The Resounding Act of Storytelling

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There's more to a novel than just a story. Stories, tales, and yarns beguile and intrigue us. Yet when creating what may often be considered as boring, dry writing found in business-related documents, why shouldn't drama benefit business communications too?

While factual information alone may contain all the essential details required to fulfill a purpose, studies have shown that humans are driven mostly by emotions, not logic — especially when making important buying decisions! How we feel about something can determine what we decide, after which, often, we'll justify our decision with props based on logic.

At the risk of quoting a worn-out cliche, sometimes, the sizzle, not the steak, really does capture our hearts! 

For example, to sell a product or service, we need to clearly emphasize the key benefits early on in our presentation, with backup being provided by the essential features.

Why early on?

Answer: your reader can easily become distracted or at any moment, simply start to feel bored, so you need to ensure important information is declared up front and "in your face."

Key tip: although you could choose to get the big message in your headline or first paragraph, another approach is to weave some magic first. How: narrating a meaningful, relevant story can also help ensure your reader remains attentive and in a receptive frame of mind, before you want to get your key message across. You can experiment with different techniques and measure the affects to determine what approach works best in a given situation.

Telling Your Particular Story

A carefully crafted account of a personal story or experience can have a special engaging power and impact all of its own.

By sharing your experiences with your readers, you can find common ground. Your readers can feel they come to know you better.

Yes, you talk about the real you, with all your flaws, mishaps, failures, and successes, but so what: everyone else has their story too. Some may not be that different from some aspects of your experiences. Similarities found. Bridges built.

Against fantastic odds of probably a million-to-one, or more, all of us have been born in human form during this 21st century. When we truly think about and analyse this seemingly ordinary observation, with all the barriers that were put in place, that we're born at all is astonishing.

The amazing human experience means that people from different countries and cultures share more in common than they have in differences. And who doesn't like a simple (or intricate) story? When a bond is formed, how much easier is the task of winning someone over to your point of view?

Yes, you may be exposing your innermost essence and risk feeling foolish. However, with practice and the creation and application of carefully considered writing, these fears are often unfounded — and if you're going to do open your heart, why not give all you've got and make a memorable "splash"?

Remember, what may be news today is often old news tomorrow. Be brave; you're human — with all its foibles and imperfections. Share what you know and make friends you never knew you had — maybe from far-flung, exotic locations from around the globe.

When we write for public consumption, whether we realise or not, we automatically become a kind of leader — if not directly, certainly indirectly. A trail-blazer; someone who thinks they have something interesting, meaningful, and worthwhile to say.

We've stepped up, looked over the parapet, and are now looking around 360 degrees. We can use new-found influential power with responsibility and trust to create a more noble kind of wealth.

Most everyone learns important lessons and benefits and shortcuts. We can't avoid life — and often, observant folks realize that most everyone learns something that is totally unique, which if shared with others, can save much time, money, heartache. We can't easily improve and grow until:

  1. The new knowledge is available (existence, discovery), and
  2. We become aware of the new information (advertising, marketing), and ...
  3. We come to accept what is being offered — even if only temporarily (learning / growth).

So why not share your story, what you've learned, your values, what matters to you — and maybe carve out a new career you might never have considered otherwise?

Simply by telling what you know — in your own words — you can perhaps help someone else avoid the same trap they too may be about to step in. You become an "inspirationist" (new word — perhaps).

Key tip: in areas that are unfamiliar, perhaps most people are secretly begging to be led, guided, shown what to do and how to navigate a way through whatever maze we may happen to be in at the time. As you communicate your "story", your sincerity helps connect with like-minded individuals far and wide, who might not otherwise have engaged with you, your organization or website.

Even if some people disagree with what you have to say — maybe even vehemently — you'll certainly get the attention, and you'll most likely not suffer from the curse of mediocrity.

Remember also: if you can stand the heat — often controversy can sometimes become your biggest sales aid.

Why wait for your competitors to beat you to the center stage? Tell your story — all the way to the bank!

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