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Find Your Blue Butterfly

Three beautiful blue butterflies on white background

In addition to creating a great website design, I suggest that you find your "blue butterfly". So just what is a blue butterfly — apart from, a blue butterfly?

You walk into a room full of people with a blue butterfly sitting on your shoulder.
As you move around the room, smiling, chatting, contributing, sharing ideas and opinions, do you think that most everyone would take a curious interest in you — and your blue butterfly?

In our imaginary scene, the "room" is also symbolic of your local area, your state, the country, the world — all connected to your website — by the awesome power of a blue butterfly!

Your Blue Butterfly Unveiled

Your blue butterfly is of course a symbol for what makes you attractive or useful to other people, and of what you can do for them. It's your story, your message, your solution, your answer to their difficult questions. It's how you win — repeatedly. Every successful business has a blue butterly.

No deception; no sca*mming involved: just you, simple honesty, and your blue butterfly.

While there are lots of websites out there talking about what yours does, your blue butterfly can set you apart from all the others in a remarkably positive way, no matter how large your competitor websites are.

On the web, size doesn't really matter. Yet having a little blue butterfly on your shoulder can make all the difference.

Turn a grey day, or low sales, or poor profits, into something wonderful!

Have you found your blue butterfly?

If not, take some time and think about who you really are.

And the next time you spot a butterfly — any butterfly — why not whisper a silent, "Thanks for coming my way!"

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