Everyone Has Their Story

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Yes, I believe it to be more true today than ever before: there really is an interesting book in almost everyone. Perhaps an amazing life story or autobiography, unusual knowledge on a specific subject or popular topic, wide experience, unique know-how, or something else entirely.

Problem is, most people just don't know the value that is often sitting dormant within their little gray cells.

These folks could probably benefit from encouragement and coaching advice from someone who's been there, done it and, yes — got the T-shirt!

What's more, self-publishing your own book or e-book and selling your masterpiece on the Web has never been easier or cheaper, yet with so many ways to market now available to us.

Today, our biggest challenge is how to gain just a little sufficient attention, to break through all the white noise that swirls around the lives of most people.

But I suggest, just because you may see a mountain in front of you, doesn't mean you have to climb it. You can find a way around your barrier.

Or, you may indeed choose to make the climb, and make that your story. For sure, there are different ways to solve your publicity and PR problems. Usually, the ones that work can be unexpected, spontaneous, natural, uncontrived, imaginative, entertaining, even shocking.

To create a profitable outcome, you'll want to know where to look and how best to navigate through the process. And yes, we can help there too!

Helping people make their writing and web publishing dreams come true is my core drive. Within, I'll be adding unique information, hints, tips, techniques and insights into these relevant topics. So, whether you:

  • Have always wanted to write a book or ebook but in the noisy confusion of life, just haven't got around to getting started.
  • Have got started, but the creation of your masterpiece was interrupted and now remains unfinished.
  • Have temporarily lost your nerve, obstructed by writer's block. If so, we have remedies.
  • Are an established "off-line" writer thinking of publishing and making available some of your own books in ebook form on the Internet, or ...
  • Simply want to establish a genuine and profitable low-cost business on the Internet either part-time or full-time ...

... then maybe this Web site can help you make your dreams a reality.

What's more, don't assume that writing a book is the best option open to you. For enterprising digital wordsmiths today, a wealth of opportunities beckon, and the hardest part is just making the decision to get started.

Possible options could include:

  • 3-, 4-, 6-, 10- and 12-month Courses.
  • An iPad and / or other tablet computer / smart phone app.
  • An ebook.
  • Subscription or Membership web sites.
  • Audio and MP3 file downloads.
  • Video presentations.
  • DVDs, even today, there may still be receptive markets for this medium.
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Reports and training modules.
  • Distance learning and chat-based training sessions.
  • Web-based seminars (provide your own Webinar series).

As a full Member, you can have direct access to a wealth of information to help you "start a new chapter."

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