, those people who lift us up, inspire, motivate and "radiate" all that is positive and uplifting; they talk about potential and opportunity with every fiber of their being.

If babies held the same tendency toward self-criticism as adults, they might never learn to walk or talk. Can you imagine infants stomping, 'Aarggh! Screwed up again!' Fortunately, babies are free of self-criticism. They just keep practicing. Dan Millman, American Author and Gymnastics Coach

Arguably, since modern living is still a grind for most, drains tend to outnumber radiators by a huge margin.

Are most of us drains until we choose to radiate? Maybe, maybe not. For sure, we're influenced heavily by what happens to us. Sometimes, we can feel powerless, trapped, stifled.

For drains, life can seem especially hard. The drain reaction to living spreads like a virus. Media companies rely heavily on maintaining the drain way of life. Fear and greed sells.

Are we humans wired to "like" bad news, so constantly create more of what we've grown to expect.

Yet, we can break out. Yes, our environments can be controlled by others, but our thoughts are ours and ours alone. Each of us at any second has the choice to be a drain to those around us, to spread the virus, or to be a radiator to those with which we come into contact.

Sure, life isn't quite that simple: sometimes, most of us at different times in our lives can be both a drain and a radiator: we're human, that means we can take a few loops to get the right result.

If we're immersed in toxic environments surrounded by people, processes, and things that don't serve us well, seeking out the good stuff, can seem so much harder. Those situations, call for even more urgent action, strength, and desire to be the light we want to see in that darkness.

Simply knowing about the reality of drains and radiators can mean you have all you need, to help change bad work environments, simply by refusing to play the games expected of you.

You can choose to radiate, even if all around you, seek to drain themselves and everyone else they touch. Just like the flickering, uncertain flame of a single candle can shatter the blackness of the darkness, a single radiator immune to drains, is unstoppable and stands out for all the best reasons.

However, in this tip, if you think you tend to swing towards drain mode, I want to persuade you that focusing on the opposite picture is better for a variety of personally beneficial, financially advantageous and healthful reasons.

Consider the following pointers:

What We Think About Most Magnifies

Key tip: I've found that one thing is for sure: the more we think about or focus on something, the more likely we are to get more of the same stuff we're focusing on.

So for example, if combined with work and conscious effort, you decide to focus on the idea of a "creating a profitable website", or "success in writing", for long enough, guess what — that's what seems to show up, especially when you implement a great plan.

Thinking positive is never enough. There are no magic mystical secrets. The law of balance requires practical action steps too. Radiators understand that's how achievements are made.

Movement Changes Outcomes 

Key tip: perhaps surprisingly, the results that can occur from what we focus on don't appear to be steady or constant, but rather cumulative and patchy. Periods of calm interspersed with jumps, hops and quantum leaps seem to be more common.

To use an analogy, when we roll a snowball down a snowy hill, as the snowball rolls, it gathers extra bulk and gets bigger and the faster it rolls, the bigger our snowball becomes.

If the downward motion of our snowball stops, we can start it again through a little more effort and re-positioning. Your success in any endeavor — and that includes writing and publishing on the web — can be like that.

At first you may think you're not making much progress, yet if you persist and adjust your course as required, react to changes, leap at opportunities, magic and wonders can happen. Then you can ease back and enjoy the fruits of your earlier hard work: creating great results with seemingly little effort.

There's Always Another Different Point Of View

Yet even with all the remarkable connections and opportunities that may surround us, negativity is everywhere — that is if we look for it!

Especially when we've had things so good for so long, we can easily lose perspective and imagine that the smallest setback is a huge disappointment. 

Change Is Guaranteed

What's more, some folks seem to think that their role in life is to drain most everyone who comes into their sphere of influence.

Others seem to be able to radiate the best that our world has to offer. What about you?

However, you see yourself, you know I'm urging you to radiate whenever possible, and especially when things don't seem to be going your way.

Why: like stormy weather, all bad times have to end eventually and if you can endure, you'll most likely develop the kind of inner strength that seems to only be given to those who overcome challenge, hardship and sometimes grossly unfair misfortune.

Watch, Learn, But You Choose

Key tip: seek to become an active observer of people. Among those around you and with whom you come into contact, notice who are drains and who are radiators. Why?

If your personality is vulnerable or fragile, I suggest that you avoid drains and surround yourself with radiators. Then over time, you'll most likely radiate more yourself. The more often you radiate, the stronger and more successful you can become.

Why? Radiation determines your moods, persistence, determination, and energy levels which in turn powers your work life especially.

Magnetism For People Who Like To Attract

Those who learn to achieve and excel at what they do become people magnets and natural radiators.

A variety of potentially profitable business opportunities can present themselves almost effortlessly to such "lucky" people. Proving that luck is often made by doing rather than a result quirky circumstance.

Practice, Habits, Patterns, Doing Your Own Thing

Few of us can expect to "radiate" all of the time, nor should we: sounds a little creepy and insincere. Being human is better.

Nevertheless, we can be aware of the differences that exist between drains and radiators and strive to always "aim for the high ground".

Remember, the default is to drain. Doesn't a confused, stressed world need all the radiators it can get? With a little consistent practice, we can radiate naturally without even trying.

So why not start broadcasting all of the positive things in your life today — then do the same thing tomorrow? Rinse and repeat, then watch what happens over time.

Picture yourself vividly as winning and that alone will contribute immeasurably to success. Great living starts with a picture, held in your imagination, of what you would like to do or be. Harry Emerson Fosdick, 1878-1969

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